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    I have been in love with the Wrulons since the dire charm days of PoP in HoH. I have only a few old screenshots of my character in EQ but one of those few is with a baby Wrulon protector. I was very happy when after many years, I finally obtained a Wrulon Protector mount, and shortly after, the Firescale Wrulon for my mage box.

    I have been wishing we could get project illusion for pets since the Zek illusion in ToV, since if I can't have my Wrulon, I can at least have (close to) the other HoH pet.

    But yesterday, I did the new New Years quest not knowing the reward. Imagine my excitement when I got my ACH, expecting nothing, but finding out the last quest in the series rewards a Baby Wrulon Familiar, the Dire Charm Wrulon from Halls of Honor.

    I often 4-box, and between pets, familiars and mounts, I was rocking 9 Wrulons yesterday.


    Whichever Dev made that happen, you are now my favorite.
  2. Loup Garou De loop de loop

    Aren't they just the cutest little things? I swear they bounce when they run to keep up.

    I agree, thanks to the designer or dev that did this!!!!

    And there is a Worg house that you can use for his house - but it's not on sale.
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