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  1. Aztaar Journeyman

    I'd like to know what other guilds are seeing from their wizards on parses. Not Kizant and anyone else from the top two guilds in eq. I mean normal wizards, Kizant's guild kills everything twice as fast as ours. I spoke to someone from another guild on our server and they said their wizards are never in the top 10. I hit 1.6 mill dps the other night on a 1.5 min burn and was like 6th on the parse. 2 of the 5 in front of me were healer classes. If this is the way our class is going, we need something else. I miss the days where wizards were first on fights like that. I don't care what anyone says, I shouldn't ever be getting beat by a healer class when it comes to dps. PS our synergy and alliances suck. The wizard class is dying, it's hard to get a bonus on dps when you are the only one there.
  2. Cragzop Augur

    There are other threads here and in Veterans that discuss the wizard class and things you can do better and wishes. You might check those out.

    Other parses are going to be (mostly) irrelevant without knowing group makeups, adps strategies and oh yeah, the actual event and your guild's event strategy. For an event, the dps number is a simple guide … but what you care about is total damage in an event (cause people start late...).

    I have no idea what event in the last two expansions has a 1.5 min length (maybe GMM 1?) so I'm guessing you were talking about a part of an event. Your damage parses will be much better if you stop worrying about the "burn" numbers and be aggressive from the start. I know a number of guilds have called burns, but you would be much better off starting with as much as possible and then rolling what repops (especially in ToV).

    Druids and shamans (I guess … our shaman are almost strictly healers) should parse well in burst situations given the recent dot changes. At this point, druids ARE a dps class (given the lack of attention to their heal side) and given the right strategy, they should be very competitive. That's okay. Give a druid that parses well in your group an attaboy (or girl) and thank them for keeping you alive. If they are parsing well and letting you die, then you should call them every name in the book.

    Three simple things to look at for parsing better as a modern wizard - (1) is claw always on cooldown, (2) are you meleeing and (3) do you have every possible proc aug (casting and melee) that you possibly can.

    P.S. Synergy is fine … our alliances/covenants are underpowered.
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  3. Aztaar Journeyman

    What does your normal group in raid consist of Crag? Btw, I have watched the videos and pretty much cast exactly the same as Kizant. I do not have the type 18/19 fire augs yet or rk3's...(We give out to tanks/priests before anyone else)... I am working on those atm but that is the only difference I see other than possible group make up.
  4. Cragzop Augur

    We are low on bards, so our caster groups don't get them. Just druid and enchanter and usually a mix of mages and wizards. We do generally have 4 wizards total in raids (our wizard attendance is very high … cause raiding is much more fun than group play as a wizard IMO).

    I generally call adps in my group (cause I'm a pushy bastard … and the others are generally passive). My philosophy is … if it's up, and going to get nearly full usage, it should be hit. With druids now having 100% wolf uptime for themselves, I at least make sure that Group GW, Enchanter Spire and Wizard Spire are going at the start. That way druids get their wolf rotation started and folks start the event a little more aggressive than if nothing is running. People cast better under adps … resources running tend to bring focus.

    Xegony on Sunday is a complete lag fest (as are many other servers I hear). So I generally try to keep my casting simple … confluence, brand, claw, flash/beam (depending upon targets). Vortex gets in there, but we don't have any real covenant structure atm so personally, I rarely cast … but other wizards here do. Second ethereal comes in play under ITC … but mostly, it's about being close enough to a mob to swing and casting as many real spells as possible for them procs.

    As a point of reference for proc importance, for entire T1-T2 ToV clear this week … my weapon proc (both melee and sympathetic casting combined) ran 5.8 percent of my total damage (and I'm still using the TBL muhbis 2h weapon). Just a weapon proc … not including the proc augs in it.
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  5. Renotaki Elder

    I do agree with you that wizard burns (anything four minutes and down) should be top tier, or at least competitive only with amazing zerkers. Just based on class descriptions, I feel that's appropriate. Due to how we are built, we actually do better on longer burns (something in the two and a half to four minute range) because Arcane Fury and Fury of the Gods are really good burns comparatively and keep going after many other classes (mainly melee) burns peter off.

    I find that really long events in GD are actually one of my better events. Our raid sustained damage is pretty solid if we have the proper support. I could be wrong, but I'm not sure the devs are really considering how much damage classes do over short periods of time and may be more concerned with how it all adds up in the end for full raid event parses.

    Wizard covenant actually has the highest damage fumigation among any classes. And monk/ zerker covenant is RNG based for fumigating. Technically the rogue one is too, but since it's off all poisons it does not really matter. Caster covenants have less DPS potential gain than melee because it has a cast time. I think that's probably the big issue. Melee can just roll their covenant into a melee spam key and get all the added damage as a bonus as long as there are enough of the others in their class to proc. Casters need to weigh how much DPS the covenant will give versus whatever other spell they are sacrificing in the moment to cast that covenant. So we don't really get comparative gains in ideal situations from the spell. Maybe it's a good thing in a sense. If it got too good, then we would need to rely on having multiple people of our class in raid just to hit potential DPS. Buffing covenant could backfire since many won't be able to actually use the gain fully.
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  6. Waitwhat Journeyman

    I really do think that in principle, the Wizard should be the highest parsing caster in almost all situations, except where a certain long winded raid mechanic makes the Necros shine. Personally would also like to see bigger wizard nukes in stead of constant mashing of the keyboard and depending on small nuke synergies like Vortex and Claws all the time. Big nukes people! BOOM!! It is what we were made for! I must be in the minority, but I'd absolutely love to cast 1 or two huge nukes on a mob before it dies. Time them right, manage aggro. :D
  7. Kylo Elder

    omg Wizard need to melee to increase their DPS now. That is pathetic, this is the reason why no one play wizard anymore. This is the reason why wizard are at the bottom of dps class choice. The reason wizard doesn't like group game is because they no longer good at dps in the group game anymore. mob have more hp while the wizard dps is lower.
  8. Waitwhat Journeyman

    I think Darkpaw Games should look at why people start certain classes. If I want to heal, I start a Cleric, shaman or maybe a druid. If I want to be the very top melee dps, I start a berserker. It's all they do. It's just the way we should pick classes. So for the best spell damage, I should pick Wizard, it's all they do.
    If I want decent dmg and more utility or a, pet or a specialized role to to crowd control, I can pick something else that has just that. Watering down the game to make every caster type in the same dps ballpark kills the fun for the pure caster Wizard!
  9. Kylo Elder

    I understand that you have to adapt but sometime you have to take a step back and look at your class and asking yourself "is this where I want my class to be going forward into the future?" a caster class need to melee to increase their dps?
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  10. Waitwhat Journeyman

    Agreed 100%
  11. Szilent Augur

    Being a good player is as optional now as it always has been, and will remain. Good players of damage classes do all they can to increase their damage, but you don't have to.
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  12. Visath New Member

    Wizards are a freaking joke right now. You better have all rk3 spells, all dps augs including raids, all type 18/19 dps augs possible and you better have the right group make up and they better not suck at giving you your adps. There is no way on earth druids/shamans/enchanters should be in the same ball park dps wise with a wizard. Heck druids are even beating wizards on short duration burns. Wizards pets suck, wizards can't heal, and now they can't dps worth a crap. People made wizards, zerkers, and rogs because they wanted to be top of the dps game. That is exactly what they should be. The wizard game is broken, no matter how much the top couple guilds say they aren't. One classes makeup shouldn't be based on the perfect situation that two wizards in the top raid guilds get every fight.
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  13. Kylo Elder

    yea being a good player you have to adapt to the point that it change what your class suppose to be completely . that is why noone play a wizard anymore they no longer a pure caster they become a hybrid. This is what happen when a class deteriorate they morph into something else for the worse and not better. Something need to change
  14. Kylo Elder

    Time are changing Group Game > Raid game> Solo game why? Because most if not a lot of player spend more time grouping than raiding really. This time and age no one spend 6 hours a day 5 day out of week raiding anymore. We need some perspective from the Wizard group game but we are not getting any because Wizard lost the Group game competition lol they no longer relevant in the group game.

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