Wizards: I see none, what's the scoop?

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  1. Szilent Augur

    you can't think of? that pretty strongly implies that you don't play a wizard? Micker, wizard play is interesting & fun , it's *fine* (-ish, could use one more 5-ish minute cooldown probably). None of the wizards don't like being wizards, wizards just want the numbers to support it.
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  2. Magneress Augur

    Here here!

    I also enjoy pulling with iceblock, atols, and abscond in molo content. Sometimes, abscond, and gate, then pick off the snared/rooted stragglers.

    I've gotten to 73 with autogrant AA, all access, and a J1 caster merc to help spread out dmg while pulling and root breaks, or finish kites, or just speed things along.

    I played a wiz and cleric pre 2007. Wiz was mostly luclin/velious gear. Cleric was my main.

    I really enjoyed cc, pulling, and burst dps in the group game.

    Imo the way mmos and it seems from the outside looking in is moderate dps on sustained multi part, fights, with more mechanics. I'm ok not topping the charts in a whole fight. But like in wow Lady Ashvanes fight were we had to really kill her in under2 min was great. Hold back, do the mechanics, then everyone burns that last phase. And winds up oom fast. That's what I want out of the wiz class. Even if overall in a 7 min fight I parsed middle of the road, if in that 2 min window I could parse higher. Thats what I would hope for.

    I'm enjoying my instanukes while leveling, they and impel make kiting the unsnareable or dangerous last expansion content do-able.

    The best thing would be making eye of Zomm able to transfer items from our inventory and hail and complete quests and give it our faction levels, plus flight, and some kinda stealth. Or base indifferent faction floor.

    We are the lore masters. My eye should be able to ask Mata Murram "what is discord?"

    Anyway. I'm sticking with it because good or not. Wizard is my favorite archetype, and the ports are convenient. I'm sure wizards will remain viable going forward, there's really not much more we can ask for other than flavor. I love seeing big numbers too. Be it crit or base damage. I also find wiz easier to play and be responsive on. Idk. Necros in the areas I'm used to are an insane amount of APM.

    One of the original draws of the wizard class was its simplicity and straightforwardness. Quad a few mobs, med. Great for playing and studying. I see we don't have the downtime we used to, and everyone has sustained gameplay tho. And I am also ok with that.

    I would love the ability to delete boss mobs from 2 or 3 expansions ago. Or delete a dangerous group level mob, at the expense of sustained dps. Imo. Thats and ports. And root/snare cc, kiting was why ppl grouped with my old wizard.

    Oh yeah, and while beam kiting may not be super efficient my flirtation with beam of solteris has been a lot of fun. Definitely I would welcome more of this :p thumbs-up
  3. MagicMysteryTour Journeyman

    Could someone walk me through a burn for wizard for 3 minutes on a single mob? The tools and what order of spells I should be casting. Struggling big time trying to piece it all together.
  4. Szilent Augur

    Click all of:
    Thaumaturgic Vortex
    Arcane Destruction
    Frenzied Devastation
    Improved Twincast
    Arcane Fury
    Fury of the Gods
    Spire of Arcanum

    Chain cast:
    Thaumaturgic Vortex
    Ethereal Confluence
    Ethereal Brand
    Restless Ice Comet

    With the last counter of ITC, cast Claw of Sontalak. If you don't get a Twincast proc, then cast Ethereal Brand, Twincast spell, and proceed -

    Chain cast:
    Thaumaturgic Vortex
    Claw of Sontalak
    Ethereal Confluence
    Ethereal Brand
    Restless Ice Comet

    Once your Twincast runs out, click Bifold Focus to twin a Claw to try for it again, and continue.

    You specified 3 minutes? AD+FD will last that duration, so no descent to sustainey stuff (Gambit, Flashbrand work their way in)
  5. Jhinx Whimsical Chinchilla

    It always seemed that the game revolved around a balance between versatility and raw power.

    The wizard has so few toys compared to other classes that it seems strange that the should not, at the very very very very least, be competitive in a burst DPS race, and more than likely they should be the masters of burst DPS.

    If that is not their role, then they should start getting a metric ton of toys right meow. Seems easier to just boost their dps though.
  6. Everdork99 Lorekeeper

    How bad is Wizard for a casual raider & Grouper?
    I don't ever raid in serious raid guilds. Mostly the guilds I tend to join are well back from anything that could be considered cutting edge.
    I really always wanted to play Wizard, I just like the class. That said who wants to play a class that even in casual guilds would struggle to maintain a good dps spot ?

    So how bad is Wizard? Is it mostly the hardcore raiders that are unhappy? I mean I get that small numbers can really matter when your at that level.
    Or is it at all play levels that the wizard is suffering?
  7. Mookus Augur

    How bad? Well let’s just say no one playing a wizard is either a new player, or cares that they stink relative to the rest.

    Look at all the boxer groups and realize the effort is triple for half the result to attempt casters in a box group. There are no wizards in any boxer group. The class balance pendulum is firmly planted up melee butts and will never awing back and obey the laws of gravity. Instead they gave melee a port clickie so they can beat wizards in porting tanking sustained dps and burst.
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  8. Tyreel Augur

    My main is Enchanter but, I used to casual raid with my wizard.
    My box group for the longest time was Enchanter Necro Wizard 3x mercs.(still grouped for missions)
    Due to nerfs to pets the Necro had to be replaced by a Tank. Previously even without a chanter charm pet i could make it work to take down 99% of group named and exp efficently.
    Now due to how high mobs hp have become i either had to add more boxes or reroll the wizard unfortunately i put the Tank on same account as the Necro. I tried adding more boxes but more than 3 is just painful with casters.

    Now my last stab is rolling up a shaman and zerker boxes to round out a 6 box but so far i just have not been in to it.
  9. Panikker Elder

    Just started a wiz. Never played one and wizards need a mana spell regen or something, Maybe not as goodas an enchanter or bard but something that makes them stay at least at 50% mana in group chain pulls. mages at least can contribute with pet dps while medding on top of lava shields, same as necros with pets and enchanters get nice mana regens. Wizards get the shaft while LFG if there is no bard or no enchanter. I will want the developers to either slash the mana required of spells lines by at least 25% or give us some regen spells or summoning some mana regen items since level 16 at least. LOL or give some critical rolls component to the spells. I know they say after 50 it gets better but the ride to 50 its what hurts specially on dead servers. LOL The mana regen items from store are bad and, don't stack with clarity. Still going to level up the wizard. The class is very interesting but, my mage can sustain better dps on the long run (better than a wizard). Hard not go mage at the beginning of a TLP LOL
  10. Izzard of Bertox 57,000 Achievement Points and counting.

    This made me LOL. :)
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  11. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    First mana spell at level 32.

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  12. Senu New Member

    I used to main a Wizard. I switched to Monk for many of the reasons in this thread. As Issue that really makes it less fun is that even on low blue, light blues we still get too much Resist mitigation - ever after I tash (I have the Plane of Shadow tash click) and lower element the mob - even on the ethereal line.
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  13. Maedhros High King

    ++ Had to reply just for the fantastic picture.
    I think looking at the broad picture of class balance in EQ, that no class needs more help right now than wizards, with chanters being a distant 2nd.
    I don't think there is any good argument against the expectation that a wizard should absolutely compete for the top spot on the parse on a burn event and I would take it a step further and say that no class should be able to touch them on a sub 3 minute raid boss.
    I don't know the class intricacies enough to talk about what needs fixed, but I know I would really love to see wizards and casters in general dominate an expansion again for a change. Its been since TDS since the caster archetype as a whole seemed to be the premier dps.
    It just seems too easy to expect that on a level increase expansion when casters get new spell upgrades, that the numbers are designed so that the damage is really F-ing high, while we only see a modest upgrade in dps for meleers with their new weapons. It would naturally stagnate over time, since no new spells would come out til the next level increase expansion, and the melee dps would slowly cut the lead on the casters, with the final expansion before a level increase you would expect the melee to be top dps.
    It should be so formulaic and simple.
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  14. Everdork99 Lorekeeper

    Still not a word. Looks like it's gonna be maybe next year.
  15. Tucoh Augur

    They boosted wizards last minute in beta. I haven't seen reliable DPS numbers, but wizards are appreciative of the change.
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  16. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    We are competitive now. Not for first place, or second, but third. Basically its now:

    1. Necros
    2. Mages
    3. Everyone else.

    So it is a definite improvement. It's most likely not where everyone would really like things to be, but still an improvement.
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  17. Cicelee Augur

    Lag on Beta is completely different than lag on Live. As in, there is barely any on Beta and... well, you know Live. So how well magicians do is dependent on lag.

    And I think necromancers may have to deal with bardmancers running eight dots on raids. Unless I read Beta all wrong and bards can only run four. In any event, if bards do run eight dots then necromancers will probably have some bounced spells that could affect them.

    Not saying necromancers and magicians are not at the top. Just saying factors out of their control might bring them closer to the pack on Live...
  18. Szilent Augur

    temporary beta snafu. bards use 4 dots, one on each resist
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  19. Leerah Augur

    What happened to Beimeth? Did he change his name?
  20. Beimeith Lord of the Game

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