WTB Evict Option for Guild Neighborhoods

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Allayna, Feb 27, 2018.

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  1. Niskin Augur

    That is why this thread got created, the current situation is undesirable.

    You can't guarantee that anymore than I can guarantee it's not true. Your arguments would suffer less if you stopped saying things you have no control over.

    I'm fully aware of the state of things. That is why I am careful what I ask for and what I defend or argue against. I don't want to make more work for DBG, and I want solutions to be done in the easiest way possible that still solves the issue.

    You were never impacted by this thread, that's the point. Your assessment of the impact of being evicted on a 3rd party is laughable. If items were lost I would totally get your point, but they aren't. Your entire failure in this thread is thinking anybody really cares about keeping a house in a guild neighborhood where the guild wants them out, beyond griefing said guild. There are no alternate scenarios to consider here. They want you out, you don't want out, it's their neighborhood, you are griefing.
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  2. Tornicade_IV Augur

    People seem to be so focused on Evict Evict evict. they aren't looking at the big picture here.

    1st there are only 10 plots and maybe a few at the zone in that even offer the player any kind of travel advantage.

    Several have already made it clear they don't share access of their plots with other members so any advantages there are null.

    What exactly is the motivation for someone who is most likely not in that neighborhood with the actual guild hall to move their property when they can get to the other guild neighborhood or generic neighborhood in about the same timeframe.

    Evict button just creates more problems for a system that drastically needs an update.

    On the topic of guild neighborhoods . why are there 4 guild plots. when only 1 is used. how bout syncing those plots so all

    as far as the OP raid guild.
    looking on my server. I see Inverse logic with 5 neighborhoods. overcrowded?
    no they only have one full neighborhood. The other neighborhoods have no more than 15 plots on each of the others. Looks like members besides guild leaders so get writs.

    that's 20 guild plots available when they can only use one.

    Township Rebellion has 3 neighborhoods but it looks like they lost one like I did so they have 2.
    20 spots open.
    They might have to buy a new neighborhood in two years.

    Black Dragon Legion Guild is interesting. They have 2 neighborhoods named after them but they are open neighborhoods. I was able to secure a plot with one of my alts that's in my guild .

    how did that happen?

    I also noticed a lot of players with guild plots in their former dormant guilds. ...why should they move their plot?

    I decided to take a tour of the Machin Shin facilities. What ya guys hiding in there ?

    Liljit I was excited to see your honeycomb house however it was very sparse on the inside. I did see a moving crate so hopefully your still in the process of moving in. You might consult odamb for ideas.

    There was 3 plots (out of 5 )near the guild hall that had expired and are in the server process of eviction.. that was just one section .

    I went on to Terminus, This section was impressive.
    pf the lots there 1 was expired and 2 had lest than 3 weeks escrow remaining.. why you wouldn't want these properties in your neighborhood. I have no idea.
    you really should drop some escrow on fakers property as this lot adds a lotof character to the zone with army of hands and prominent trophy display.

    up next a tour of betwixt.

    I was greeted by an impressive forest plot.
    I found another expired plot

    I don't think you need an evict button. you just need a bit of patience.
    You might not put any value on Lawn decorations(judging that you don't have any decoration inside or outside beyond trophies.) but others do.
    Then Madbulls impressive boat castle was great.... too bad he only has 1 day of escrow. kinda disappointed I wasn't able to interact with all the items.

    Birmming way
    2 properties expired
    1 with 1 day remaining.
    multiple empty plots.
    most of the unlimited or high week escrow properties were an enhancement to the neighborhood.
    They added value.
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  3. Eanelder Augur

    I just fired my live-in housekeeper [employee] (she decided to go "on vacation" for a few weeks without telling me). Problem is although she no longer works for me, she doesn't think she has to move out. She painted the room when she got here, has her family photos on the wall, and she prepaid for a year subscription to some Swedish cable channel, so she feels she needs to stay.

    I was going to take legal action, but clearly I simply need a bit of patience.
  4. CatsPaws Augur

    So why are you asking the HOA to give you the power to evict her?:D Just a joke.
  5. Sheex Augur

    22pages can be summed up with one gif:

    Please let it end. Won’t somebody please think of the children.
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  6. Sancus Augur

    This can't be the most important/interesting issue in 2018 EverQuest.

    Y'all are gonna make me start a Mage nerf thread just so we can regain some dignity as a forum community. At least we'd be making 20-odd pages of nonsensical posts about something that matters.
  7. Sheex Augur

  8. Zaviere Augur

    So, I just discovered the wonder that is Spotify Premium. I'm gonna go drown myself in awesome music, and thus officially retire from this thread. It's been fun, but all good things must come to an end...

    Except this thread apparently, which at this point I think is just gonna be left open forever.
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  9. Tornicade_IV Augur

    Oh... I thought we were playing a game......

    but your analogy is wrong

    If she had paid you a 1 year advance on rent. then she would definitely have a right to feel entitled to stay.

    Guild members are not employees regardless
  10. Niskin Augur

    Rent can be refunded when a contract is terminated. Renting a plot isn't a blood oath.
  11. Eanelder Augur

    Just because were playing a game logic doesn't go out the window.

    The problem is she didn't pay me rent. The room was available specifically for my employee(live in maid), and she only had access to the room as part of our relationship; she knew this when she moved in. Once that relationship ends, she shouldn't stay in that room, even if i have extra bedrooms available and I'm certainly not going to add an addition to accommodate the new live in maid because of her.

    If she did pay me in advance to cover the cost of her Swedish Telenovela channel, I would gladly prorate and return the balance to her (just like with the escrow).

    And if you want to go back to game talk:

    The problem is the ex-member didn't pay me rent. The plot was available specifically for my guild members, and the ex-member only had access to the plot as part of our relationship; the ex-member knew this when the ex-member moved in. Once that relationship ends, the ex-member shouldn't stay in that plot, even if i have extra plots available and I'm certainly not going to add a new guild zone to accommodate new members because of this ex-member.

    If the ex-member did pay escrow in advance to cover the cost of the items on their plot, the game will gladly return the balance. (aka the remaining escrow)

    Sounds like half decent analogy to me. Although I did prefer my parking spot example that I provided earlier, but you just ignored that one.
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  12. Warpeace Augur

    The achievement "No Vacancy" Should be granted here upon eviction. No need to kill mobs.
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  13. Tornicade_IV Augur

    Logic. is that your making scenarios that aren't even applicable and then trying to apply them to the game which has a completely different function.

    You were never getting rent for the plots.

    and if we have to use analogies
    Credit unions would be most applicable. with the game bank sponsoring credit union for a guilds members.

    if you buy a car from a credit union. they aren't gonna come back and take your care because you no longer meet the eligibility requirements,

    and that's what the purchase function is. eligible to buy a plot.

    and in order to be eligible to buy a plot in a guild neighborhood you have to be a guild member at the time of purchase.

    there are no stipulations or warnings or anything advising any other expectation.

    there is no escrow or payment made to the guild. it is all made to the game bank.

    purchasing a writ allows a guild to place one hall and 71 plots that guild members may purchase.

    you think these people would of spent hours decorating or placing multiple plots on something that the guild could evict them from ?

    how bout let the guilds choose.

    make an alternative writ of sunrise and an option to evict charge more DB cash for it.. that way new members will know before they buy a plot they may get evicted tomorrow if they get booted for whatever reason.

    the players who purchased their plots did so with the expectation that they would keep the plot.

    You buy a plot. you own the plot everything paid to keep the plot going is game taxes for the game bank

    I just deguilded my guild hall box after purchasing property and leaving it expired. Once deguildedt the box was able to add escrow.
    The plot management box listed the unguilded box as guild unknown in red then once the escrow was put in changed it to Warmonger Academy in red. so the system was fully aware that the Character as no longer a member

    not a bug.
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  14. Sokki Augur

    He stated that they were never getting rent, hence his analogy. It had nothing to do with rent, it was a condition of use, same as being a guild member is a condition of use. Just because the system acknowledges someone isn't a member doesn't mean it's not a bug.
  15. Eanelder Augur

    This is true... I had fudged up that start of the analogies so I apologize....(fingers and brain got out of sync i suppose)

    I said:
    I meant:

    I cant fault you for expecting what you read to mean what it said... kinda like those who purchased the Guild Writ.

    "Consuming this item will bind a neighborhood to your guild. Only people in your guild will be able to own plots within this neighborhood. NOTE - The neighborhood belongs to the GUILD and not to the person that uses this item. You may have more than one neighborhood per guild."

  16. wingz-83 Augur

    On one hand I almost hope this goes live because if you guys won't abuse it. I certainly will.
  17. Eanelder Augur

    how are you going to abuse it? your a guild leader whose going to kick people out of the guild for the sole purpose of kicking people out of there plot?

    What would other members think after the first time ... or you just going to kick out everyone out of the guild at once, and then go nuts in the Neighborhood?

    Are you going to expect members to comeback?

    Regardless, if your a guild leader that is your prerogative. Have fun!
  18. Tornicade_IV Augur

    so they were a guild member and they now own the plot.

    once again where does it say they forfeit the plot if they aren't in the guild somewhere down the line in the next 10 years?

    the player bought a plot. if they can no longer have it in the neighborhood then they a new plot should be provided for them because the player has purchased the item and maintained their escrow

    perhaps if the guild wants the former member to leave they should offer him funds to finance the move.
  19. Eanelder Augur

    Ok ... i'm going to have to start thinking that your trolling now as I just showed you where.


    "Consuming this item will bind a neighborhood to your guild. Only people in your guild will be able to own plots within this neighborhood. NOTE - The neighborhood belongs to the GUILD and not to the person that uses this item. You may have more than one neighborhood per guild."

    here's a check list, where all must be true to own a plot in a guild neighborhood:
    • are they people?
    • are they in the guild (that owns the neighborhood)?
    The fact this is not enforced is the bug (IMO).

    Guild Members:
    • are they people? YES!!
    • are they in the guild (that owns the zone) YES!!
    • Congrats, you CAN own plots within this neighborhood
    General Public, Ex-members, People removed from the guild,members from other guilds
    • are they people? YES!!
    • are they in the guild (that owns the zone) NO =(
    • Sorry, you are NOT eligible to own plots within this neighborhoods
    Also, this likely disqualifies dogs, ponies, hippos and a variety other animals from owning plots in guild neighborhood. Sorry =(
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  20. Tornicade_IV Augur

    Your only required to be a guild member when you purchase a plot

    the only people who are in a guild neighborhood are members who purchased plots as members and former members who purchased plots as members.

    I don't see anything in the writ saying you cant keep a plot you bought.
    when you make you purchase it even tells you the only way you can lose the plot is 90 days from the date escrowed expired.
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