Would a guild like this interest anyone?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Dontee, May 10, 2015.

  1. Dontee Elder

    Tach, who are/were you? This is Ibe, resurrecting Lore Seekers :)
  2. Roccodundee New Member

    Hiya, I too was in LSON and I agree, absolutely best EQ memories by far!
  3. Xackery New Member

    I didn't do LSON but I want to hit this up! Let me know!
  4. Dontee Elder

  5. Dontee Elder

    On further thought, the "primary level range" will be SUGGESTED and made known, but not enforced, anyone that sees the value in this idea will choose to stay with the group, everyone else will be welcome to hang in chat, help out, etc
  6. Druz Augur

    You asked for opinions, but this honestly sounds terrible. I would be much more likely to join a guild that does something so fun I want to stick with the group to participate, rather than have rules that force me to stick with the group to participate.

    I could see people interesting in joining this guild on alts, since they're slower to progress anyways. But as a main I would hate to be invited to a really nice group and have fun killing stuff all night, then be required to kill myself down in levels or lose the ability to group with guildmates.
  7. Nolrog Augur

    So you are going to enforce a level cap on a server with an enforced level cap (and a 6 month unlock cycle)? That doesn't make any sense to me.
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  8. Zinth Augur

    not really...

    I don't BOOT other people from group to make room for a guildie, but IF a spot opens up and a guildie fit that spot (healer/tank/dps/whatever) then the guildie could get that spot unless someone else already had a friend waiting to join.

    I don't die on purpose just to stay low level, the TLP caps it for you and it's not that hard to keep up

    I don't schedule on a forum when I play, I play when I can and feel like playing and that can't always (pretty much never)
    be planned.

    And the twinking? When is it twinking? Is it twinking if a level 1 collects enough coin to buy bone chips from a vendor, to resell to a player, then vendor dive some more, sell some more, buy bigger items which sell for more and finally equip that CoF that level 1 had worked HARD to earn? Is it twinking if I take my level 35 char and sell all my loot for plats and buy a good item? (you used the word TRADE for items was okay) trading for plat which is then traded for another item is still trade and not twinking in my world.
  9. fazool Augur

    I was an officer in a very similar guild "back in the day". At one point, I actually think we were the largest EQ guild: with alts we had over 1000 members.

    The culture came from Corwhyn/Caellon the founder and leader (and active on these forums). The guild was Lions Of The Heart from Xev/Xegony/DruzzilRo.

    I've seen this type of guild work very well for casuals. The only challenge we got into was when it came time to attempt progression. We would recruit and recruit and recruit and right when we are about to start (for example) Time flagging, a couple people would get impatient and jump to an uber guild, that would set us back, then cause a domino effect where more people would jump ship.

    This was a fantastic guild and that phenomenon was the only bad experience of it and the only thing that limited them. People got impatient, so it can work but for things like Time flagging you will need to rely on collaborations and open raids etc.

    I'd like to hear your throughts on NBG vs. open looting.

    I have intensely strong feelings that there should be no such thing as NBG. If a tradeable/sellable sword drops why should the warrior automatically get it? The wizard can sell it and buy a staff they really need (which could be a bigger upgrade for him). IMO, all loot is only worth its resale value regardless of who gets it. There are tons (and tons) of old EQ debates about this, but 99% of the people arguing it have never actually studied or understood macro-economics let alone virtual economics so it's frustrating to try and explain things to them.

    What are your guild's intentions toward loot distribution?
  10. Dontee Elder

    I remember stuff like that happening to us as well, its inevitable with a loose structure with some "restrictions", no matter how well intended they are....it wont fit for all. Those that is does fit, will deal with people moving on, and wish them the best.

    As far as loot, it not important to me particularly, but I know it will be to others. I am very much open to discussion and suggestions. I started a thread on our forums where you could contribute to the discussion if you are interested Fazool. Thanks.

  11. bobreaf New Member

    When you say items you trade for, does this include items you traded plat for? If I sell an item and use the money to buy another item is this in the rules? If so, I am in.

    I am all for the no twinking rules, but I don't know how long I could avoid selling semi-useful items to get better ones.
  12. Dontee Elder

    That would be 100% fine Bob
  13. bobreaf New Member

    Sounds good, will register tonight
  14. Dontee Elder