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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Adumbral, May 21, 2015.

  1. Adumbral Journeyman

    Why would you think we would not need 2 Server !!!!!!!
  2. Slasher Augur

    You only need 1 if they knew what they were doing.
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  3. IamVero Journeyman

    It is indeed full.
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  4. Adumbral Journeyman

    this is BS it really is
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  5. Tenpin New Member

    It is not even listed on the server login list for me.
  6. DarinaRagefire New Member

    If it doesnt show in the list, then you do not have a pay account. Gotta pay/subscribe to play on ragefire.
  7. Gehlfein Elder

    This for me as well.


    I just renewed today. $15 and everything.
  8. Tenpin New Member

    Wrong. I resubbed yesterday.
  9. Tenpin New Member

    Showing up now, but get "unknown error" when trying to connect.
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  10. Ziggy Augur

    yeah crashed when zoning, now I cant get in
  11. Hendar2 Augur

    This isn't exactly the first time that a progression server has launched, but they sure make it look that way. OK, something constructive, listen closely. Ahem. Open a second server.

    (Bounced out of game twice so far)
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  12. Tornat Augur

    think it takes them days to open a second server.
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  13. DBCooper Elder

    WRU login queue
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  14. Galen New Member

    Only 1 of our group of 10 got in before world filled and all of us are spamming. No one is going to log off at the end of their play session if they are smart. A new server is needed.
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  15. Ziggy Augur

    of course isn't doesn't help with everyone and their mother multiboxing ... fills the server so that real players cant get in

    im in real danger of my group outlevelling me
  16. Hendar2 Augur

    All are subscribers. Deal with it.
  17. Kaysa New Member

    I don't get it. This has never happened before when I played new Progressive Servers. Thought they would be more professional towards the release.
  18. Ziggy Augur

    can we temporarily increase the capacity?
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  19. Kraxin New Member

    Is there a level above "All Access" that we need to subscribe to before we get to play?
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  20. Eqplayer1999 Elder

    people running around with 6 toons, and i cant get a single on
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