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    Thanks a lot! I felt exactly the same way about parsing and finally decided to do something about it. I was always TERRIBLE at keeping notes and being consistent. Dozens of times I'd get halfway through a set of parses and accidentally have the wrong buff on or item or something. This thing isn't perfect obviously but hopefully it'll give you a good hint whether something is even worth trying for real.
  3. kizant Augur

    Right now, every time Claw fires it's subtracting 6% of the lockout timers for every spell since refresh only happens 6% of the time. Look closely at the timeline if you have Dicho all by itself vs Dicho + Claw. You should see the 2nd Dicho move from 1 minute between casts to around 44 seconds. There's probably a better way to do it but that's what I came up with. Everything in the app is just kind of an average and some cases are pretty hard to work with.

    The tinyurl is fine with me! One day maybe I'll get a domain name.
  4. kizant Augur

    Yes. Forgot to answer this last time but I'll see what I can do for that. I'm also going to try and give access to the full spell information for procs too. Like maybe you click on the equipment dmg proc value in the popup window and itll take you to a different info sheet that lists the procs out. Then click on the proc you want to see and itll show you the full details.
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    Hey, I know this is a super minor detail, but for the "Add ADPS" and "Remove ADPS" is there any way to make the already selected ones a different color other than that grey? It might sound silly - but for old farts like me that are already half blind, there's not a whole lot of difference between the black and the grey. LoL I sat looking at that for like 2 minutes today, then decided to screw it and go take a nap. After that and a cup of coffee I was gtg :p
  7. kizant Augur

    How about I just hide them entirely? I forget how it ended up like this.
  8. kizant Augur

    Just uploaded a new version with the following changes:

    1. Added Season's Wrath to the ADPS options. For anyone not aware it won't stack with Shocking Vortex Effects or debuffs like Skins to Seedlings. Look at the before crit focus value to see if it's working. It should be adding 18.5% when its not being overwritten by Vortex.

    2. Added Tome of Obulous. The interesting thing about this item is that Fury of Kerafyrm doesn't seem to work with Obulous Strike. I thought it would because that spell looks pretty similar to Mana Reciprocation Strike which does benefit from it. The only thing that looks different to me is the skill being used. It's 52 like the other dps augs and not 5 like MR. I don't know..

    3. Reworked Claw's twincast proc. It's now taking into account the current twincast chance when increasing the twincast rate instead of adding a flat 10% like it was doing before. The effect increases as you cast more Claws but it hits a ceiling pretty quick since the increase only lasts for the 20 second twincast time. For example, if all you do is use Claw and Skyblaze the 3rd Skyblaze will see the increase from 3 Claws because it's all within the 20 seconds time frame. If you do Claw, Skyblaze, Rimeblast then by the time the 3rd Claw lands the effect of the 1st Claw will have expired. Hopefully that makes sense.

    4. Fixed a bug when calculating additional after crit damage. I broke it when adding procs the other day. For whatever dumb reason I wanted a belt with Boon of the Seeress and messed things up. Can't really imagine anyone caring to see how little it does. It's even worse than I imagined it to be.
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    It uses SPA 383 which means there is no "official" proc rate for it. SPA 383 uses a "normalization" formula which means spells with a longer base cast time have a higher chance of procing vs spells with a lower base cast time. This is similar to how spell damage is calculated, though the formula differs slightly.

    Here is a writeup about how procs work from a couple years ago:

    Note: Slight error correction in red.

    Not too long after this they changed how procs worked so that each proc is rolled/calculated/fired independently of the others. This was done to avoid situations where it was actually detrimental to have more procs then less since only one could fire at a time and with more procs the odds were weighted it would be a "sub-optimal" proc.

    That said, I don't believe they changed the formula for SPA 383, which means that for Arcane Fusion, with a Base1 value of 10, it would be: .06 * 10 / 10 * (3.75 - 1) * .167 = 0.027555 [2.7555]% chance to proc for Skyblaze, but for Claw it would be: .06 * 10 / 10 * (3 - 1) * .167 = 0.02004 [2.004]% chance to proc.

    Fusion also won't Twinproc, I'm not sure if that is calculated properly or not in the program, but it should be excluded from that. (Not applicable to this program, but it also has some type of restriction "Type 700" [meaning it only lands on certain mobs, which ones are unknown, but it is blocked in Plane of War for one] and a range of 200, meaning if you max range a target Fusion will be out of range, yet one more thing Elidroth up that has yet to be addressed/fixed).
  10. kizant Augur

    Ooh okay then I'll just change it to use the same formula as everything else. I guess I didn't see anything like that when I brought up the spell on eqresource. Looking on raidloot.com now I see that the AA info they have mentions it. Cool. Thanks for the info. I'll make sure it's flagged for no twinproc. Before it was just hard coded anyway so wouldn't have.
  11. Vizier Augur

    Do mages, we dont need the regular pet info, thats something that doesn't matter at all since we don;t recast it. For swarm pets just do a simple estimate, again doesn't really matter, we just want it in the line up.
  12. Tucoh Augur

    Great work, kizant, very impressive. The task of modeling DPS accurately in EQ is a very ambitious one.

    I've thought about creating a similar web app for tanking, where you load in a log file and it tracks your current health and mitigation values over time, and also your incoming damage / healing. The goal would be to provide a way to debrief myself after a death and analyze what buffs I held back on that may have led to my death, or what my healers could have done to avoid a death.

    I could imagine a similar feature in the EQ Wizard DPS Tool where a wizard uploads a log file of an encounter, and the tool tells them where they didn't hit their rotation right, or which ADPS they had a lot of outage in.
  13. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    It's not a flag for twin proc, Twinproc only works on "Level 255" spells, of which nearly all spell/AA procs are. Fusion is "Level 254." Whether this was intentional or a mistake is unknown. I assume the former. Either way it means it doesn't meet the requirements for Twinproc to work on it.
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  14. kizant Augur

    I'll try and I'll probably regret it.

    Ok thanks. That makes sense and will make things easier. Next round of cleanup I''ll replace some hacks with the right level checks and try and make things as generic as possible. Maybe considering a Mage version will be less crazy.

    Thanks! And that is a pretty cool idea. I wonder if a set if GINA triggers could do something similar. You know like have it yell at you if you''re not hitting buttons fast enough. :) It's been almost 6 minutes since last twincast why haven't you clicked it again!?
  15. kizant Augur

    Today's Updates:

    1. Added a spell count breakdown to the statistics section.

    2. Minor change to the ADPS buttons. Increased font and added strike through to show which options have already been chosen. Not sure what I want to do with this in the future. May want to allow adding more than one of each type so greying out may just go away entirely.

    3. Changed Arcane Fusion to use a calculated proc rate based on the spell being cast. The rate is a bit lower now than it used to be so damage has gone done a little.

    4. Updated the 6% spell refresh of Claw to take into account twincasting. So, if the twincast spell is being used then every time Claw comes up it removes 12% of each spell's standard recast time from the spell lockout list. Before it was just doing 6% all the time no matter what.

    5. Added Gift of Hazy Thoughts to the Abilities In Use section. I'm still working on cleaning up the code for handling stacking issues but I think it's working OK. Chroma gets used before Mage Synergy and Gift of Hazy Thoughts will be used last if all 3 are available. I don't have a Mage to test with so I'm assuming it'll win based on having a higher value. I also added some extra info to the spell details popup when the effects are being accounted for. It's counting the current spell plus any twincasts so it's not always going to be a whole number.

    Also, one note about Chromatic Haze/Gift is that it will give Dicho and AA nukes 100% crit rate even though they won't use charges. If you notice that and think it's a bug you're probably right but that's what I see in game.
  16. Sindaiann Augur

    It's 8%
  17. Reht The Dude abides...

    Yes, you can do this...easily and it works very well.
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  18. Sancus Augur

    Yeah you're right, my mistake. It was 5% when it came out, but I forgot it was changed to 8% later on (when they also nerfed/fixed it).
  19. kizant Augur

    What do you think the chance is that this formula has changed or there was a typo at some point? Because it really doesn't match what I parse. I've been going back and forth on how to handle proc rates because of the difference.. but now that I look at it more, the descriptions themselves are really close to what I'm seeing. One example:

    Cast on Spell Use: Force of Magic IX (Base 10% Chance) Variable chance to proc: Spell Cast Time 2s=2.5% 3s=3.34% 4s=5% 5s=6.68%

    If these listed percents really are for Base 10 and Force of Magic IX is Base 100 then it makes some sense that it would give us 3s=33.4% and 4s=50%. Which is much closer to what I see. For Skyblaze you get around 45.9%. It looks like these are just the numbers with the normalizer and casting time factored in. Just the 0.167 * (3.75 - 1) part of the equation but at a 10% base. And the reason I ask if there was maybe a type at some point is because even these values may be a little low. I'm going to do some more parsing to decide what to finally use but this actually might be the closest to what I'm see:

    1.06 * base1 / 100 * (cast time - 1) * normalizer

    I'm going to do a good 5k test case with AAs reset and minimal equipment. Rule everything out that I can. No twincasting no nothing. It's just that everything I've done on this the past few weeks points to around 45% to 50% with Ethereals and most my dps augs and not 27% like the formula would suggests. Unless I was just misunderstand it somehow.
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    I've played since 2000 and this is the first time I've ever felt a need to post... you rock Kizant. That is all.
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