WoW TBC June 1st....Holly coming after Mischief/TLP?

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  1. Thrawnseg Augur

    Just to stick it to EQ for cancelling EQ3, her and Prathun and the other people who left for Blizz are sure making it seem like it. They usually give at least a month + notice, but not this time.
  2. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Doubt it's even on their radar. The May 18th Prepatch leak came out quite a bit before the Mischief announcement but that's not to say insider info takes that long.
  3. Pikallo Augur

    I'm sure the few thousand people who play EQ and its upcoming TLP was indeed the prime catalyst for the June 1st TBC launch. :rolleyes:
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  4. Xhieron Elder

    Sounds like business. I would do the same thing if I were Blizzard. Fortunately, Blizzard has nothing in common with the company I used to have some small affection for beyond its name, and Brad is dead along with SOE. So neither I nor the people who were instrumental in building these gaming monoliths have any remaining emotional investment in these kinds of economic maneuverings. It's just a couple of masked imposters fretting over how they can better out-flank the other's puppeted corpse. They might be sticking it to someone, but it's not EQ.

    On a more practical level, I wonder how much overlap there actually is between the demographic that's interested in TBC and Mischief's. I'm out of hiding for this TLP, but I'd be much more likely to re-sub to live WOW than I would Classic--not that I didn't enjoy WOW in 2004. It's just that the charm of MMOs for me always lives in the first generation, with games like EQ, DAOC, and FFXI, all distinct experiences from WOW. It seems more likely to me that people who have the same nostalgia for this type of game would almost necessarily be inured to those experiences, making that generation of MMOs the ones that they'd be attracted to whenever the itch for the bygone strikes.

    I'd be curious to know if anyone is actually torn about these competing dates.
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  5. Basak Augur

    I know I am torn, but not because of Mischief and TBC, but because I am not sure if I am ready to invest in another TLP right now. If I did go to Mischief I would likely want to start my own guild this time around. But again, Decisions!
  6. Magician9001 Augur


    Play Mischief on launch hit 50 just in time to play TBC. Then i get to play TBC mostly for 3 months and get to skip doing Classic+RoK for the 8th time. Then when i start to run out of things to do in TBC besides 1 raid and 10 arenas weekly i can come back to Mischief for the best randomized FV loot rules expansions.

    Thanks Holly.
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  7. KrakenReality Augur

    Nah, Blizzard times their stuff to mimic FFXIV. TLP EQ is its own distinct audience, there will be some that swap over to play there though.
  8. brickz Augur

    Dreamweaver posted a while ago that there wasn't an appreciable drop in mangler activity when wow: classic dropped. Of course if there actually was, he wouldn't mention it. But mangler seems to have survived well enough.
  9. Barder-mangler Augur

    Yeah fwiw the carryover between both games seems pretty low, maybe 5-10%. I know some hardcore raiding guilds were hit hard by original wow classic, but it could just be that particular segment of the player base is more likely to play both games.
  10. Dodak New Member

    In my case I am dropping wow to come back to EQ, I have been wanting to come back but my RL buds didn't seem really keen on EQ, after my personal hype and explaining my thoughts on the new server ruleset it looks like they will give it a shot. Who knows they may not stay but I look forward to this.
  11. Celestian Elder

    Similar story here. There is no way I'd be interested in BC replay. I played it when it was live. EQ on the other hand has a much closer hold on me as it's still the my "all time favorite game". Might leave it from time to time but I do come back for the good vibes.
  12. Kiaro Augur

    The June 1st release date for TBC Classic was "leaked" way before they announced mischief server.
  13. Karreck Somebody

    Everquest TLP's are not even a blip on Blizzard's radar at this point. EQ subs are woefully small compared to WoW subs.
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  14. Beep Elder

    There are individual classic wow servers with 2x the population of all TLPs combined. Nobody knows we even exist bro.
  15. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

  16. Moforyguy Elder

    Some of them know we exist because someone even made a post on wow forum talking about EQ's new TLP and who's playing. If anything it will help cause a little more login issues lol
  17. tzeriel Lorekeeper

    May 18 has been the leak a long time. WoW doesn’t even notice EQ. Some individual WoW servers dwarf EQ’s entire player count.
  18. Gnothappening Augur

    I'm not torn. TBH WoW was fun until I realized the major flaws it had such as the newbie zone gear in a new expansion being better than the raid gear of the prior one. EQ had much better itemization imo. Plus, the unique clickies had people going back to older zones to get some interesting effect they couldn't get elsewhere.

    All of that being said, when EQ inevitably can't handle the rush of TLP players and I have 15 hour ques, I can at least pop into WoW to get a few nostalgia hits.
  19. Pikallo Augur

  20. Gnothappening Augur

    It did. Take for example Velious. It was still worth doing the Velious armor quests in Luclin unless you were one of the few hardcore raid guilds that could get the open world bosses. Even if you were a raider, it was still worth farming Avatar of war in Luclin. Basically, the content in the new expansion didn't obsolete the equipment in the prior one early on. In WoW, when TBC dropped I got a random blue from a mob and it was better than raid gear in regular WoW. Greens were the equivalent of low end raid gear, etc. The power creep was much worse in WoW than EQ and that caused there to be zero reason to go back and do old zones. Also, I despise the concept of upgrading loot every few levels.

    EQ might have been a grind session to get to the top exp wise, but WoW was a constant gear treadmill with people sometimes upgrading raid armor three times in an expansion, to then have their tier 1 raid gear obsoleted by green drops from random mobs in the next expansion. EQ also had things where people would still go back to sky for a long time just to refresh charges on a limited use item that was still useful later on, or maybe people would do a quest to get an item that had one charge of DA for a class that couldn't normally DA themselves. I know some melee that would still go and camp the Dragon Necropolis weapon that slowed, just to have an extra trick in their bag.
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