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  1. Mazame Augur

    I would agree you need to be able to move rather then lock in a bad spot. But they could make a spell 4x the damage and rather they upping the cast time they could up the "global cool down". This would still give the effect of less spells cast but up the amount of DPS and give you the freedom to move.

    Another option would be to have an Aura for wizard that multiply the damage of your spell based on how long you gone with out casting. It would be like your charging up a spell for a bigger bang. Each server tick could and a counter to the aura and when you cast a nuke it will add damage based on the counters and clearing the counters. that way if your chain nuking you do X damage but if you hold off chain nuking you can make things go BOOOOM. the wizard could then decide do I hold for max damage or fast cast to finish something off.
  2. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    It was meant to be, originally, and many years ago it had a limiter that was supposed to make it only work for Wizard spells. The problem was the limiter didn't work the way they thought: it was checked when you cast a spell, not when a spell lands, basically it only worked on "outgoing" spells, not "incoming" spells, and Vortex being a debuff it needs to check "incoming" spells. Because it didn't work, and to prevent confusion from people using spell parsers, the limiter was removed.

    When they added alliance spells a few years ago they made a new limiter that works on incoming spells so it is now possible to limit Vortex spells to only enhance Wizard nukes, but they have declined to do so, despite it being requested several times.
  3. Mongol311 Worst Wiz in EQ

    Perhaps the solution for vortex is to have split counters, 15 or so that recourse back to wizards, and 15 that are usable by other casters?
  4. kizant Augur

    So, I made another quick solo DPS video to get an estimate about where Wizards are with full CoV AAs and gear. I used the same spot in ToV and ended up out of mana at this point below for anyone interested. It's about 13% higher than what I had done in a previous video during ToV and hopefully having some videos will be useful in the future to compare with any new changes they make.


    It's also interesting to note that this amount of damage is enough to kill maybe 13 mobs in CoV which isn't very many for 30mins.
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  5. GoneFission Augur

    The necro revamp, promised years ago, took so long that on the caster page it became another term for ‘never’. Planning and executing the wizard boost will likely be next expansion at the earliest. It could also get rolled out for the 25th anniversary.

    Maybe in the meantime they could roll out a combo nuke like the combo dots necros and shaman get. For 130% of the mana, it casts a combo of the highest scribed rank of each ethereal nuke. The focus for each of them is in-game, and so is the combination technique. Call it Ether Strike. It could be implemented at whatever levels the ethereal nukes go back to, with a recast comparable to the current ethereals.

    The devs could set mana cost and aggro generation to make it an interesting cast, and it’s something that should be doable now to give wizards a big strike back.
  6. kizant Augur

    It could be time to turn Ethereal Confluence into something a bit more powerful but I wouldn't really compare the DoT revamp to what Wizards need. A much simpler approach should be fine.
  7. SonOfABiscuit Augur

    Bump. Can you devs, at the very least, please tell us if this issue is being looked into? A simple yes or no will suffice. Thank you.
  8. Jumbur Improved Familiar

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  9. shiftie Augur

    It would seem like wizards should be the easiest class out of all 16 to balance the mechanics on. The class is as straightforward as it gets. Hell even a % increase to base damage would be the easiest place to start, high end wizard suggestions non withstanding.
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  10. Evurkvest Augur

    I bet they "fix" wizards before finishing nec revamp and post tuning :)
  11. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    Pretty much this.

    As I see it there are 2 main problems:

    1) The massive disparity between Critical Hits and non-Critical Hits.
    2) Our peak burns, which are supposed to be our Raison d'être, fall far under that of other classes.

    Both of these can be specifically targeted with existing game mechanics (as in, no need for code work)

    1) Increase passive AA focus by a few hundred percent to raise minimum hit but without affecting burns much. Results in ~25% damage increase non-burn, and 15% when burning with adps. Reduces disparity between crits and non-crits by half.

    2) Increase burn AA power such as Arcane Fury (which went 6 years before an upgrade in ToV) to 75%. Results in about a 15% increase in burn on top of #1 so a total increase of about 30%.

    If 30% is too much (it's not imo) the numbers can be lowered easily enough.

    Fury of the Gods might need a good boost depending what they end up doing with procs, but there is no way to estimate the impact of that without knowing how procs get changed (if they do at all).
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  12. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    They should change the cooldown of Arcane Fury and Fury of the Gods to 15 mins, to make it easier to align with our other burn-AAs. Imho :)
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  13. Ezbro Elder

    Wizards need love!
  14. Coagagin Guild house cat


    This quandary has happened to many classes, early magicians were a joke at level 50 and simply unplayable for years. 'Ranger-gate' is an old term to reference how bad rangers once were, only to be followed up by the OP headshot debacle. Today rogues sit at the big table. There are many examples to be had here its just Wizards low playability today that garners the attention.

    Been here, seen the musical and waiting for the outcome. The least played class always gets the attention. Its like watching EQ history over and over. Just the way its always been.
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  15. Ezbro Elder

    Appreciate the history view Coagagin. Hope you're enjoying whichever class you do play now :) . Oh and edit: Back when we casual players struggles to get equipped in the kunark era with our classes (I played monk), we were mightily impressed with the epic pet of the magicians. It seemed to plow through anything.
  16. Coagagin Guild house cat

    DBG has never looked at any class until completely broken. Hence the history lesson. No sarcasm intended.
  17. SonOfABiscuit Augur

    Something should really be done about the mana burn cool down timer, too. Why can't it be on the same reuse timer as like HT??
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  18. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Why cant more than 1 wizzy use it at the same time like HT?
  19. SonOfABiscuit Augur

  20. kizant Augur

    Having to take turns with Mana Burn is the least of our problems. It's probably better to focus on something more important.
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