Wizards: I see none, what's the scoop?

Discussion in 'Casters' started by Xerzist, Aug 19, 2020.

  1. Fabulous_Povar New Member

    I am very pleased with wizard and current content. Sure having more damage would be awesome, but having our own zone without summon mobs has been great.

    Wizard soloing is not only about dps, you are essentially tanking the mob with your CC methods.
    You can not successfully plan to do this with just your root aa. You need to plan your attack with a safe area to kite first, then de-buff tash click before you lower element. When root breaks; utilize your 8 second stun first (18s cooldown) on the 7th second of your stun success refresh your aa root. By the time root breaks again your stun is ready. If that fails you can use level 28 spell Thunder Strike after your stun to reposition the mob, twincast that one and lol or you could just netherstep, or gate to your bind point in camp, you can even get a blinding luminescence click that is pretty fun while root/stun kiting. There are many ways to "skin the cat" and I love playing with all of it.
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  2. Izzard of Bertox Elder

    I have played a Rogue forever. In regards to Wizards; If I'm not within backstabbing range behind the MOB or MOB isn't a Blue Con (or below) humanoid, I DONT want my DPS to be higher than a Wizard.

    I feel the only caster exception to higher DPS than a Wizard should be "Long Fights" the Necro will prevail. I understand there can be other exceptions, for example: MOB type or other MOB special abilities.

    I really want class-defining characteristics to get back into EQ.
    I think there should be circumstances where every DPS class has a chance to be FAR AND AWAY better DPS than all other classes and that those circumstances should be evenly distributed throughout Norath.
    I think I should get my butt kicked bad if I try to tank a MOB and warriors should not come within a mile of my DPS.

    My soap box is getting slippery from my tears so I better go assassinate some wyverns and make myself feel better.
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  3. Tucoh Augur

    Wizards should be uncontested for burst DPS. They should be constantly trying to balance mana and aggro concerns but be able to, when needed, open up and dominate the parse over short periods at great risk.

  4. Petalonyx Augur

    A lot of good points. Wizard dps just feels bad, in both burst and sustained dept. We got other classes who are bringing tankage, ADPS, pulling, healing, and more DPS all at the same time. Wizards only have one job, and they aren't doing it well enough, under typical circumstances.

    Would like to have more DPS balanced against high mana costs and high aggro generation. Both Burst and Sustained DPS need enormous improvement.

    Mana Burn is one area where this could be improved. The dmg is low and the costs are high. And, it doesn't stack with other wizards. Signature ability feels hardly worth clicking.

    To kill two birds with one stone, I'd also like to see a long (5+ seconds) cast time bomb introduced. The longer cast time bomb would reduce lag due to reduced # procs/casts that seem to be wrecking servers and the in-game experience for many.
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  5. Ezbro Elder

    I propose a few new wizard-like classes in EQ:
    1. Warriawiz, a tank class that only has basic tank abilities but tanks worse than a ranger.
    2. Rangewiz, a new bow only dps class that bows with worse dps than a normal warriors bowing.
    3. Roguawiz, a new piercer-only melee dps class , that dps worse than mage water pet.
    4. Cleriwiz, a new healing class that heals worse than a bst and cannot heal pets.
    5. Shamawiz, and new melee support class without slow or heal, but who can buff short duration buffs with worse stats than bard songs.

    Just a few class ideas for darkpaw on top of my head, that should be equally desirable as the failed wizard class.
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  6. NinjutsuMMO Augur

    Ever grouped with a wizard outside of AoE groups that require several wizards and enchanters ?

    when I "/tell general LFM any class, PST" and a wizard replies I'm like "Damn"

    They run OOM fast then from that point they med and maybe cast the odd nuke.
    Its more of a pity thing to take them and promote a healthy server and let everyone play and such but its not an ideal class for group content or even to be used to help others level which many people do for friends and new players.

    even if they had never ending mana they have to watch their aggro, seems unfair and that's why I've never played one.
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  7. Szilent Augur

    Dude you're not talking about the current state of the wizard class. You're talking about poor players of the wizard class 18+ years ago as modeled by some TLP.

    Wizards on Live servers do not have mana or agro troubles.
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  8. Ezbro Elder

    I just took a look at Spire of Arcanum for fun... It brings some ok effects, but. In these days when mobs have many millions of HP, and wizards maybe have 250-300 thousand mana, it gives us a very generous 90 points of maximum mana increase. LOL ! Also, before we reach 3 thousand Intelligence, it's good to know that Spire of Arcanum AA, at rank 27/27 gives us 9 int. ROFL!
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  9. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    I sometimes run out of mana on long raid-fights...:(
    Alliance-rotations and mana-drains will do that, and manaburn is quite costly...

    Agro is only an issue if Im in a group with a boxed-tank/merc-tank/pet-tank, with real tanks I have no agro-troubles
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  10. Marton Augur

    This was not my experience with current wizards.
  11. Ezbro Elder

    Server maintenance today, or network maintenance. I don't care which one but it better mean an upgrade to wizards dps has also been launched!!
    (just joking! kinda...)
  12. Myysterio New Member

    As a person who mains a wizard where there's only like 1-2 raidmain wizards even on the server at the time, everything they've done to wizards over the stretch i was gone seems like they tried to do something, failed miserably making something overpowered in one or two places, then backpeddal'd and wrecked everything back to what it was. On PVP server, wizards are the only class that can't damage their group members with their nukes for some stupid reason, resists are super high, and manaburn and alliances are functionally useless in all events cause there's no way to take advantage of them. A fully progressioned out 115 wiz with group crafted COV gear can be out damaged in a 3-5 min fight by a boxed/bot necro with Snowbound on. I'm being outdamaged by shamans, bards, and druids ffs.
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  13. Ezbro Elder

    I pray they are still talking about us in the devs offices, and that it will result in an overhaul sooner, rather than later.
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  14. Dre. Augur

    I seem to remember an era of Wizardry when Arcane Fusion was tuned such that it would randomly delete enemies on a proc/crit. Fun times indeed.
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  15. dank Journeyman

    During Rain of Fear, which is when Arcane Fusion was added, it was like that.

    It felt nice to be able to do such a noticeable amount of damage to a mob.
  16. Drazzor New Member

    I'm a returning player still leveling up so no max level experience so far.

    I tried hard to fall in love with the Wizard class. (I used to play mostly melee chars 12 years ago)
    Wizards are supposed to be glass canons. But, when I'm playing, the feeling of "power" is kinda lacking. That has nothing to do with DPS number crunching or anything. I just felt it wrong that it took me 10+ nukes and a third of my mana to kill a blue mob while my melee chars can kill them almost as quickly and chain the pulls 4ever.

    That said, that feeling is probably also true for other nukers (mages, druids,...).
    Kinda cool that they upped the critrate of the Wiz a bit, though. (eventually)
  17. Mookus Augur

    They nailed the ‘glass’ part. If that doesn’t make the class enjoyable I don’t know what does.

    They claimed we were master of transportation for a decade or so. But sold that out from under us.

    They claimed ae was our niche but somehow we’re bad at that now also.

    I only play one class. So the dev fail in this regard hits me petty hard. I love getting beat on every single raid parse by almost any class. It’s only getting worse lately. Then when their done eating my raid burn lunch, they can turn around and molo named. I can’t even kill cov trash anymore with this pos.

    / off
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  18. Lyyr Journeyman

    Direct damage spells across all classes have failed to scale with mob hp like weapon ratios have. Unfortunately this hits Wizards the hardest, hopefully there is a direct damage revamp on the way like there was for damage over time. The spell damage stat could also stand to be revisited so it's something players pay attention too.
  19. SonOfABiscuit Augur

    Wizards blow now. Not much else to say except it sucks.
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  20. Micker Augur

    I can't think of a more boring class to play, than wizard. They should be easily the highest dps, or what's the point?
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