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  1. SonOfABiscuit Augur

    Hey, Devs, for real... when are wizards going to get some love? Asking for a friend.
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  2. Vigilance New Member

    Ask the maintainer of Gamparse, playing a wizard and working to nerf the wizard for years.
  3. Derka Power Ranger

    As rare as they may be, aren't wizards still able to top parses? I heard from a friend.
  4. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    Only if their guild's necros, berserkers and monks suck. Maybe beastlords and rogues as well.

    I kid … slightly. Certain events (or sub events) wizards can definitely fight for the top spot. But look at your all night parses on a T1-T2 ToV clear (without any trash) ...

    Wizards are much more hurting in non-raid play these days. Virtually useless solo (yes, we can … but why would you?) and generally behind most other dps classes as far as adding utility, sustainability, and ae damage. Plus wizards probably take the brunt of the melee vs caster current imbalance more than any class (no pet aka zero tankability, longer casting times, little in debuffs).

    For someone starting, I'd never recommend the wizard to a new or returning player.

    That said, I'm a raiding main wizard and love the hell out of it.
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  5. Iven Augur

    Why should a wiz tank when they have snare and root ? The wizard is an easy class and little is needed to learn how to play them. Great solo class for outdoor and also many indoor zones that can level very fast. In groups they offer great burst damage and evac for tricky situations. An add ? BOOM! "What add (?), its called auto chain pulling." "Oh noes, the tank just got killed" but mob is at 40% HP.. BOOM!
  6. Maedhros High King

    WIzards need a bump.
  7. Szilent Augur

    found the TLPer accidentally in the Vet's Lounge!
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  8. Whulfgar Augur

    I have 3 wizards that are grp geared. I have also 3 berserker's that are grp geared. all are 115. all have maxxed aa now.

    The berserker's are so far ahead of them in terms of DPS its laughable. by the time the wizards take down 1 mob, the zerker's are on half way threw their 3rd mob.

    Wizards very clearly need a boost.
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  9. SonOfABiscuit Augur

    What was supposed to be one of the best dps classes is basically a joke nowadays. But, hey, if ya need a port to GD hmu! lol

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  10. Diani Augur

    We even suck at being a speed bump when mobs come rushing in.
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  11. kizant Augur

    Just for reference. This is all I can do in a dorf cave group without any ADPS.

    Combined (255): a Coldain enforcer in 5050s, 4.36B Damage @863.99K, 1. Kizant +Pets = 1.24B@308.46K in 4016s {7}
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  12. Cadira Augur

    My is boxed raid zerker can do like 380k dps sustained with maximum adps. So your about 75 to 80% of that without (bet you'd match him with an enchanter or out-do him)

    So it sounds, like usual, that people just need to getgud like Kizant.

    Wizards still need ae nuke reform and...something but most people just don't know what they're doing I suspect.
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  13. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    Before this gets too far out of hand …

    -Contextless parses mean nothing (no idea of group makeup … Kizant says no adps … I assume that means cleric healing … non-bard pulling … who else is there?)
    -He still only did 28 percent of the damage … which means he was basically 1/4 of the damage out of 4 folks
    -He had 1/5 of the 85 minutes as down time ... 17 minutes … (don't know if it helps or hurts the case … but that's what the numbers say)
    -His actual dps was 246k

    In similar situations with exactly the same gear, clickies, etc., if you gathered all the top end wizards … probably even money that Kizant would beat all the rest's best attempts. He's pretty much the pinnacle of wizarding in EQ atm.

    I love you Cadira … but your raid zerker is what … 80 percent of what our top zerker does in a low/non-adps setting? That's the numbers you should be comparing with Kizant. Not some raid alt.

    I'll be honest, I'm not sure why Kizant posted that parse. It's raid geared toons in a massive kill session. Regardless of adps, pretty much the best of all possible worlds for parsing … ton of mobs for aeing, little down time. I think anytime someone mentions that wizards need help, he likes to post a top end parse. Would be funny if the other classes had that happen to them while discussing changes...

    Wizards need help in the GROUP game. And still do after that parse.
  14. Cadira Augur

    I was referring to the good zerk of mine, not the one on Monday nights. This one has a nugget raid weap.

    I agree that wizards need some help. My point is most people who say wizards need a bump are mostly people who can't even do half of what Kizant et al are already doing. People who think a wizard should just cast ethereals and top a parse etc.
  15. Travestii Elder

    The disparity between wizard and other dps classes remains tangible, and worsens in expansions without a level increase, such as the next one. Why? Because each piece of new gear/aug/weapon/HeroicAA/younameit increases melee dps to some degree while the wizard gear gives a token increase in spell damage that pales in comparison. Wizard spells are still in need of a base damage buff and wizard gear needs far more spell damage per piece for it to be a comparable upgrade, as spell damage is the only stat (besides luck) that actually increases dps for pure casters.
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  16. kizant Augur

    There's 19 people showing up in my parse because it's the dwarf caves. The DPS for the time I spent attacking is what you should go by since most of the other 1000s had nothing to do with our group. We had warrior, paladin, rogue, beastlord, merc/cleric for part of it. Nothing you would normally consider caster ADPS or I'd have mentioned it.

    I posted because nobody has posted a parse and there's no point talking about this without parses.
  17. Mookus Augur

    Everyone can stand to get better. But Wizards need to squeeze more juice from a dusty rag than other classes need to squeeze from a watermelon.

    IMO, seeing how there is clearly no DPS advantage toward being a wizard. I think Wizards should tank as well as a monk or ranger can. Or a bst mag pet.
  18. Derka Power Ranger

    Great parse. Having the beast and cleric for mana had to have helped a little though, no?
  19. kizant Augur

    Not really. They were only there for about 15 minutes. The rogue, pal, and war were the only ones there the majority of the time. I cast gambit 33 times, harvest druzzil 17, horn 10, didn't use AA nukes much, and had crystal mana tonic.
  20. Maedhros High King

    As I have always stressed, when you want to talk about the balance of a class, you need to talk about someplace around the middle where the average is. You don't balance an entire class based off the what the very best of the best players can do. Likewise you don't balance off what the absolute worst do.
    Parses are 100% subjective and can be used as an aid, but there are far far too many variables to compare parses across different groups. The only thing that would be an even remotely accurate comparison is taking 1 tank with 1 cleric and putting a berserker outside of group with no adps, and a wizard outside of group with no adps and then sit there for 5 hours to get a semi accurate picture... that still does not take into consideration the player skill dynamic.
    There is not going to be any good smoking gun here.
    Its all just circumstantial data.
    If Kizant is the only wizard in a sea of berserkers, monks, necros, and rangers that are topping the parses consistently, then there is a problem.
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