Wizard Mercs casting Katelanata and getting killed

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Bobokatt07, Nov 9, 2019.

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    Good day. Maybe I am doing something wrong. When I am not grouping etc, and I get a chance, I use my LOD in GMM. I am a 110 BST. I use my wiz merc instead of a healer merc.
    The wiz merc is set ALWAYS on BALANCED. Every so often he/she will cast KATELANATA which is a AE stun and short teleport. WHY in God's green earth would they cast that? I am not using the merc on BURN AE. This instantly brings whatever mobs are around it to agro and kill the merc. The area I am fighting I am ally with the mobs such as the clockworks and he always brings the lot of them on him and dies. Is this working as intended? The merc normally casts only Claw of Ellarr and Pure Wildflash but every few mobs he casts KATELANATA, which by the way is his LAST spell before he dies.
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