WTB Evict Option for Guild Neighborhoods

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Allayna, Feb 27, 2018.

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  1. Liljit Augur

    Recognize a troll.

    I was pointing out that the eviction option originally suggested is clearly less complex than the following 23 pages....
  2. MasterMagnus Augur

    Cicelee is right. Everything you need to see is on the very first page.

    Aurastrider is right too. Many of the things you suggest I've suggested in the 20+ pages.

    Even Liljit mentions 'Max Escrow', which was a suggestion I mentioned first.

    Plenty of options that don't involve Evictions, unless Evicting is the only thing you're after.

    Every suggestion I've made "grandfathers in" existing rightful plot owners and keeps their current escrow and paid time (as well as yard and house items) in place.
  3. Warpeace Augur

    How about no? Bad ideas are just that bad.

    Evicting these people will not cause them to loose anything besides the plot.....they keep all their junk, just someplace else.
  4. MasterMagnus Augur

    1 Krono = cost of a new Writ.

    If moving out is not such a big deal...
  5. MasterMagnus Augur


    Did it ever occur to any of you that there are only 2 GLs in here asking for this because.......

    Every other GL in the game, dealt with it in advance, is dealing with it now but doesn't care, or just sucked it up and bought another Writ?
  6. Sokki Augur

    Or none of the above...
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  7. Tornicade_IV Augur

    The bought the plot as a guild member. they own the plot whether they retired or left the guild.

    most of the people all gung ho on the "evict" button never spent any time decorating theor plots outside of throwing up their premium edition but and putting in a table ( if that ) for their trophies.

    Outdoor layouts are not saved to the game server they are saved to the pc. and the majority of these decorated plots enhance the neighborhood not detract from it.

    You can go eq lawyer all you want.

    but the system recognizes when members are no longer with the guild and flags these plots but does not evict because they own the plot and have paid their escrow.

    The op didn't get blocked from the forums for posting names but for posting names and accusing those named people of griefing.

    the point is the system is working as intended. the 90 day no sign in was listed because active subscribers were losing their plots.

    now I post as a
    • Guild leader
    • player who has bought a writ
    • A player with 14 years of active subscriptions
    • someone who has retired from the game
    • someone who has returned after three years
    • someone who has had plots evicted
    • someone who has had a guild hall evicted
    now the eviction was my fault I was gone for three years and had escrowed for 2 and half. still though on my new PC I had no access to my saved layouts. all my stuff was in parcels and it took me a week to get all the crates plots halls and houses sorted out
    I really don't wish this on anyone. and if I choose to join a raiding guild in the future I want to be able to keep my plots where they are and maintain my community guild with an alt.
    What's being requested here is a button that triggers a 90 day eviction process. for something that should be able to be worked out between the guild and the departing player.
    Earlier in this thread I entertained the idea of a writ of eviction but upon further reflection I do not even like that.
    look at all the threads of people having open houses and showing their stuff . it adds enjoyment to the game.
    Ive been back to October and I still havent gotten around to decorating the yard on either house nor the guildplot. I have added to the guild hall including a goldilocks and the three bears room and a Halfling themed room for one of our Halfling ranges. Ive moved the combat dummies into their own room
    decorating the yard however seems like a chore to redo something that should already be done
    You start evicting your retired players who have gone all out on their yards. you would probably be surprised at how many people noticed that the swan pool isn't next door anymore
  8. Liljit Augur

    One of 472 apparently...nice alt guild tho...
  9. Liljit Augur

    Only MM could pull a line out of a completely sarcastic post and believe it's what I actually am advocating for...
  10. Tornicade_IV Augur

    I am the Cadet.
    Guild leader rank is for inactive and new people. the rest are active.
    We had 1000 before I took a break,

    Its not an "alt" guild its a guild for returning Mains and alts. its a community guild.

    We have added 250 toons since January.

    I also raided through the underfoot expansion.

    I wonder if though, if some of your own guildies might of went through and added escrow to those expired and 1 day remaining plots that I saw in those three neighborhoods,

    Player housing is the only thing in the game that characters to can actually create stuff that stays in the game

    if you purchase a plot . you own the plot. it isn't rented and the only way to lose the property is not to pay escrow fees for it for 90 days.

    an evict button is asking to essentially remove that characters mark on the server.

    its been 8 years since player housing launched. is 1 writ out of every 2 years really outrageous for what equates to 3 months of free DB cash that can be provided by any member of the guild.

    Edit: I actually wish I had your problem because it would be fantastic if all these returning players were into housing and I needed to make more space for them .
  11. MasterMagnus Augur

    So cute when they get proven wrong by logic and all they've got is, You're not a BIG guild you don't count.

    News Flash:
    If you can't afford to buy a new Writ and fix your own problem, you're no real guild at all.

    It equals 1 f'n Krono, but you can't possibly establish new rules and scrape up the cash to get a new writ?

    Sounds like big whiney guild has a problem that has nothing to do with DBG or these forums.
  12. Liljit Augur

    "Logic" roflmao

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  13. Roxxlyy Augur

    Locked because all recent posts have been "bumps" which are non-constructive and in violation of the forum rules.
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