Xegony <In Good Company> Heroic/Returning Players Welcome! Week Night Raiding

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by GriefPK, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. DemetriiTZ New Member

    Bump! Good things are happening! If you're new or returning, come and join us!
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  2. GriefPK Elder

    Ready to kickstart your toon on live? Join our discord and let us know what class you are excited to play!
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  3. GriefPK Elder

    IGC is hosting a multi-day hunters raid for the double named event! PST to Griefpk, Shardin or Stonetank if you would like to participate!
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  4. GriefPK Elder

    We are really excited about this patch! IGC is welcoming TLP players that want to make the jump to live and get their toon into ToV content quickly! We are here to help, you can be playing in ToV inside of a week if you come to live and heroic your toon to 85 so it can xp with a 115! We have active groups in ToV doing progression every day. Come join us and get your toon ready to dive into the new xpac release in October!

    PST to Griefpk, Venato, Zhav or Shardin with any questions. Also ping us in discord! https://discord.gg/Pkgzc2n
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  5. GriefPK Elder

    Have any questions about IGC and getting started on live? Send Griefpk, Venato, Zhav or Shardin a tell in game or jump in discord! https://discord.gg/Pkgzc2n
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  6. GriefPK Elder

    Looking for a new home on live? Returning players are welcome! At IGC we are the folks making a place for the folks that find themselves solo'ing through EQ when they come back to the game. If you are an awesome EQ player who is fighting the server assuming you're 'noob' because of your gear, level or odd play times after coming back to the game; If you get the "let us know when you get to max level, when trying to get groups or apply to guilds with quality players" ... IGC is the guild you are looking for. We have the environment and resources for you to leverage and bootstrap yourself into current content as fast as you want to commit to.

    We are the quality players that decided to make our own guild and make it our missions to find and serve the other quality players that come back to EQ every day. In the hopes we can be the vehicle to help those players bridge back into the game and current content, helping them find what they are looking for in EQ.

    Send a tell to Griefpk, Venato, Zhav or Shardin in game with questions! We are excited to hear about what you are excited to accomplish in EQ!
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  7. GriefPK Elder

    Grats Rempel on 112! Joined less than a week ago with a heroic and hes 112 and chugging his way through Kael progression! No LFG here! Kael tonight and ToFS tomorrow! Great job man!
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  8. GriefPK Elder

    Grats Rempel on 115!

    We have a group of ppl looking to lvl up from 1 instead of heroic. If you are interested in joining them on their journey from lvl 1 to 115 pst to Griefpk or hop in our discord. they have a few spots left in the group!
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  9. GriefPK Elder


    Its official! Beta comes out on the 27th which means CoV wont be far behind! IGC will be participating with the beta so if you wanna group up there let us know. But most importantly if you are a returning player or TLP player looking to break into endgame live content before the new xpac lands please message Griefpk, Venato, Zhav or Shardin in game or in discord!! We have a new batch of apps gearing up in ToV right now and want to help as many folks as we can meet their goals leading up to and in CoV!
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  10. GriefPK Elder

    Excited for beta?! We are! If you are LFG in beta please send tells to Griefpk, Venato, Shardin, Nuktastic. We have a batch of 8 or so new apps all pushing for 115 by xpac launch, if you want to be in their number and get your toon ready to jump into CoV ... contact us!
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  11. GriefPK Elder

    Up to 15 new apps this week! Going to be a busy weekend! If you are getting your toon ready for CoV let us know if IGC can help!
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  12. GriefPK Elder

    CoV is coming! ToV is the catch up xpac! Hop into discord if you want to know more about how to get your toon CoV ready as fast as possible!
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  13. GriefPK Elder

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  14. Hythloth New Member

    Looking to jump back into Everquest live servers after a lengthy break.
    I would be new to the server, but I believe I have a heroic character to spare.
    What would be a good class to start that would be able to contribute to the guild or some classes you are looking for?
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  15. GriefPK Elder

    Hey Hythloth great to meet and welcome back! Please send Griefpk a tell in game and we can chat more.

    The fast answer is war/brd/shm/clr/zerk are always top of the wanted list in a raiding guild.

    The real answer for us at IGC is we want you to play the class you enjoy and will keep you excited to play EQ. EQ is hard work but its fun work if you are invested in your character. We are committed to helping folks max out their AA, TradeSkills, evolving items, achivments etc. So what helps IGC most is players having strong ties to their character and the game that keeps them active long term.

    Whatever class you pick will get into groups and raids without issue. So don't worry about that. Play what you are excited to play!
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  16. GriefPK Elder

    As the apps flow in and gear up the raids are growing!
    Monday/Tuesday progression nights
    EoK FTW -- Nathsar Diamond here we come!
    Starting with the t1 fun. there was a little ...

    now i thought i took a classic picture here ...

    but little did i know, covennx was about to strawman me ...
    /facepalm i mean stickman! so you may be witnessing the new era of IGC Stickman raiding. stay tuned!

    in classic EQ fashion we did kill a dragon ...
    but it turns out dragons in EoK have a union contract bylaw that disallows them being photographed for promotional purposes without prior written consent and a union rep present at the taking of the photo. so it happened ... but until we can get hold of Severilous the local union rep we can not release any photographic evidence.

    But that brings us tooooOOooOo
    Friday FUN NIGHT!
    Hosted by your very own Shardin the now Gnome Erudite!

    The first event there be no dragons ... just lots of yellow dudes with swords.
    they just kept sending yellow guys with more and more official sounding names!

    To which we responded by casting more and more LIGHTNING! (they have very conductive armor)

    when the last yellow man had been zapped; we got some goodies ...

    i mean ... there WAS a dragon ... there ... but she seemed disinterested. It really was just between us and the banana men.

    un night!!!
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  17. GriefPK Elder

    Then things got a little darker ... lots of undead and scary sounding mobs swarming at us like the zombine apocalypse with hooded figures chanting in forgotten languages (or maybe they had peanut butter in their cheeks, who can tell).
    Did i mention the rampant fires all around? Granted the stunned director had the Qeynos Fire Brigade on call .... but seriously ... does this look like the kinda liability you wanna step into with all these flammable robes around?

    We casted some green spells ...

    Some blue poofy ones ...

    and finally it was time for the grand finally and all the fireworks came out!

    we thought that was it and felt a little blue ...

    but wait! ...
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  18. GriefPK Elder

    BUT THEN!!! ....
    Sindie sensed something ...
    no! something other than a chill!

    It must had something to do with Tunare Tingles cuz Killaas felt it to! And as his ranger training taught him ... he SPARKLED!
    ... with anticipation!

    Zed saw Sindie and Killaas succumb to the Tunare Tingles and did the only thing a SK can do in that scenario. Put on his floatie doughnut just in case we are about to be ported over open water and hope for the best.

    Tater was obviously distressed he did not have a flotation device. But given that Zedarr was undead he felt it would not be breaking his Hippocratic Oath as a Paladin if he stuned Zed took off with his floaties if it really came down to it.

    Everyone was primed to fight ... or swim as the case might be ... THEN ....
    we were in it!

    Some of this ...

    and Shardin knew what he had to do ...

    the Rangers twinkled in excitement as he ...

    Fearring Zed might be maimed for life due to lightning burns; we rallied and Uamili lead us in one last BOOM! ...

    Then we all sat down for some well deserved Iron Rations and Water Flasks ... what a night!

    Can't wait to see what is in store for next Friday Fun night!!!
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  19. GriefPK Elder

  20. GriefPK Elder

    looking forward to the xp bonus this week! will have a new batch of 115s!
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