Wizard RoS nukes not an upgrade without spell-focus-AAs

Discussion in 'Casters' started by Jumbur, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    I have been playing a little around with the new RoS-nukes(I am currently level 109), and it seems to me that rk1 RoS nukes are downgrades from rk3 EoK-nukes unless you invest 100 AAs per spell for the RoS-spell-focus.

    I was kinda hoping we wizards could get a huge dps increase from week 1, just from spell-upgrades alone, but It looks like a major AA investment is required in order to make the new spells worthwhile.

    Are other classes in a similar situation? or is it just wizards?
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  2. kizant Augur

    Mage's Volley of Many spell might be one of the worst. It's missing 40% effectiveness without the new focus AA.

    You're basically right though. Especially if you're comparing new rank 1 spells to old rank 3. Even with familiar upgrades and new type 3s I think it about breaks even.
  3. Cicelee Augur

    Back in the day your caster focus items would start to degrade on expansion day, like 5-10% less effective as you level until you upgrade the piece. They have changed that now so your focus will carry over the current max level plus five more levels.

    Honestly it is not a big deal. If you are super concerned then just stop XP for a day, get your 100 AA and then boom- can use RS spells!

    I get what you are saying, but it is nothing a couple days of AA XP cannot cure...
  4. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    True, if I focus on my most frequently used spells only, then I should be able to fix it with 300-400 AA's. I haven't tried to AA-grind in RoS yet, but it probably won't take a long time. :)
    I didn't expect it to be that way though.
  5. Vlerg Augur

    i'd get the AA earlier...

    solo'ing in chardok at 105 gave me 3-4 AA per kill, solo'ing in gorowyn at 110 give me 1-1.5 AA per kill.
  6. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    Eeek! too late! :oops:

    Hopefully, it won't feel terribly slow...
  7. fransisco Augur

    At 110, is exp in EoK still better than RoS?

    It sucks that RoS is such crappy exp compared to EoK
  8. Tucoh Augur

    I know I got about 3x more xp per hour running people through EoK progression this week than doing RoS progression. I chalked that up to more XP from stomping blue spiders in Lceanium vs getting super-dotted by cactii, but that's hilarious that Chardok mobs are giving 4aa vs 1.5aa in Gorowyn.

    I don't really blame devs for it though, EoK XP was out of control. I bet Gribbles spent all his generational wealth to lobby devs to nerf XP so he could try to hang onto his XP monopoly a little longer.
  9. CrazyLarth Augur

    I still do the the Pok quests for AA's kill 5 mobs. but I am still LEVELing > AA's

    Truth is that usually its the gear focus is why I don't use the new spells but that is not an issue this time but their are ability's you are losing using the newer spells till the AA's are done for them. and their are some newer AA's that will improve your old spell set so I try to focus on them 1st using the old set before I work on the new Burn spells AA's set.
  10. kizant Augur

    The real issue is that while we got reasonable upgrades in RoS it looks like we've lost ground on encs and mages and haven't caught up any on necros.
  11. Vlerg Augur

    the rework is comming! they'll go down!

    That being said, with Talendor being fire immune, I don't have much hope for any caster during T3
  12. ShadowMan Augur

    Where is Fansy!!!! Just to be clear you guys should keep your current burst but also keep up with necro sustained?
  13. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    The chance for braid to proc an additional random ethereal seems pretty weird. Im not sure it is working as intended currently. Proc-chance seems to be affected by how many RoS-ethereals you currently have in your spell-set. :confused:

    Fixing that will help a bit.
  14. Vlerg Augur

    I tried be funny... my bad?

    on a bit more serious note, with the T1 and T2 raid being add killing simulators I'm not overly worried about necro performance (not having time to ramp up on adds and everything). I'm fine if they top DPS on the boss while we handle wave of adds.

    That being said, my concern is that if T3 is fire immune (talendor), then caster balance don't really matter as melee will be miles ahead.
  15. kizant Augur

    Don't bother with the trolls.
  16. Apoc Augur

    I would say you will run into the situation where Skyblaze will be better then the RoS Ice Nuke for the foreseeable future. So i would run Ethereal Skyblaze Ethereal Skyfire second until it becomes better Cloudburst claw fuse etc you will just have to parse it out seems like a weird situation. It is usually like that until you get the new raid bp and new fire raid focus anyhow.
  17. Sancus Augur

    The EoK Raid BP doesn't stack with Eyes of Life and Decay, so if you have that the focus is irrelevant. All EoK foci also decay after level 110 and are basically as powerful as RoS fire foci, so that doesn't matter either.