WTS Quillmane Cloak - Have tag

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Dominate, Apr 25, 2023.

  1. Dominate Augur

    Welcome to the new meta. Keeping it interested in me until my buyer shows up. Since this will be the new meta; What other mobs do you think this will be the norm for (Bergurgle/Gimblox as examples)?

    Also, since this will result in a massive amount of petitions, what spawns do you think this new meta is going to get nerfed forever in Everquest modifying, yet again, the core gameplay scenarios that keep the rabid playerbase coming back for more even after 24 years?
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  2. Ruhi Augur

    so what happens when you keep quilly willy interested for 1-2 hrs, get a buyer, and the legs drop? - then rinse and repeat 3-4 more times?

    if your scenario becomes a problem, they'll simply do what they've done with the * mobs - they unlock after 30 minutes.
  3. Dominate Augur

    Right now you'd have a pre-populated list of buyers with associated prices. Once you have the PH isolated, you let them know they are on alert for the item. When it drops there is a 15 minute window to loot it before it becomes a piece on one of your toons.

    In FTE that window becomes indefinite, and even if they make it 30 minutes like * mobs are, its still 45 minutes, 30 of which the NPC is up and doesn't have a chance to respawn.

    Acting like this doesn't open up new issues is duplicitous. I want to foster discussion around them in advance to increase the chances of better solutions sooner than later.
  4. TLP Addict Augur

    Not a great deal different to how it always worked, they just killed him as he spawned and if no buyer appeared in 15 minutes loot and destroy.

    The people that are happy to buy LR to the cloak are unaffected, the people that aren't willing to pay will continue to not pay and get a friend/guildie to do the tracking for them when the farmers aren't around as they always did.
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  5. anonymous_ Lorekeeper

    While FTE generally strengthens RMT's ability to monopolize camps, Quillmane is one of the few cases where it benefits legitimate players. If you get lucky and he pops near you then even a solo player can get the kill rather than just having it taken by the RMT group that swoops in at beyond bard speed. Assuming there are no loopholes they can use to reset the encounter, of course.
  6. JeffHanson Augur

    "Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb." -- Dark Helmet
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  7. jeskola pheerie

    Omg the sky is falling
  8. Wtfagain Elder

    As with many things in life, people have STRONG opinions about things they don’t understand. If I were trolling I would have said “you sweet summer child”, but I’m not trolling.
  9. Obliteration Elder

    Ahh yes, the "I don't like this ruleset, so let me try and detract through possibilities and excuses"

    We get it, you don't like the new tlp, many are very excited maybe Mischief 2.0 will come out in another 5-10 years
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  10. manglered Lorekeeper

    while i like this TLP and will play on it ... i am def in the corner of the OP ... the mob locking on this server is gonna be down right awful for RMT promotion. it really boggles me how DPG thinks FTE is good ... that being said the rest of the ruleset makes oakwynd still worth playing imo
  11. Dagud New Member

    I'm looking forward to seeing how Cyclops Island plays out, they may need to rename the zone to The Ocean Of Salty Tears ...
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  12. brickz Augur

    I think cyclops island will be more peaceful with FTE. Now if you just sit on top of a few spawns they're almost surely yours whereas on a normal server someone with a bunch of boxes could come out dps you whenever their show told them AC spawned
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  13. Ruhi Augur

    didn't know my opinion was strong - what specifically do you think i dont understand? why just be ambiguous? saying your not trolling doesn't mean you aren't - like saying "with all respect" and then be disrespectful - lol man - way to attempt to be an edgelord though
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  14. Balrigard Journeyman

    Those "Boxes" will now be spread out throughout the island and all they need to do is "initiate" combat and they win. Even if they die, it will be locked to the group.

    Cyclops Island is going to be toxic asf!
    May take my chances doing the other cyclops lol
  15. Fractalis New Member

    Well Jboots should be heirloom meaning that demand will potentially be lower as people won't want the boots on every single alt
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  16. Talis New Member

    What happens when a plat group figures out how to tag open world raid bosses and keep them away from OakWynd's try hard guild? I guarantee players will do their best to try even if its only marginally successful. Hell there are players that will be happy to try just to troll...

    FTE forces players to sit on the high value mob they are camping, which in classic->Velious is often the least safe area to be for a group, but trivial for a bot/box to sit in FD just to get the tag...

    I won't say FTE won't be a solution for anything, but it really feels like a solution from people who haven't played the game, or at least not on a progression server.
  17. Balrigard Journeyman

    So this has been one on my mind, especially when you think about OW ToV in Velious.
    Any of the perma rooted NPCs can be perma locked with FTE so that the OW guild is unable to complete the rotation to spawn Vulak.
  18. brickz Augur

    If someone has the resources to put boxes over the entire island you were going to lose regardless of FTE and should just go do something else with your time. There's a lot of stupid things with FTE but AC is possibly the worst example because it's not a fixed PH location
  19. Dmitry Elder

    This is legite gonna be a problem and I really hope they fix it before the launch.
  20. Dominate Augur

    Yes it is. It is going to be significantly worse on other mobs. I picked Quillmane because it is hardly going to change anything other than making it easier to sell cloaks for Krono.

    The real toxicity is going to be around mobs like Bergurgle.