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    I was just wondering wether anyone else thinks that a lot of the other classes are progressing and getting more powerful but the wizard class seems to be left behind somewhat?. I am a raid geared wizard and have been talking to several other wizards in the same situation as me and it seems like most other classes can out dps us? I played a wizard because we are supposed to be the masters of Direct damage spells but we can be out dpsed by rogues bst bezerkers etc? Our ports arent worth much any more as people can get around via pok stones and we cant even use AoE TLs in raid situations any more?
    Even soloing has become extremely difficult as mercs arent as much of a boon to us as other classes as we cant heal a tank and cant get hit enough to make a healer merc worthwhile?

    i was wondering if this is just me or wether other people were in the same situation?
  2. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    I'm probably the most negative of the raiding wizards that post often here (negative as in where our class is compared to the rest). That said, the gains in ToV (and there were gains) did not impress me that much in our first raid cycle. Well behind necros now, even on the shorter/single target raids. Even druids are competitive. Zerkers and monks (we didn't have a lot of rangers/rogues/beasts on this cycle) still beating us, and they don't have their new weapons yet (new gear isn't going to help us much at all in the dps department). I'll get a better read this week and the aas are filled out, but I do think we have overall lost group this expansion.

    The solo wizard is pretty much a joke at this point. We are still an okay add to a group, but if you are in Kael, Velks, or ToFS … you would much rather have a melee or a mana-independent class like necro.

    I will say virtually nothing got tuned class-wise in Beta as they were so late with spells and aas. So ToV rank may change. But since they don't seem to understand pure casters very well, I'm not holding my breath.
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  3. Szilent Augur

  4. Mookus Augur

    I think letting classes get unbalanced stems in large part to the fact that most people box multiple toons. And they aren’t vested in any one class the way some of us who main one toon are. They simply choose not to waste a box toon slot on wizards.
  5. Jimbob/Silvarfox Elder

    The current wizard state is currently a bit of a mess. Dps currently is fairly consistant with the trend over the past few years expansions. Our dps is consistant but there is alot of room for improvment. We are just missing something. There has beens lots of discussions on this and yet still we basically in same spot as last expansion but with more damage per spell but nothing to write home about. I have always hoped that maybe someday the spell refresh from the claw line would someday possibly work with aa burn abilities as well. 1% chance to refresh burns instantly would definetly make some fun parses. But at the same time i would also kill.for about 4k more ac to actually survive being hit. This expac i have been laying sideways alot. End game raid geared and being one rounded sucks.
  6. Ravanta Suffer Augur

    You wouldn't die so much if you would just do three things:

    #1 Cast shield of order like your life depends on it. (I pulled up one of the log files where we were grouping for the level grind, and I don't see any Jimbobx begins casting Shield of Order or Shield of Destiny in it at all)

    #2 Stop chasing after collection items when we are trying to level up.

    #3 Stop chasing after collection items when we are trying to level up.
  7. Piemastaj Augur

    Collections are life tbh.
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  8. Jimbob/Silvarfox Elder

    Yeah i am drawn to them shinny things. I see a yellow glow and i run. I see a white glow and its no holds barred. Shield of order is useless when mobs hit for crazy amounts. But i guess i do have room for it now that i dont have a new gambit spell to take my gambit spell slot
  9. Szilent Augur

    ... 200k extra hp is useless? TIL, lol
  10. Jimbob/Silvarfox Elder

    Yeah. Thats only 2 hits from behind. Maybe 3. I got 400k hp now does nothing. 600k does nothing. Hp is useless with no Ac to back it up
  11. Jimbob/Silvarfox Elder

    Maybe my gear just sucks
  12. Sheex Augur

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  13. Jimbob/Silvarfox Elder

    Good old sheex!
  14. Sheex Augur


    Did you join the #2 evil empire, crusading against the the Ever-Favored Class?
  15. Skvoid Elder

    I raid as a wizard and agree with these points we are well down the list DPS wise, necros are rather crazy now currently they seem to be 30-50% ahead of everyone else depending on the fight, mages, zerkers, monks and rogues are beating us and druids can be pretty good too. Also it is kind of annoying that a lot of these classes top dmg attacks are higher than us too. Wizards should in my opinion and from lore have the highest damage spells, and that is not the case and hasn't been for a while sadly.
    We are still able to do decent dps but in my experience we really can't top parses or short burns unless the other players don't know what they are doing or have no adps.
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  16. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Shield of Order is the reason I'm alive and the rest of my group is dead to AEs.....

    As Yoda would say "unless it is not!"
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  17. Vrinda Augur

    I raid on my necro with Freelance on Cazic, but until our so-called mid-tier guild lost so many people through discouragement and attrition that we can no longer win (even old) raids, I also raided with my wizard main. While I agree with much of what you said, I'd respectfully suggest you stop implying necros need to be nerfed just because wizards are in such a sorry state. Nerfs go in first in knee-jerk reaction to posts stating how far one caster class is ahead of everyone else, and they never get revisited after those zerkers and monks and rogues get their fancy new melee weapons from ToV raids that aren't in the game yet and are again blowing away everyone else. Suddenly we'll be right back to the way things have been since the massive wizard nerfs in TDS and the necro nerfs in CotF. Necros get nerfed, but wizards still fail to get the boost we need to keep pace.

    The increase in damage for our ethereals was way overdue, and I'm glad they finally did a small something for us. It wasn't enough, but at least it was something.

    Nearly every wizard I've met and played with over the years has quit the game. When they log back in to look around to see if wizards are in any better shape than they were since TDS, they log back out and don't return again. If those of you in uber guilds are having a hard time recruiting wizards - or any other class - for those ToV raid events that require specific classes to win, you need look no further than how far the game has gone in skewing in favor of melee dps classes. Quit suggesting necro nerfs and instead ask the devs to address the real problem of melee vs caster dps overall. Nobody plays classes that are only perceived by the player base as useful in one or two raid situations, but nowhere else.

    Wizard dps used to be about aggro management: Dead wizards do no dps. Now we're just wimpy mages who don't even have a pet to help out. At the very least, the devs need to go back and take a hard look at the mana cost on our Forces so we once again have a viable option for weaves and a small bit of dps when we're at very low mana. It also wouldn't hurt for them to look at that twelve second cast time on the new harvest. You know, the one that gives back less than ten percent of your mana pool in exchange for zeroing out your dps for twelve seconds. If they want anybody to use it, it needs to be a better option than Gambit.
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  18. Skvoid Elder

    I wasn't implying that necros get nerfed I just stated how far ahead they are on parses currently as an example of how far behind we are as Wizards. I don't know how they want to balance Wizards, if at all, but nerfing another class isn't generally a good way to go about it. Whether necro DPS is too much is a subject for another thread, and obviously I don't want another class nerfed, I would prefer to be brought up closer to their level, how that would affect raid balance I don't know.
    Frankly I don't have a lot of hope for them doing much for class balance, they have shown in previous expansions they are happy for some classes to be much stronger for long periods of time, sometimes for entire expansions, while others ones are very weak in comparison.
  19. ShadowMan Augur

    Raid combine parses are often 2 or 3 mobs dotted at once so its not always an apples to apples comparison like people make it out to be.
  20. Mookus Augur

    In 4 years, a wizard hasn’t broken 8th in a raid parse. Hundreds of parses.

    We have had a lot of wizards try.

    Devs should be embarrassed imo.

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