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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Mazame, Feb 12, 2021.

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  1. Fansy Augur

    How hasn't this been moved to class forums yet?
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  2. kizant Augur

    Wizards a vital part of the community. When our DPS is low everyone suffers. :(
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  3. Eridelis New Member

    Yeah maybe I didn't explain that aspect very well, while obviously my DPS is significantly higher than a merc (and no comparison during a burn) during sustained group non-named pulls the difference is not significant enough to be "noticed" compared to any melee DPS classes in the group - for example the Berserkers/Rogues - When your DPS is low compared to these classes begin with if you look at an actual group parse sustained compared to a merc over a session the % difference seems just so inconsequential
  4. breachtrueblade New Member

    complete nonsense by Mazame.
    zerkers go splat all the time.
    3 years ago I was top dps on tbl raids, now in cov I do less than warriors or paladins
    The most recent patch seems to have increased our critical rate and damage but severely reduced arcane fusion rates to almost zero!!
    I dont care if we go splat just give us arcane fusion back and MORE!!!
    Im logged in here on my ranger but play a wizard main on Xegony.
  5. Warpeace Augur

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  6. Cimbaeth Elder

    I'm a mostly COV raid geared wizard, with 49.8k achievs and every clikie, aug, etc that it is possible to get in the game.. and nearly every class except clerics can outdps me in raids. Heck, even group geared bards outdps me on group content if I'm not burning for all I'm worth. This is beyond ridiculous. We even have shaman raiders that regularly outdps all the wizards on raid events WHILE THEY ARE ALSO HEALING. Why are wizards even considered a dps class at this point? I know several wizards (former) who have switched to Zerkers, and I am busy leveling up a Zerker and I'm tempted to main switch. Wizards are now as they are completely Fing useless. I'm the highest dps wizard on our raids out of 5 wizards and I'm having a good night if I break into the number 10 slot on parse although sometimes none of the wizards even break the top 20. Please fix this? I don't know what else to say... I've been playing a wizard since EQ started and.. this is just sad.
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  7. Marton Augur

    If none of the wizards even break the top 20, then the problem is not with wizard class.
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  8. SonOfABiscuit Augur

    I feel your pain, Cimbaeth. Since I started keeping track of parses, I've just come to terms with the fact that us wizards will never be at the top. Or near the top for that matter. How far we've fallen since our class' description was originally conceived.
  9. Tatanka Augur

    Without knowing anything about Wizard DPS and where they're at, you do realize your statement makes no logical sense, right? In fact, it's the opposite of logical.

    If SOME wizards made top 20, then yes, the problem is not the class. If NONE do, then it MIGHT be the class.
  10. Cadira Augur

    Unless all of the wizards in that guild are hot garbage and have no frame of reference for what is really possible for their class (albeit not a whole lot even for the good wizards).

    I'm in three raiding guilds, and know several people who genuinely believe they are on the far right side of the spectrum who are, in fact, not even past the middle of the road (all classes, but still the same) and want to believe the trends in their little world are identical among all guilds.
  11. sojero One hit wonder

    Zlandicar in 120s, 4.96B Damage, 20. Cimbaeth = 113.43M@969.45K in 117s {M}

    That is the one he is talking about. He had druid and chanter in group, sadly we don't have enough bards.

    another better night:

    Zlandicar in 103s, 4.96B Damage @48.20M, 16. Cimbaeth = 127.21M@1.45M in 88s {MG}

    Here is what his sustained looks like on tantor:

    Combined (16): Tantor in 625s, 9.95B Damage @15.93M, 12. Cimbaeth +Pets = 324.99M@528.43K in 615s {M7}

    Same group makeup. He might be doing good. But if you can relate in time and are a wiz that is doing better, might send him some pointers :) we are all trying to get better.
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  12. Ultrazen Augur

    Mana as a resource has sucked in just about every game I've ever played. It's especially bad in EQ, because there are so many classes that have infinite DPS with no resource cost. Devs *never* make the damage mana users do = the downtime they suffer from having to manage mana.

    Playing a wiz in EQ has always been a suckers game. It's for people that see a big number once a minute, and don't realize the monk that's been AFK and auto attacking has done 4x your dps.

    Parse group damage output over an hour, see how far behind casters are on that curve, adjust individual nukes accordingly. Wiz especially, should be able to really blow things up, with the high likelihood they will get mushed into the ground for doing it if they do it at the wrong time.

    When this game first started, being a wiz meant something. When everyone was running around with rusty weapons, those nukes were amazing. It took you forever to med, you'd probably agro when you cast it, but by god that nuke actually moved the mobs hit points. THAT is what a wizard should be.
  13. Mongol311 A really bad wiz

    Maybe you just have terrible necros, mages, zerkers, monks, rogues, beastlords, and rangers.

    *edit: oh and druids, don't forget druids
  14. Kelset Elder

    Not apples to apples but my group geared wizards, max dps aa's, are doing 900 to 1mill dps against the group version of Zland with an enchanter in the group, usually 80-90secs. That is with Frostbound at least once for each and Chromatic Haze firing. They are also boxed so not optimally casting, but spells are set up on multi-binds using Kizant's tool. Again, not apples to apples, but I would assume raid geared and single boxed should be a good deal more. Haven't raided since early 2000's so could be completely wrong :)
  15. Szilent Augur

    Zlandicar burns are in the "silly tricks" category for me. Actual performance is impossible to evaluate when cat walking on your keyboard just enhances APM :rolleyes:

    We've been doing 6 minute Tantors instead of 10 minute Tantors the last several weeks, so that makes a difference in that there's higher uptime of wizard discs. But 6 minute Tantors instead of 10 minute Tantors also kinda categorically excludes the "everyone else is slacking" scenario of parse ranking advantage. As a rule, these wizards have "very good"+ ADPS

    Combined (16): Tantor in 344s, 10.43B Damage @30.32M, 7. Wizard1 = 297.47M@874.92K in 340s | 10. Wizard2 = 279.68M@837.38K in 334s | 16. Wizard3 = 255.33M@757.66K in 337s

    Combined (16): Tantor in 384s, 10.56B Damage @27.49M, 6. Wizard2 = 311.56M@855.94K in 364s | 7. Wizard3 = 306.55M@839.85K in 365s | 10. Wizard1 = 292.93M@768.85K in 381s | 11. Wizard4 = 290.03M@755.29K in 384s | 31. Wizard5 = 182.00M@490.56K in 371s

    Combined (15): Tantor in 393s, 10.46B Damage @26.62M, 4. Wiz1 = 368.04M@943.68K in 390s | 5. Wiz2 = 363.85M@950.00K in 383s | 13. Wiz4 = 273.21M@711.49K in 384s | 32. Wiz3 = 164.93M@434.04K in 380s

    I found a longer one from March, 11 minutes like yours:

    Combined (15): Tantor in 655s, 10.48B Damage @16.00M, 7. Wiz1 = 414.63M@636.92K in 651s | 8. Wiz4 = 375.87M@579.15K in 649s | 9. Wiz3 = 363.25M@558.85K in 650s

    530k dps isn't way out for wizard performance, 530k dps would have ranked #15 in that 11 minute raid format.

    Combined (15): Tantor in 574s, 10.63B Damage @18.53M, 10. Wiz1 = 298.62M@580.98K in 514s | 14. Wiz4 = 273.05M@529.18K in 516s | 17. Wiz3 = 252.38M@498.78K in 506s | 27. Wiz5 = 211.48M@414.66K in 510s

    Circling around to the thread topic, though, at no point and in no raid format is a wizard competing with / threatening to displace other dps classes played to their potential. These wizards are among the best players of their quite narrow class in EverQuest, running with ADPS between "very good" and "ideal", sometimes getting blown out by those ADPS classes: from the last event quoted Combined (15): Tantor in 574s, 10.63B Damage @18.53M, 6. Enchanter1 = 337.21M@594.73K in 567s
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  16. Donern New Member

    How does achievments and clickies have anything to do with this?
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  17. Mongol311 A really bad wiz

    I think the point being made, is that Cimbaeth feels they've done EVERYTHING possible to increase damage as a wizard, including hunting for obscure clickable's and progression AAs etc. For example, Bifold Focus of the Evil Eye (twincast click) etc.
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  18. Marton Augur

    We don't have terrible necros, mages etc - some players are better then others, sure - but our wizards still manage to parse decently.

    I'm not saying wizards don't need any help but some people make it look like wizards are not worth playing.
  19. Cimbaeth Elder

    Everything in EQ is incremental as you should know. Achievs like having max heroic AAs, all DON progression, max slayer etc increase dps.
  20. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    I genuinely miss that. Not that the class was perfect back then, but the fact that when the group was dps'ing a mob, we did "our part" in 1 or 2 nukes, instead of slowly spamming them to death as we do now...
    It felt unique somehow...:cool:
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