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Discussion in 'Casters' started by Jumbur, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. Jumbur Augur

    Im mainly posting this here to get some needed developer attention to an Issue with the wizard synergy rank 11 that we got in RoS. Most comments about wizard synergy is hidden in other threads, we might as well make it visible.

    But also to hear suggestions for reasonable fixes. Maybe the devs can use the input from this thread! :)

    This is the current state of our synergy-choices:

    EoK synergy: 25k dmg proc for whole group when we cast vortex(vortex recast: 24s)
    RoS synergy: 30k dmg proc for whole group when we cast ethereal braid(braid recast: 36s)

    Currently, EoK synergy is an obvious better choice if you are still using shocking vortex(its got a neat debuff, so sticking with vortex is not a bad choice).
    However I still think the new synergy was originally meant to be an actual upgrade, why else should we pay 200AAs for it? :confused:

    There are 3 ways this can be fixed, that I can see:
    1. Increase the damage on the synergy buff itself
    2. Reduce the cooldown on braid
    3. Make synergy proc from a different spell than braid, that has a shorter cooldown(maybe introduce a RoS vortex?)
    What does other wizards feel would be a reasonable fix?
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  2. IblisTheMage Augur

    I don’t want the upgrade, I prefer the Vortex-version. The current Vortex covers 110 spells, so likely that was the reason that it was not upgraded.

    I would like the AA to cover Vortex AND Ethereal Braid. If that is not on the table, then only vortex please.

    If that is not on the table either, then it would be really nice to be able to de-level an AA, to get rid of the rank, for the people who did not realize that it ruined their Vortex.

    In general, my expectation for a Focus AA is backwards compatibility.
  3. Mookus Elder

    I like the vortex spell and would prefer they swap out the dozen or so useless wizard ae spells for an upgraded ROS Shocking Vortex spell and then point the synergy back to that.
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  4. doomcasters Augur

    Would rather they fixed the thricewoven line... keep all the debuffs off the mob. Give the counters to the wizards only, so that hybrids didn't waste a counter on a crappy 5k nuke or whatever they are throwing now.

    Basically wizards have shocking vortex line and thrice woven line... both have a good concept but separated into two spells. Unite them, and then wizards will have something powerful enough to justify not having a pet as a caster.
  5. Critts Augur

    So does upgrading the AA replace the first rank or add to it I have yet to buy it?
  6. GoneFission Augur

  7. Jumbur Augur

    My understanding is, that if you buy the RoS synergy, then synergy will proc on braid and only braid. So "upgrading" to RoS synergy will downgrade you overall synergy DPS. :(
  8. kizant Augur

  9. kizant Augur

    I didn't want to decide until after some raids and see what my cast counts were. I think I'd prefer if they switched back to vortex since I cast it about the same amount. Of course, in groups and solo I'd cast vortex a lot more. And I still don't see it hurting DPS.

    Here's the T2 event that people have been posting recently for comparison. It's even a pretty similar time frame to some of the other parses. Note that claw is rank 3 but all my other RoS spells are rank 2. My app cuts out ranks to make it easier to read the total counts. Oh and I didn't use intensity but I did have good ADPS if anyone is interested. I'd be curious if anyone who avoids vortex entirely is doing a lot better.

    Combined: Venril Sathir in 1029s, Kazint + pets 362942k@352713sdps (355129dps in 1022s) [5.68%]

  10. Critts Augur

    What is your spell line up?
  11. kizant Augur

    My binds are fairly standard I think:
    1. Claw, Braid, Cloudburst, Skyfire
    2. Braid, Skyfire, Icefloe

    I also have one I use when twincasting and have Fury of the Gods up. It's to get extra proc damage. Plus if a mob is about to die and I just want a quick cast:
    3. Wildether, Braid, Cloudburst

    Then I cast Alliance, Dicho, and Vortex all separately. I'll try to line up vortex with Braid or a quick cloudburst. Plus I do tend to use vortex more on mobs that I know casters are on or Ill switch adds early and get in a few more hits for myself. So, I'm not saying don't try to be smart about using it.

    Another small thing I try to do is pair manaburn with a twincast/fury of the gods combo so I can get more out of a manaburn. But a lot of my DPS is just from using Alliance a lot. That 16 casts amounts to like 41k DPS all by itself and we have a bunch of wizards so a lot of my spells are benefiting from theirs.

    I was also oom by the end even with like 2 or 3 paragons and being really aggressive with gambit and clickies. Ideally, I'd have a few more AA nukes and a bunch more dicho if I had the mana. Oh and I did notice in a previous attempt that we didn't have sumac but we had breath being cast. That's why I switched to Icefloe rk2 over Skyblaze rk3 if anyone was wondering.
  12. Dzarn Developer

    After determining that it is unfeasible to have an upgrade to Vortex added to RoS I've gone ahead and changed rank 11 of Evoker's Synergy to trigger off of Shocking Vortex.
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  13. IblisTheMage Augur

    This is awesome. Thanks Dzarn!
  14. fransisco Augur

    hurray for wizards!
  15. Critts Augur

    Will it also trigger off the New Braid spell as well? Thanks for the response.
  16. fransisco Augur

    No class can trigger their synergy twice. All classes that had their synergy stay on the same spell line had it removed from the lvl 105 spell
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  17. Critts Augur

    So you use wild only when you have both TC, Gods, and MBup or for quick damage? The proc gains must be pretty significant to give up the chance at another twin proc. And btw I was only clocking Critts + pets 315782k@240138sdps (241978dps in 1305s) [4.58%]' On event 3 I cast a lot less shocking and frostboud then you did. Frostbound mostly because we rotate. My spell line up is slightly different then yours mostly order.
  18. kizant Augur

    I use Claw too it's just not in that bind. It's why I keep it first in my other bind, so it's easy to cast on its own when needed. I'll just switch back and forth. Yeah, the damage from procs is very good and fury of the gods is key to that.
  19. TheStugots Lorekeeper

    So...just to be clear here, rank 11 now does the exact same thing as rank 10? Am I missing the reason to buy rank 11?
  20. fransisco Augur

    At rank 11, damage increase goes from 25k to 30k
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