WTS taking over General Chat

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Sheebea, Oct 3, 2022.

  1. Dre. Augur

    hey is that same guy still standing outside the bank on every server offering PL's extremely fast?
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  2. Belexes ForumQuester

    MarketQuest - You're in our supermarket now!
  3. Fenthen aka Rath

    The one that spams every-exactly 35 minutes and is protected by Customer Service GMs?
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  4. Bartlesen Lorekeeper

    I miss casino spam in the bazaar.
  5. Bigstomp Augur

    I do think it would be cool to be able to filter based on random text words. Probably be pretty easy on the programming side too. But then teaching the rest of us to use regular expressions ... actually that sounds amazing. Lets do it!
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  6. Moege Augur

    It would be like gina triggers. One person makes them (says do not share please) then 5 mins later everyone is using that set.
  7. Act of Valor The Newest Member

    I miss the bazaar arena. The old bazaar was like the wild west.
  8. CrazyLarth Augur

    cant your right click on that WTS line and mark it spam
  9. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Unless they are repeating it with frequency it really isn't spam
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  10. KushallaFV Playing EverQuest

    They seem to be tackling large projects under JChan, so maybe an Auction House or revamped Bazaar would be possible.
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  11. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Can only wish :)
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  12. Dre. Augur

    Be nice if you could right-click and ignore the more annoying names that look like barcodes.
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  13. Moege Augur

    Agree, currently I have to click it, select tell, shift-home, delete x 5. type /ignore
    Workaround is a pain, menu select would be so much eaxier
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  14. Duder Augur

    General chat is a catchall. But also, it's not really a place for large conversation. I suppose it could be but they also have class channels, location channels, etc. For where, ideally, those conversations could or would take place. If you have questions you are trying to ask in general, request communication/replies by tells so that the information you are looking for isn't spammed away. I personally see nothing wrong at all with sellers in general chat. It is the perfect place for it and anyone who does not partake in it will certainly receive less sales and less interest as well as be nearly incapable of advertising in any effective manner.

    Part of it though is driven by the bazaar price cap. I'm not a huge fan of raising it but that is me and my weird take on things because even with my opinion I realize that in reality and in all practical sense, it absolutely should be raised. I do believe most people would prefer to put their items on trader rather than advertise. But if their goods are above a 2million plat value they are forced to advertise in general chat. So rather than aim your disdain at those sellers, place it where it belongs proper; on the company/developers.

    There is another massive issue that dissuades sellers from using the bazaar whether or not the price cap is increased or not. And that issue is m a c r o q u e s t automated undercutting traders that go unchecked and unpunished for months and years at a time. Over the course of the past year the company finally began suspending and banning cheaters and those who use banned software and other forms of automation. However, they have slowed down on those ban waves and never took any effort to address the bazaar automaters. I have considered rejoining the bazaar and operating a trader again but while thinking about it I investigated the bazaar on BB and found 3 new automated traders I had never seen before all the ban waves. (Many of the ones that had been operating for years did seem to disappear).

    I don't have an answer to how they could deal with them faster or more effectively. The only thing that comes to my mind is a complete overhaul to the bazaar/auctionhouse system. Even then those who are committed to cheating and maliciously abusing the system to gain unfair advantage will find a new way to do so. So, if/when they do overhaul the bazaar, they will need to add features that penalize the behaviors/tactics the cheaters/automators abuse in order to undermine other peoples' time and efforts. A listing tax? A price change tax? A limit on price changing? I don't know if those are even a realistic or good idea because anything and everything they may do to curb the cheaters, feature-wise, will negatively affect the legitimate, non-cheating players too. Really what I believe they need to do is become hyper aggressive about preventing cheaters from ever even logging in. Include very thorough application/process scanners that run when you login as well as being built into the game client itself to run and scan the entire time you have a client open. It is invasive but it is becoming the new norm in many gaming communities and from developers who value the integrity of their game, studio, IP, and wish to maintain the future of the value of said things. I don't see any issue with process scanners, they are specific and looking for specific things. If someone has something to hide that they may think could compromise their interests, they should exercise a little logic and close those comprising processes/applications before playing. For the greater good of the game and my time and effort spent in it, it is a privacy I would be more than happy to lose.
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  15. Fenthen aka Rath

    A better bazaar/auction system was needed years ago. Forcing traders to not be active unless they are in offline mode would definitely help cut down on the complaints many have with the automated traders.

    That's just a bandaid fix however, because the developers of EverQuest are so out of touch with the players of EverQuest, there are so many necessary quality-of-life changes that are needed, you're always going to have those that optimize time spent and remove the horrendous repetitiveness that has been this game for the past decade+.
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  16. Bernel Augur

    One other use of a custom filter option would be to filter out all those "Glug, glug, glug" and "Chomp, chomp, chomp" messages that spam the chat window when people force feed themselves food, water or alcohol.
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  17. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    There's a General chat channel? Who knew!

    The easy fix is to increase the plat limit in the bazaar and to allow traders to ask for Krono in stead of plat. Presto! No more selling items in a channel clearly meant for politics!
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  18. Kiru Elder

    My understanding is that there is no easy fix for raising the plat cap, due to architectural limits in the code base that will require massive changes (considerably more massive than what was needed to raise the level cap).
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  19. Coagagin Guild house cat

    Much like the 'naughty word' filter.
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  20. demi Augur

    I didnt read alot of this post so not sure if it was mentioned , but /auction channel is only zone based if they made it server wide that would/might help alot of that WTS from general go away.. especially if they made the /auction channel autojoin for everyone .. then only way to stop someone from viewing it would be to put it in a window and minimize it and forget it ..