WTB Evict Option for Guild Neighborhoods

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Allayna, Feb 27, 2018.

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  1. Eanelder Augur

    Again this is what Im claiming is the BUG . The description says OWN, not purchase or buy. Your hoping, wishing, or looking for the following:

    "Consuming this item will bind a neighborhood to your guild. Only people in your guild will be able to PURCHASE plots within this neighborhood. NOTE - The neighborhood belongs to the GUILD and not to the person that uses this item. You may have more than one neighborhood per guild."

    The difference is key as it does have completely different meanings.
    And if they tried to purchase the plot while not a guild member they would have not been allowed. Because there is condition that must (should) be met to own those plots.
    By keep, do you mean own? AGAIN, Only people in your guild will be able to own plots within this neighborhood.
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  2. Tornicade_IV Augur

    deja vu
    wow this is like discussing class descriptions with battleblade

    much more likely the description is a typo than the system is bugged.

    If you own the plot you purchased as a guild member the game will let you keep it. why because you own the plot. and you keep it as long as you pay the taxes. would you rather call the 90 game eviction process a foreclosure process?


    the writ tells ya that you can purchase (own a plot with guild membership) a plot.
    The plot management interface tells you if you leave escrow expired for more than 90 days youll be evicted.
    there is nothing that indicates that maintaining plot ownership if you are removed from guild is not intended.

    If you have a former guild member that is there. Offer to buy the plot back from them
  3. Liljit Augur

    That only applies if they still play the game....so much running in circles chasing tails in this forum...


    You visited my house...but don't have access to see items like collectibles, ts items, prizes, things that as a leader or officer of a guild stockpile as rewards for their guild....nice try on knocking me for not having decorations though, lol.
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  4. Liljit Augur

    I won't name names....that seems to get users banned from the forums....
    I'll list times of no longer active members though.

    Looking at the first plot, someone who is no longer guilded, it's 272 weeks...that's over 5 years and this person hasn't been active in 2 years...how much patience exactly are you asking for?
  5. Bigstomp Augur

    I'm not in a guild neighborhood. I think I put my house down before they were a thing, and just never moved it. (and slapped a few others down recently since it's an empty area nowadays).

    I do think it would be cool if the evict features would also include something like not in the guild for a month - refund your escrow and do that a normal expiring plot would do for the guild plots.
  6. Liljit Augur

    Found another "Impressive" plot, as Tornicade put it...nothing on it, just a plot owned by someone no longer guilded....for 1083 weeks, 20+ years, so I'll be patient when you get a grip on reality.

    The cost to hold a plot for that long...a mere 95k pp.
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  7. Eanelder Augur

    No it does not. It states what it states, I'm not going to repeat it over and over, cause you seem reluctant to accept it. Words have meanings and when it comes to purchases (contracts?), the purchaser is dependent on those to know what they're getting. (Caveat Emptor right?)

    If the description is not what was intended by the development team (ie a Typo), then still its an issue that needs to be addressed. They are free to change the description to PURCHASE instead of OWN. However, this puts them in a "bait and switch" scenario. Anyone who bought the guild writ should have the original terms of the "contract" enforced. Everyone moving forward must accept the new language before purchasing the writ.

    The Writ description, in its current state, indicates exactly that. The description in the Writ states a superseding condition, which takes precedence over the eviction criteria. That fact that only one of the conditions of plot ownership (escrow) is listed on escrow interface, does not invalidate all other conditions. If you must, you can call the fact it "was left off" a typo too.

    The "Game bank" (your term, not mine) does that, as all their escrow is returned to them. In game instructions also clear state that that money is never returned to them (again this inst stated on the interface either). And Griefers will Grief.
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  8. MasterMagnus Augur

    There was a time when a certain mod with an affection for a certain Mongolian warlord's philosophies, applied to moderation, would have immediately stopped this thread and banned me for a few days, or at least warned me.

    Don't worry you're not even close to getting banned yet ;)
  9. Tornicade_IV Augur

    hence the word most. I cited multiple examples and you know which properties I am referring to. You have 7-10 properties due to expire in the next 3 months on your neighborhood with the guild plot.
  10. Liljit Augur

    Tell that to the OP.
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  11. Liljit Augur

    And FAR more set to NEVER expire or expire in several years...it took me mins to find 2 extreme examples.

    The OP posted names and was forumblocked, I will not do the same.

    The entire point of the thread...

    There is a problem, not let’s wait indefinitely for the problem to resolve
  12. MasterMagnus Augur

    Well yeah, even though you are 100% certain you're the one being griefed, you don't want to be calling people out. Just a forum rule.

    And it's a rule because, just like evictions, no individuals opinion is going to be allowed to supersede another's, just because they 'say so'.

    And just like evictions, bannings will always only be conducted by DBG through automated or manual means, never individual players operating on other individual players.

    Because they are a game company trying to create a friendly and cooperative environment for everyone to play their game, which makes them money.

    They will never choose 2 GLs desires, over the vastly larger player base, that's just bad business.

    But I guess that triggers another round of the little piranhas picking at every detail.

  13. Liljit Augur

    Yes...please continue to inform us with your infinite knowledge of EQ inner workings oh #MasterLVL90person....school is in session on how the realm works in absolutes like always and never...
  14. Eanelder Augur

    By Tunare I hope not.

    Many of your points (outside those on banning) have already been refuted. Despite this, you still insist on the continued use of absolute language.
  15. MasterMagnus Augur

    If you insist.

    I can know for 100% certainty the sun will rise over your head tomorrow. But the sun will burn out someday! But Thanos could pop out of the sky and obliterate the sun! But but...

    I suppose there are all kinds of theoretical possibilities, but there are also practical realities.

    Your argument tries to cherry pick one single fact, then postulates an assumption, and throws out all other facts surrounding the issue.
    To wit:
    -Guild neighborhoods do not work the way the description says.
    That's it, that's all you've got.

    I include that fact, along with these other facts not assumptions.

    -There was such an outcry about being evicted SOE/DBG changed the way they had originally implemented it, based on Plot owner's requests.

    -SOE/DBG added Time Unlimited houses for real world money tied to an expansion.

    -The expansions which offered Time Unlimited houses cost more than a guild writ.

    Those are facts above on which I base my opinion below.

    Their intention has been indicated by their actions, they will only be leaving things the same or be moving towards less evictions.

    A complete turn around to provide an evict button which is even more harsh and unilateral than the original failed implementation IS possible. But so unlikely as to be insignificant.

    So yeah, very technically speaking I should say 'I think' rather than 'never'.

    But I have the critical thinking skills to figure out what is likely. And the guts to stand by my assertions.

    -It has the added bonus of seeming to cause people to have a melt-down because I dare say 'never'.
    -But if I'm wrong it really doesn't matter either, because you know, it's the interwebs bro.

    I can have the guts to say NEVER. Quite easily in fact.
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  16. Eanelder Augur

    Although this may have been directed at Liljit ....

    Cherry Pick?! Are you serious? Even your summary of the issue is misleading.

    Assertion : The description of the Guild Writ promises exclusivity. That condition is not being enforced during the life of the neighborhood.

    • The description clearly states ONLY guild members can OWN plots
    • An eligablity check is made before the purchase is made, so there is intent on the exclusivity as you are rejected if not meeting the conditions (Guild membership).
    • the daily/regular check for this condition was overlooked, never implemented, or not working , and now the conditions of the writ (exclusivity) are not being met.
    The fact that someone met the required condition once, does not mean they can use it in perpetuity.
    • You shouldn't park in a handicap parking space if you are no longer disabled, even if you already paid for the permit
    • You shouldn't drive in a high occupancy lane, after dropping off your 5 friends for the night.
    • You should't use a staff washroom if your no longer employed there
    • You shouldn't use an expectant month parking space when all your children are in College.
    • You shouldn't attend classes at an institution where your are no longer recognized as a student
    Here's is some additional facts I'll include:

    The change to Evictions was based on activity. Previously you had to sign in every 90 days or you risked eviction. That was the complaint and is what changed. You. or your alt, no longer have to log in to keep your plot active, escrow requirements are still there. I'm not sure how this change to the eviction criteria is relevant, I assume your saying people don't like being evicted but I don't think that was ever in question.

    SOE/DBG have and use an eviction process where all your stuff is sent to you.
    SOE/DBG have a layout feature for easily saving and loading your designs on any property
    SOE/DBG allows you to "Move Out" of your property easily
    SOE/DBG allows you to pack up your stuff easily
    SOE/DBG allows you remove yourself from guild
    SOE/DBG allows guild leadership to remove you from their guild
    (Like you I'm making assumptions; based on these features, they actually want to you keep moving and not stay in a single plot)

    The rent reduction houses are one of the many additional items potentially available through expansion purchase, You cannot make your claim that the house itself is worth more then the writ. (Well.. you will, but you shouldn't).Regardless, their value has no consequence on the condition/requirement to own a plot. They are not losing the premium house, its not being destroyed, it just needs to be relocated.

    Based on these facts, my opinion is housing is dead and this will be ignored, but that my assumption is correct and that the original intent was that ex-members have no claim to a guild plot to which they do not belong. They can leave it or fix it however they see fit, offering suggestions is a waste of time.
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  17. Aurastrider Augur

    Here is a logical solution:

    -If a member of a guild bought the writ but is no longer in the guild the guild will need to repurchase a new writ, copy their layouts and lay their houses down in the new neighborhood. The guild will retain their neighborhood name since it is guild attached and the member no longer guilded who bought the writ will have to either rename the neighborhood or have one randomly given to them.

    -The member who bought the writ but is no longer guilded will have the option of transferring ownership to another character in the event that they are currently in a guild and the process will result in a conflict of adding another writ to their new guilds name. If said writ owner decides to transfer this new writ and apply it to the guild they are now in the writ will become property of said new guild to prevent further grieving.

    -If a member of a guild bought the plot but did not buy the writ and is no longer in the guild their house will be moved to a random plot in the general housing area. They will be sent the info via in game email stating where their new home is placed so they can locate it.

    -For either of the above to occur it has to be initiated by either the guild leader or the original purchaser of the writ.

    -Any relocating processes will have xx grace period to allow anyone who does have to relocate and wants to copy and paste their layouts time to do so.

    -All future writs must be purchased by the guild leader or someone given specific privileges by the guild leader with the understanding that the writ is purchased in the name of the guild and will become guild property for future discussions. If a guild leader has been MIA and no privileges have been applied to current members of a guild the most senior active member of said guild will be granted privileges to cover any issues presented by this new feature. This member can grant privileges to other members for this purpose exclusively.

    *This all should be low priority as there are many more pressing issues in game.

    ** This process should cover concerns by both sides
  18. Liljit Augur

    Guild Writs expressly state they do not belong to the person, they belong to the guild.

    If no eviction option can be reached then a max escrow should be set, all those above the escrow would be refunded that amount.

    Before the automated parcel back, that's already in game occurs, it should autosave layout and include the yard...I don't recall who's argument it was about the amount of time dedicated to yard decorating, but it's able to be saved.

    Arbitrary number, let's say 6 months of escrow.

    Any time a guild member leaves it/get's kicked/doesn't log in for 6 months it auto ships their stuff. How? By running a script every night @ 7pm EST prime time, hopefully crashing the servers.

    Those unlimited houses should not be excluded from these requirements....each one should have some cost associated with the plot itself.

    Any toon who used an unlimited house should be 14 day banned from eq, #clearlyanexploit

    Any toon who put 20+ years into escrow should be 14 day banned from eq, I mean just because it's possible doesn't mean it isn't an exploit right? #Cactiki

    See isn't this more simplified than an eviction button? The OP was crazy to suggest something so complex.
  19. Cicelee Augur

    Am I the only one who thinks this thread went 21 pages longer than what it should?
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  20. Aurastrider Augur

    No to these options as some of us have our own alt guilds so we don't use up our own guild neighborhood plots. These restrictions especially the autokick if no longer guilded will screw us over. Limiting escrow just places another time sink into the game also. I don't support any of these changes.
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