Wizard Targeted AoE and self damage?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Zakalis, Mar 29, 2019.

  1. Zakalis New Member

    Admittedly, I usually play a tank or hybrid. So please excuse my ignorance. But I've been leveling a wizard since my return to EQ.

    I was soloing in Blightfire last night and was testing out snare and targeted AoE. Because I am still learning to kite, the occasional MOB got through to me. I didn't think I was being hit that hard, but I was having to med/heal a lot, and practice bind wound. So I decided to review the combat chat to see what was hitting me so hard. And I found that, sure enough, my targeted AoE was hitting me too. Then I looked at the info for the spell I was using and it showed 2 damage numbers. The listed damage, then there was a second number in parenthesis. I tried a couple of other Targeted AoE spells with the same result.

    So what's the deal? Do targeted AoEs affect the caster too? And if so, how are they useful for kiting? Everything I've read about quad kiting makes it sound like you can snare 4 mobs, then run around nuking them. Seems like a proposition that would slow you down when solo if you have to find healing methods between pulls.
  2. raylone New Member

    your aoe snare can snare you, so the key to quad kiting is to get 4 mobs and run them around in a circle till they bunch up then snare them resists can make it tricky since 1+ can still chase you full speed you need to reslow but that rare, also make sure you have SoW !

    been a long time since i quad kited as a wizard when i did think i had to use 1 shot aoe spells since rain spell would rain in one spot not follow mobs and wasted it dmg, it's the rain dmg spell that hurting you it can't hurt other player but can really hurt you, you can see which type of spell it is in spell text or by color on spell text think orange is rain that hurts you forget others.

    what make quad kiting worth the time/xp is for mana spent killing 4 mobs at once you get decent xp, can do it one two time before you need med then rinse repeat. i did it during velious and little bit in PoP not sure how it is now days so my info can be outdated.
  3. Karanthal Augur

    I'm not sure what the issue is are you letting the mobs get close ? Targeted AEs will hit the caster if you target yourself or let's the target get close to you.

    1. Run round and snare 4 mobs.
    2. Bunch them up
    3. Run away to get some distance
    4. Target one and AE nuke them with targeted AE.

    PBAE isn't good for kiting, they don't hit the caster but mobs gave to be close. They do hit all mobs though not just 4. Rains will also hit 4, but tend to be less mana efficient and have a smaller radius so will miss if mobs are not close together.
  4. Zakalis New Member

    I wonder if it is a proximity thing. In the past I've played tank so this whole finger-wagging blowing stuff up thing is new to me. I was practicing so I snared just one mob and was trying to nuke it on its way in. I wonder if I was just letting it get too close?
  5. Karanthal Augur

    Yeah I would guess so, try to keep them well out of melee range. In the old days letting 4 mobs get in melee range was pretty much suicide. Not all areas are suitable for quad kiting. They did add in some "scatter code" at one time meaning mobs refused to bunch up for long and randomly path away from each other before following you again.

    I used to quad kite in Velious at lower levels. Iceclad wolves and derv, then cobalt scar fir wyvern and otters. PoFire tabkes was always a good spot too 60-70.
  6. Magneress Elder

    Grab a cleric merc and buff ur spell dmg mitigation if you want to pbAoE for drops? The loot will definitely cover periodot/regent costs post lvls 40 centent.

    Is it super wrong to bump a 2019 thread? I've been googlin the forums for wizard strats.
  7. Tatanka Augur

    Not at all, you're still a piker! I've seen near-10 year bumps on these forums :)
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  8. Magneress Elder

    Thanks! )