Wouldn’t groupable AoC instances solve all problems?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Nevus_coirnav, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. Nevus_coirnav New Member

    I was thinking some people love boxing, some people hate boxing, people also hate being trained, having their camp stolen, mobs KS’d etc. Wouldn’t allowing a full group to request Xp instances of zones with repawns with no lockouts be a perfect fit? No one will see boxers, you will have your own entire dungeon to yourself to xp in with others. No drama of training, or stealing mobs, but if you crave that you can just go to the live version of the zone.

    Seems like it would solve ALOT of issues with just one mechanic.
  2. The Hated One Augur

    You can pop ALL AoC's with a single group.
  3. callius Journeyman

    Could just play a single player game ?
    But in all seriousness server load for additional instances wouldnt be a great solution.
  4. Nevus_coirnav New Member

    I know you can pop AoC instances with a group, I am talking about groupable AoCs with respawns and no lockouts for xp
  5. sumnayin2 Elder

    I play EQ to interact with other people. I do not play other MMOs because I hate having my own instance for everything and have 800 instances of every town because only 6 people can be in town at a time. Instanced raiding is an acceptable compromise for allowing everyone to do raid content and shortened times between expansions. I loved the old days but for instance, my guild had Emperor Ssra on farm for the entirety of PoP...that means no other guild had a shot unless there was a server crash/patch and we didn't have the numbers on or were raiding something else atm.
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  6. Nevus_coirnav New Member

    Let’s be real this isn’t 1999 anymore when people can skip school to poop sock encounters so i understand the reasoning for the gratefulness of AoC Raiding. Every MMO now has groupable instances, they work for a reason. While I understand one could say it might turn EQ in a single player game, people said that when AoC raiding was announced. Even if we had groupable xp instances it still wouldn’t be single player... if you don’t 6 box your still grouping with 5 other real life players, looking for other players to replace them with, bazaar, general chat, live zones, and of course hub zones like PoK.
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  7. AgentofChange Augur

    This thread is insulting to EQ
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  8. Risiko Augur

    Hold it. If you are saying that this thread is insulting to EQ, and this thread is about AoC instances, and you are called the AgentofChange for which AoC stands for, then does that mean that you are insulting to EQ? lols
  9. Nevus_coirnav New Member

    I haven’t played past GoD but doesn’t EQ start becoming more, and more instanced every expac? So what difference would it make?
  10. Risiko Augur

    Kinda sorta not really.

    Every expansion has open world zones, and then there are the instances you get to run missions/tasks/whatever. So, while there is a lot of instanced content, there is still a lot of non-instanced content as well.
  11. Ceffener Augur

    I’m sure there’s lots of interactions with other players outside your group, going on while your sitting at a camp for hours with a full group.

    You might miss out on “Those guys just trained us” or “WTF they are stealing our mobs”.

    Because we all know instanced zones magically makes everything soloable.
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  12. Nevus_coirnav New Member

    Exactly, I don’t see how making repspawning AoC instances for groups make EQ a single player game. Playing with a full group at the same camp on live zones, would be exactly the same thing. You would just have that same camp available to everyone without having to get booted from picks or waiting for a pick to spawn.
  13. AgentofChange Augur

    No, the open world always exists and always should. They gave you pick zones, they work great. Go enjoy the game or go enjoy another game.
  14. Baldur Augur

    They've already said they won't do this when they reduced the exp in AoCs.

    They have performance issues when a lot of AoC instances are up at the same time. If everyone used it as their own personal leveling instance the server lag would be terrible. It's why they cut the exp in the first place.
  15. Risiko Augur

    If they gave you your own instances to experience in, their friends/family wouldn't be able to get their jollies by harassing you in open world zones and selling you the loot you could have gotten on your own.

    I mean come on. How do you expect them to make money if they can't train, kill steal, and charm/gate the mobs away from you and sell you the loot for krono you could have gotten on your own?
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  16. Ishbu Augur

    LDoN is basically what you are asking for here. You know, the expansion everyone keeps asking DBG to speed through on the TLPs. Instanced content = boring.

    It is necessary for raiding in current times but pick zones more than suffice for group content
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  17. Ceffener Augur

    The content would be exactly the same. So it’s either boring or not boring.
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  18. oldkracow Augur

    /picks on demand for 1 krono for an 6 to 12 hour period (adjust as needed)
    Would solve a lot of issues and fuel krono sales :p
  19. Risiko Augur

    This is one of the largest misconceptions in the industry. Instancing does not equal what we have today.

    While LDoN had group instances, it is vastly different from what is being asked for in this thread.

    An LDoN instance is a zone that you start at one point A and move to point B. Along the way, you might make a couple side trips to point C, but in the end, it's all the same. No mobs respawn.

    This is the mistake that WoW and everybody after them made as well. Instances in MMORPGs are largely nothing more than a treadmill with a ticket dispenser at the end where you collect your ChuckeeCheese tickets to take back to the prize booth.

    What is being asked for in this thread is private instances of actual dungeons where the monsters respawn like normal and there is a chance to get rare spawns that drop rare loot. There is no treadmill affect nor is there a prize booth at the end to trade your tickets in for the loot.
  20. sumnayin2 Elder

    I guess my point to make is. I play a game I played 20 years ago because I enjoyed the game it was 20 years ago. I like some of the QoL changes in the TLP servers but I dislike others. I do not think the game should conform to exactly what I want as it is not what everyone wants. There are hundreds of MMOs to choose from in 2019, if the bad outweighed the good I would just choose something else. I don't like boring movies, do I call up movie studios and tell them to add action to their movies? No, I just don't go see those movies.
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