Worst Zone in EQ

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  1. Poppinfresh Elder

    Mine is Dagnor's Cauldron. Seriously, everything about it is eww. The goofy, zig-zaggy entrance from Butcherblock... the dull gray landscape that looks like a rock quarry... the stupidly rare Bilge Farfathom... not a fan. Aside from a zerker epic fight, it's an annoying pothole on the highway to Kedge and Unrest.
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  2. Windance Augur

    What makes the "worst zone" in eq ?

    1. Zones with water or ice or other things making it hard to move.
    2. Zones with lots of confusing over lapping levels.
    3. Zones that combine both.

    Some of worst zones listed I totally get.

    - Kedge - Nothing like trying to get 50+ people through the maze of twisty turning passages to the raid boss while praying your water breathing spell would last. I spent a LOT of time in the zone and at one point could navigate around fairly easily. I'd be totally lost if I went back now.

    - Caverns of Endless Song - Another water zone that was annoying, but no where near as bad as kedge. The mix of live/undead made it interesting to move around.

    - Plane of Water - While its a water zone the lay out is really not bad.

    - The Crystal Caverns - Confusing tunnels leading round and round found in three flavors: Original, Rain of Fear, Torment of Velious. Please no more.

    - GMM - The layout had multiple levels and that made it confusing to run around in. I eventually got half way decent moving around but I found the brightness of the zones unpleasant and really focused on running the one mission for rings.

    - Tower of Frozen Shadow - This has to be one of my least favorite zones. Like the crystal caverns they have reused the zone way too often. Forcing people to skate on ice in ToFS1 just sucks. We have some older folks with disabilities that we end up just leaving outside raid because they just don't have the coordination to do the raid.

    - Stratos - Lots of islands with mobs that do push back. If you are lagging the fall ends up being a DT.


    - Plane of War - I really liked this zone. Zone had some really nice items and took more than a group to do unless you know all the tricks and were really well geared. First zone you really had to strip buffs of the mobs or get WTF owned. Having a zone that split the line between 'raid' and group level difficulty was interesting and folks still go there for the circle of power, mana, life, etc.

    - The Burning Lands - While I hated stratos and the initial bottleneck with smoke missions, the expansion was fairly interesting. New mobs, new zones, new clickies.
  3. Diptera Augur

    And back when you had to loot your own corpse after rez, having to locate your corpse quickly and loot your fish scales so you could recast EB...
  4. Zamiam Augur

    you do realize , you didn't have to go far to loot your corpse once rezzed .. you literally pop up next to it .. if you couldn't find it, well...
  5. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    Im going to vote new bazaar too. I understand why they changed it, but there are a lot of rendering optimizations you can do, when you know in advance which player-models are static(the traders), they should have looked into that instead. Or just changed the trading-spots into trading-booths with visibility-blocking wood-panels/tents, but kept the old layout.

    Besides, Baz doesn't even look like a bazaar or trading hub at all, there are not even any interesting landmarks, it is completely lacking in atmosphere, compared to old baz...
  6. Diptera Augur

    Unfortunately, corpses sink in water, so you often were not next to your corpse, and if there were multiple corpses in a bobbing stack, whilst people will killing those fish that detonated when killed, it wasn't a simple, calm situation ;)
  7. Cinpus New Member

    I COULDN'T AGREE MORE! I'm on the back of an armored flying Wyvern moving almost as fast as you can go in game. So I get stuck on torch? WTH is it made of adamant? Is the wall made of something stronger? I should hit a torch, rip off a huge chunk of the wall, and never feel a blip.

    Everquest logicsish
  8. Elskidor Augur

    Probably Caverns of Endless song or revamped Freeport. I've also never understood the love of Guk or Velks. Loathed boxing in Tower of Rot too. Urgh.
  9. Ezra Journeyman

    I like new Freeport too. I wish they would revamp more of the old zones.
  10. Act of Valor The Newest Member

    Keep your hands off my perfectly fine zones please.
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  11. Diptera Augur

    Oh, and I just remembered the first revamp to Nektulos Forest that was so universally hated and ridiculed they had to rework it again...
  12. Midasa Lorekeeper

    Favorite part, you can actually disarm the ogres!
  13. Diptera Augur

    This - as somebody said at the time, "I quite like the city that is where Freeport used to be, but it isn't Freeport". The original cities (particularly Qeynos and Freeport) felt a lot more "real" that the revamped FP.

    I was playing the original Sim City recently ( https://playclassic.games/games/city-building-dos-games-online/play-simcity-online/play/ ) , and realised that the original EQ cities felt more like the cities I created there, where you might start with good intentions, but your city grows organically, and ends up with some "odd" choices because of how the game progressed, which makes them more realistic (i.e. like most Real World cities).
  14. Ismel Augur

    Nexus by far its a glorified crossroad, with a 15min wait for half the exits.
  15. Lilura Augur

    If I had my druthers inconsiderate a-holes like you would never be able to use a mount in the GL to begin with. It's laggy from players and unsuspended mercs and now you want to add to it with a totally unnecessary mount. Mounts are for when you are grinding, not sitting in a lag-prone safe zone.
  16. Iven Augur

    The Maiden's Eye is pretty annoying. Mobs have a big aggro range, get spawned by invisible traps, roam about everywhere in masses, see invis and can split into two mobs. Especially the tower is stupid with wall and floor agro. The Umbral Plain is just nearly as bad with its even larger aggro range.
  17. Annastasya Augur

    Honestly, without the water zones, the confusing zones, the vast empty oceans and some of the strange or quirky environmental choices, the world would feel less flushed out. Variety is a good thing. Everyone can find a little niche for themselves.

    Personally some of my favorite zones happen to be the water zones, the vertical dungeons and the mind bending mazes with a variety of terrains. Zones that look lived in and not just a forest or cave where monsters and beasts happen to roam about aimlessly. (i'm talking to you Heart of Fear A, B and C).

    i'd say i despise most non-raid zones where levitation is turned off.

    And for Coolest zone - Solteris, Throne of Ro.
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