Xegony <In Good Company> Heroic/Returning Players Welcome! Week Night Raiding

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  1. GriefPK Elder

    In Good Company
    Weeknight Raiding Guild on Xegony

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    The Pitch!
    We are a weeknight raiding guild on Xegony!
    We are recruiting Returning Players with 85+ heroic'd toons ready to level and raid together! Returning players or folks trying out a new class; IGC is the active guild you are looking for to play your heroic toon all the way into current content!

    We recruit all classes, from all servers, all year round. There are folks returning to EQ every day and looking to find the camaraderie they experienced in the past that is part of what drew then back to EQ. The guild you are looking for is IGC. Make a Heroic toon and come join the fun!

    If our Guild Standards excite you ...

    If you are ready to play EQ again or try out Live servers but are looking for a guild you can truly push your toon through to current content with ...

    If you are excited to raid current content for gear as well as go back and raid older content for fun ...

    If you (or your significant other) likes you to have the weekends free of EQ commitments but you still want to raid ...

    If you want to be in a guild that's got active 6 human groups all the time, but still know you can play your boxes as much as you want ...

    If you want to jump into a active, professionally run guild and add to its momentum ...

    If you want to be there as we break into new content and then go back and get every raid achievement in the game ... cuz we can! ...

    Then you are In Good Company! The next thing may be to ...
    Apply Now
    Ask a us a question in Discord
    Read through our Returning Player Guide
    Read through our Guild Rules and Standards

    What is IGC focused on right now?
    We work hard all year round to help returning players level and gear up so we can field a 54 person raid team that can tackle current raids for loot and old raids for fun! This is what we are all about.

    We are looking for experienced returning EQ players ready to kickstart their toon after a long hiatus. We are building the most active guild in Everquest, with constant groups and raids every week night. Whenever you log in, however often you log in, there is always something to jump into.

    Our leadership has been raiding and running guilds in EQ since Classic ... was just called EQ.

    We work hard to ensure our site, forums, loot sytem, applicant process, on-boarding process, discord, GINA, published raid strats, returning player guides, published guild standards, provide a turnkey experience for our members new and old.

    Its important to us to ensure we are growing steadily (which means we are continuing to help returning players) while also maintaining a baseline enjoyable experience for all our members. We are a very adult, respectful, productive, 'non-shouty', tantrum free group of folks. We want to keep it that way and are happy to grow slower if it means we can leave the trolls under the bridge even though tolerating them would help us in the short term. We are really serious about this and consider it one of our biggest selling points to the demographic of players we are looking to attract. If our Code of Conduct page excites you while making you wonder why we have to put this stuff in writing ... we really want you to put in an app!

    We are looking for active players. This means something different to everyone. It also is not a life long commitment. At any point your playtime may change. We are not only OK with that, we expect that! Thats life. What we are looking for is people committed to bringing their toon current as fast as possible. That means getting to 115, getting your important AA's, completing your progression, farming your augs etc. If that is all stuff you are excited to do but are daunted by the thought of doing it on your own ... then we really want you to put in an app!

    Big Picture ... Where is IGC going?

    We are a guild with the mission of helping returning players "stick" when they come back to EQ. Its good for EQ, its good for the players, its good for IGC. We are the guild that our founding members wished was around when they returned to EQ.

    We are a guild that raids endgame content every xpac on week nights (mon-fri 8pm est).

    We are a guild that has year round groups and raids. One of the benefits (yes intentional) of recruiting year round is there are always new people to play EQ with! You are welcome to play your box team, but we want to make sure its a choice not a necessity.

    We are a guild where no one one player or class is "to big to fail". We raid year round clearing farm events on time, without wipes in the most efficient manner possible every night. We built a guild that accounts for, instead of fights the 'revolving door effect' of individual players having a lot, a little or no time for EQ because real life comes first. We are the guild for people that have been playing EQ for 20 years and are looking to be able to keep their character in current content raid gear. While respecting they have different and competing real life priorities than 20 years ago.

    We designed our process around helping streamline returning players experience as they jump back in the deep end with EQ. Beyond helping them with gear and levels we are actively publishing tools and guides to help them get up to speed. We have many end game players with knowledge to share. Most importantly we have knowledgeable players that are willing to field questions and take the time to provide helpful answers!

    We want you to contribute your knowledge as well! There is so much to know about EQ and so much history. The more we can write down and transfer to future players the better!

    We are a mature group of players, not tolerance for trolls or tantrums. Please read our Guild Rules and Standards before applying!

    We are putting together a guide for returning players to get them caught up fast, check it out below.

    Please check out our discord, website and message xegony.griefpk, xegony.shardin, xegony.venato and xegony.sindie with any questions.https://tinyurl.com/igc-discord

    To apply click the link below and follow the application directions.
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  2. GriefPK Elder

    Bump -- Doing ToFS tonight for returning members. Hunters/Keys ... join us at 8pm est!
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  3. GriefPK Elder

    got 2 keys before server crash. If you are a returning player and need your charm aug from anni mission we are running that every night to make sure everyone gets it
  4. GriefPK Elder

    3 more returning players app'd yesterday! We will be grinding xp and questing this weekend. If you are interested in joining stop by our discord https://discord.gg/Pkgzc2n
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  5. GriefPK Elder

    3 more returning player apps today! welcome all, just got our second app to 110 since joining at 85, others are well on their way!
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  6. Phased Sullon Zek Journeyman

    Out of curiosity, what team were you on Grief? I payed on the Good team, started there on opening day and played there basically until WoW came out and then I moved to Stormreaver in WoW with a bunch of others from SZ.
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  7. GriefPK Elder

    Hey Phased, I was good as well (half elf). I had originally played on TZ, so when the Zek servers merged I kept playing Grief on Zek.
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  8. GriefPK Elder

    Two more returning players dinged 110! We also got our first epic 2.0, winner was Luler! Grats, we have several more in the running for second 2.0 of the batch!
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  9. GriefPK Elder

    We are up to 5 returning players that inside of a week, joined at 85, are now 110, almost done with their 2.0s and are now doing group ToV content! Congrats guys! If you want to be part of the team and join in on the momentum please apply today!

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  10. Herf Augur

    I had to put this guy on ignore for broadcasting in General, on Agnarr, to recruit members :)
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  11. GriefPK Elder

    Thank you for putting me on ignore that's the perfect thing to do!
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  12. GriefPK Elder

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  13. Protagonist Tank

    Am I reading this right, you raid 1 hour a night?
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  14. GriefPK Elder

    Hey Protagonist that is correct. You can read all about the premise behind the 1 hour raiding here
    We are currently focused on bringing up a new batch of returning players because our raids were capping out at 30 or so people and we want a full 54 man raid. So recently raid times have been times to do focused progression for the returning players and make sure they have all their anni clickies before it goes away.

    But the recruits are well on their way to 115 and fully ToV geared so we will be back to regular raiding soon. We will be starting with Arx Mentis and doing all the raid achievements through current content. We will also add GMM and ToV as soon as we have the numbers to drop them. In the interim one of the things we will keep on our raid schedule is farming the ToV raid trash for augs. We are also going back to farm PoFire TBL raid trash for augs for returning players as well.

    In the long term our goal is to keep current content and a set of click/bag/aug raids on farm. While at least once a year going back and doing all the raid achievements so returning players will always have a chance to get ALL the raid achievements in the game.
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  15. Helena New Member

    For your group content raids and when you start regular raids are you having/allowing boxes on the raids?
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  16. GriefPK Elder

    Hey Helena! In group content raids (like when we zerg raid hunter achivments) boxes are always welcome. For now until we have a full 54 man raid for we do bring boxes in regular raids. We are working toward having a full 54 man raid so we do not have any boxes in current content raids.

    BUT we realize everyone has box groups that are pretty much 3 mains because they are all kept current. So we are going to have a "raid team" system where each player can have up to 3 toons they can play interchangeably on raids and gear up. So you would only play one character at a time in a raid, but you can swap between up to 3 toons. You can get raid gear on all 3 toons as well. This makes it so you have a strong box team and it makes it awesome for our RL's because they have the flexibility to swap out different classes within the same 54 players to make the perfect makeup for every event! We have not gotten to this point yet, but its part of our big picture. I would be glad to chat more about it if you want to send me a tell or message me in discord.
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  17. Levy Journeyman

    Can you just stop spamming other server general channels. It's annoying AF. Also, really recruiting from Lockjaw? Of all the servers that one makes the least amount of sense. Can you just stop?
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  18. Rarecandy Journeyman

    You know you can still get your pill prescriptions filled during the quarantine right? It's going to be okay.
  19. GriefPK Elder

    Evening all. I just did the email logistics for the day, thank you to everyone that applied you have emails waiting for you.

    We will be helping new members doing ToV progression tonight. If you are looking for a guild that groups and does progression together every night in current content, checkout IGC!
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  20. GriefPK Elder

    Grats to all the ding's tonight. Our first batch of recruits is almost 115! great work guys.
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