Would you play a single-player/co-op version of EQ.

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  1. Risiko Augur

    Give me the ability to run my own EverQuest server on my hardware and network, and I will do it in a heart beat. And... I am not talking about an emulated server. I'm talking about a real EverQuest server utilizing the current game client and expansions.

    I would easily pay $1000 to buy a license to do that IF I was guaranteed the rights to run it for the rest of time (no pulling the license a few years down the road). If I buy it, I BUY it... I'm not ok with leasing a server license.

    Let me control the server rule set, experience rates, expansions, etc. Let me run it as MY server just like as if I was running a Valheim server.

    Then let me purchase expansions each year to add to MY server for $300.

    I would want it to use the DBG's Login server. That way, the player accounts, their subscriptions, etc is all handled by DBG.

    Make it so that the DBG marketplace in EQ on my server uses the real DBG marketplace. That way all micro transactions go through DBG. I do not want to be involved in anything related to money and liabilities. That's all DBG stuff. I just want to run a server and play the game with friends.

    Yes. Yes I would do it.
  2. Koveras Elder

    If we where to play a single-player/co-op version of EverQuest, that would be Champions of Norrath and its direct sequel Return to Arms.

    Its rather surprising that Champions of Norrath nor its sequel didn't even get a re-release as of yet. Despite this, those games deserve better adjustments to give players a better soloing/co-op experience should they ever do get a re-release.
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  3. KushallaFV Playing EverQuest

    There’s also the RTS Lords of EverQuest game.
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  4. Kyzvs Augur

    If I could still 2-box it, sure. It would be great to have tweaks to make the lore more important as well - early expansions that were expansions I think would be really interesting (as I'm re-discovering at the moment), the later ones that are more funnels into the same zones / gear / activities - prolly not so much.
  5. Iven the Lunatic

    MMOs like EQ don't have a bright future imo. There are so many factors that have changed since 1999, which can hinder players to enjoy and play MMOs. It is not the fault of the devs, it is just that the situation is so different and strange today.

    In 1999 many players bought their first computer, internet connection subscription, and MMO. It was a fascination new experience and an easy and happy time. People felt being free and save even that they never were. Now is the age of open surveilance and opression and many people have extended their awareness about that. One of the results is that many players do not chat openly anymore, and keeping communications to a sketchy minimum. EQ could benefit by encrypting all chat messages and ingame mails by the end to end method, to make them more private.

    A single player MMO does not make much sense at the first glimpse, but it could be a new way to approach the market. It could be a dynamic game that can integrate other players by LAN and optionally by an internet connection, and one that would also work for a single player. A single player game that could be extended into a multiplayer game.

    Six party member slots would be to much, I would limit such a game to four slots. KI controlled "mercs" would be placeholders for optional real players. The whole described concept would give the players so much more choices and flexibility.
  6. Tarvas Redwall of Coirnav, now Drinal

    I hope I am never reduced to a situation where my rebellion's success or failure rested on the encryption methods of the game I am playing.
  7. Vumad Cape Wearer

    Relaunching EQ as a single player game doesn't really work.

    Launching a game or server where the group is automated and the player can swap through which character they are controlling, so they game plays with the group dynamic that it was designed to play as, could be implemented and could be successful.

    Otherwise it is a completely different game with the lore from norrath.
  8. uberkingkong Augur

    Maybe if it was a sandbox version maybe, but it should remastered and everything.
    Like mods, populate commonlands with thieves mod. City get raided and you have to defend it mod.

    Just thinking about EQLandmark

    This could have been EQLandmark.

    They pulled the plug too soon, Fortnite, all these games Roblox eating up EQLandmark coulda woulda shoulda success.

    EQ data, "not fun"
    Fortnite everyone is having fun
    Roblox everyone is having fun
    Minecraft everyone is having fun

    Might be a good idea, single player co-op. Palworld does it, its really good.

    Why Roblox so good? 70 million active players good? Because its a EQLandmark, its like Starcraft "Use Map Settings", its a Quakeworld, teamfortress all those mods. Its Skyrim. Mods
    Mods mods mods mods. player creation. Thats what EQLandmark was gonna be.

    Last many years, player creations everywhere, fortnite building, rust, palworld, player creations. GTA player creations. Mods mods mods mods.

    EQ singleplayer co-op, bunch of mods it can work.

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  9. Cuzon Elder

    100% would play. Make it happen captain
  10. Iven the Lunatic

  11. Svann2 The Magnificent

  12. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Offline mode be nice when you wanna do hunter or farm something and not have to worry about other people.