Xegony <In Good Company> Heroic/Returning Players Welcome! Week Night Raiding

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by GriefPK, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. GriefPK Elder

    Grats to a new batch of full members! And welcome to a new batch of Applicants!
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  2. GriefPK Elder

    Things have been busy since the server merges. IGC is calling all returning players looking for a guild to grow their 85+ toon in! Join for the groups, stay for the people!
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  3. GriefPK Elder

    loving this xp bonus! 2 new necro app's to 110, time for more tov progression!
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  4. GriefPK Elder

    Looking for a week night raiding guild? Returning to the game or starting a new heroic character? IGC is recruiting returning players 85+ interested in bringing their toon current with ToV and helping build out our 54 person raid team!
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  5. GriefPK Elder

    Looking to get back into EQ or make the jump from TLP to live? IGC is the guild you are looking for. We recruit quality EQ players ready to max out their toon for ToV! 85+ and heroics welcome! Come join the fun and be part of the 54 person raid team we are building!
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  6. GriefPK Elder

    Send Griefpk, Tilwedarx or Venato a tell in game with questions!
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  7. GriefPK Elder

    Returning to EQ after a long break or ready to make the jump from TLP to live? In Good Company is recruiting all returning players 85+ heroics welcome as we build a week night raiding guild on xegony!

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  8. GriefPK Elder

    Afternoon all, calling all returning players or TLP folks looking to break into live! IGC is recruiting 85+ characters backed by quality players looking to max out their toon to be part of the 54 person raid force we are building on xegony! drop by discord anytime (link is above) with questions or send Griefpk, Zhav or Venato a tell in game!
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  9. GriefPK Elder

    Looking to get back into EQ or been on TLP and want to break into live? Check us out in discord!
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  10. GriefPK Elder

    Having a great bonus xp week, 3 brand new members got 115 in under 3 days with a total of 5 in the past 2 weeks. ToV progression is humming like clockwork. Thank you to all the members grouping day after day to get new folks through progression and paying it forward! That's what IGC is all about.

    If you are looking for a guild that is actively working together to accomplish our long term goal of having a 54 person raid team built with sweat equity from the ground up ... you're in good company!
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  11. GriefPK Elder

    Returning players! Look no further! If you are a talented EQ player trying to break back in or make the jump from TLP to live. IGC is the guild for you. We are looking for folks ready to max their toons in ToV, AA's, TS, Augs ... all the things! Everyone is working together toward the same goal!
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  12. GriefPK Elder

    Returning players ftw!
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  13. GriefPK Elder

    Returning players galore! If you are getting back into EQ and ready to build a raid worthy toon ... IGC is the place to be!
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  14. Benito EQ Player since 2001.

    I kindly ask that you stop spamming other servers' General Chat. For more than a year, players from multiple servers have complained that you spam recruitment ads multiple times a day.

    Please refrain from spamming. Thank you!
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  15. GriefPK Elder

    IGC is the guild for returning players looking to build a raid toon! We are here to help you bridge that gap between 85 and 115 so you can get excited about having a playable toon in current content. If you are ready to put in the work we are ready to provide the support! The fastest we had some one go from 85-115 was 2 days and that included the majority of their ToV progression to get 111-115. We are here to support you, just let us know how fast you wanna go!
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  16. GriefPK Elder

    Farming ToFS keys today! Guildies knocking out their Rallos earrings!
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  17. GriefPK Elder

    so many keys lol its a TOFS week!
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  18. GriefPK Elder

    Looking to jump into live and be playing ToV inside of a week? Check us out in discord, we are looking for quality players ready to level!
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  19. Shardin New Member

    Bump! You are welcome to join us and have some fun!
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  20. GriefPK Elder

    Calling all returning players and TLP'ers looking to start a Live toon! IGC is the guild to kickstart your character in! Please message us in discord with questions!
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