Wizard class still "dead"?

Discussion in 'Casters' started by Waitwhat, Sep 28, 2022.

  1. Petalonyx Augur

    ×5 spell damage stat bonus?
    Spell crit or crit dmg bonus?
    AOE dmg pulse (different elements)?

    If it doesn't already exist as an SPA, is it off limits?
  2. mmats Augur

    Give wizards rk1-rk3 of a self buff (removable) that allows them to lower their efficiency while regaining the title of burst damage king. Something like -

    1: Increase Spell Damage by 100 % and Increase Spell Mana Cost by 200 %

  3. kizant Augur

    A bonus to the spell damage stat sounds interesting as it wouldn't help DoT classes very much. Also, for some reason, they want damage auras to be a necro thing. We got an upgrade to our AA but they really didn't want to increase it very much.

    I like this idea but I kinda think that's how they see Frenzied. Maybe it's time they upgraded that AA to do more.
  4. mmats Augur

    I was thinking something more permanent than frenzied that could be run full-time if desired. Giving wizards ultimate control over their own efficiency seems a fitting ability for the class.
  5. Szilent Augur

    63602 Chaos Whirl Rk. III 118 1615 0.75s 4s - Fire -50 Single 1: Decrease Current HP by 31722

    31722/1615 = 19.6 dmg/mana

    63658 The Diabo's Fire Rk. III 120 4946 3s 6s - Fire -10 Single 1: Decrease Current HP by 57060

    57060/4946 = 11.5 dmg/mana

    63643 Ethereal Ignition Rk. III 120 12719 3.75s 5.5s - Fire -50 Single 1: Decrease Current HP by 92123

    92123/12719 = 7.2 dmg/mana

    BOOM, an efficiency slider. The problem isn't f'ing efficiency or the lack of control over such.
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  6. mmats Augur

    This is about giving wizards tools to make them desirable over others in certain scenarios. An efficiency mod as described would keep in line with the burst dps reputation of wizards while not infringing on the marathon dps reputation of necros.

    Its beyond me how a veteran player cannot grasp the value of such an efficiency mod.
  7. Szilent Augur

    the value? if it's valuable, if it's not valuable - either way, it already exists.

    and in multiple forms! you want it be an activated ability? that's already Frenzied Devastation AND Arcane Destruction AAs
  8. mmats Augur

    Not stronk enough, not permanent enough
  9. breachtrueblade New Member

    my wizard is Nuelawen/xegony/CoN
    I previously posted on this several months ago, after the Feb. 2022 patch reduced our dps even .
    I toally agree with Highwizard and Kizant.
    Increase base spell damage, improve destructive adept, and increase the TC spell proc rate(it currently does not proc !0% of the casts)
    Otherwise we will continue as a non-entity
  10. Aaragonn New Member


    i posted somewhen in the past that our Wizard DPS is not high enough compared to other classes like Necros etc. I wish there would be a bit more class balancing and a serios boost of wizard nukes.

    We have no pets, can´t heal or charm mobsm all we can do is nuking.

    Sadly we do not do the damage we should do.

    I realy hope that the developers change that quickly, but i think they do not realy care, else they would have adjusted our damage some time ago.

  11. Waitwhat Elder

    My wiz is now 116, but my new heroiced necro is 113. Hope that wizard class can get the needed tuning though, I might switch back :)
  12. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    New SPAs can be added, but it is generally easier to suggest existing SPAs be used if possible.
  13. Petalonyx Augur

    Well, then, a few other ideas for auras would be:
    > triggered 10% mob hp dmg, (maybe 10% - think D2 Static Field, but applies a debuff preventing repeat application), or
    >a self-only effect/aura that produces Cold AoE when teleport/leap used.
    >aura that builds additional dmg on next DD, as long as standing still (concentrating)
  14. Dre. Augur

    Still looking for that meganuke/random crit that will just outright delete stuff.
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  15. timotaofx New Member

    I just came back to EQ from a very long break.

    I started on one of the newest servers (Yelinak). I have made about 5 classes and rn the most fun I am having is my Wizard. She is strong and for the most part puts mobs down at my lvl (lvl 6) without even getting hit most the time.

    Im not that naïve to believe this is going to last as far as soloing, but it is very fun... Should I go with a mage I created? Seriously, and I know I should go with what I like or is fun for me, but if I cant get a group and the soloing goodness will stop soon, is it really worth the time? Should I pause my wiz until there is a change?
  16. Waitwhat Elder

    Go with what you like the most, and change whenever you want. Mage will be easier for you, and better for soloing because of the pet. Most of the problems we are discussing here are higher level, when you want your class to matter more in groups and raids, in comparison to other (dps) classes. Mage is good in end game too :)
  17. Sonavaa_Bertox Elder

    I begin by admitting, I have not played since achieving 115 and intro of TOV (played, some). I multi-window a Dru/Shm/Wiz(main) with Mercs. Having read a number of threads about Wiz dmg, I propose something, completely unresearched and uncalculated simply because I am a group Wiz who does not do spreadsheets or adept-level raiding/spellcasting. For my part, I was just someone who enjoyed playing in the world primarily as a Wizard.

    A suggestion for WIZ Auras - feel free to tear it to the bones or find ways to make it work.

    ** New level at 5 levels
    Starting at L100 the accomplished Wizard can maintain a permanent Aura of Perception.
    * Grants all Wizards within the range (50):
    a) RK I-VI: Additional -25/50/75/100/150 to all resist modifiers F/C/M/Pris on detrimental WIZ spells and proc damage (Arcane Fusion, Pyromancy, Sympathetics).
    b) RK VI: As above + If two or more Wizards are in the 50ft range, the modifier is adjusted by an additional -10/20/30/40/50 for each additional Wizard in range. (IE RKVI: 3 wizards within the 50ft aura with the aura active results in -150(base) + -100(Number of Wizards-1) resist adj for detrimental Wizard spells.

    ** New Level at 5 levels
    Starting at L100 the accomplished Wizard can maintain a permanent Aura of Annihilation
    * Grants all Wizards within the range (50):
    a) RK I-III: Base damage modification of +10/20/30% on detrimental WIZ spells
    b) RK IV-VI: If two or more Auras of Annihilation are in effect in the 50ft range, the base damage of those in range with RK IV+ are increased by 5/10/15%
    WIZ A RKIII active in range of WIZB RKVI active, results:
    WIZ A +30

    WIZ B +45
  18. ryokoryu Journeyman

    The biggest problem with wizards at the moment is not lack of capability to bring the damage, the biggest issue with wizards right now is the lack ot player control on bringing that damage. In a raid setting the crit factor becomes not as much a factor as you should end up in burn at guaranteed crit chance. The issue is a seriously huge amount of wizard DPS is tied to low chance procs to both bring the real pain and keep sustained damage going. A mage hits their buttons and will tend to hit around their damage capacity if played well, a wizard can hit their buttons, give perfect performance on the players part and end up feeling like Zeus enraged or a wet noodle slapping an Abrams tank with RNG based on their procs through AAs. If you proc refresh and you proc Arcane Fusion resonably well you will do well. The problem is these are fixed proc chances that you can reasonably go 20 minutes without procing. This is to say nothing of the mancy procs which also need to proc at the right times which is also effected by zone lag. Add to this the incredibly high amount of triggers this sends to the server and multiple wizards can literally be the cause of the very lag they are being screwed over by.

    If instead of adding dozens of procs to wizards each of these things added to the damage of the spells themselves over an average that either got multiplied on crit or didn't wizards would feel better to play. When I was maining wizard I just couldn't help but watch myself annihilate 1 out of every every 40 or so mobs (keep in mind group setting) doing absolutely nothing differently so as to demonstrate that all the hours I spent talking with raid wizards on my server and all the time spent practicing my spell rotation on the guild hall dummies with audio triggers set up to help me develop the reactions to use this proc or that proc with the correct follow-up. Int he group game the current content would drop on about the third spell and the oarse would come up I did 4% of it's health or it would drop on the second and I did 47% of it's health which was during ToV and switching to a bard and with optimal setup in ToL though the fights were slightly longer the wizards in guild have about the same level of performance. either they don't matter for around 40 mobs or they absolutely wreck face for the one mob. On raids when you break down the DPS of the wizards if they prof right in the right order they are in the middle of the parse, or they can not have the procs go off correctly and drop to near the bottom

    The biggest issue in short is wizards can play perfectly and suck balls for very long stretches in and out of raids but do much better in raids if only for the longer fights. Ironically wizards want a longer fight so they have the chances for their procs to go off and get value from their kit, but said longer fights also move them lower than they should be in relation to others if they had gotten the procs in the short fight in the first place. Their mana stability is also tied to RNG and I have gone hours without getting a refresh proc when I had more than a minute left on gambit only to fail gambit because I got 2 resists or couldn't even use gambit because things were dying too fast thus assuring gambit would fail.

    Now on to the subject of solo play. Soloing could be the greatest place to illustrate the shortcomings of the RNG nature of wizards. I will be discussing 2 paths here. Farming and solo xp grinding (sone while waiting for groups to form in guild, forget PUGS because those just don't happen these days usually) While soloing the first RNG issue you're going to have is root. I am not saying that havint root potentially break is a bad thing, what I am saying is that it is particularly bad for the current nature of the class. How many times I have the root break just as I proc something that I then completely lose out on because the mobs even while snared move a lot faster these days giving you less distance to work with than is comfortable. This means you have to run more before stopping to cast the root and run longer once the root lands to get to a place you should be able to reliably have the time to react when a root does break. This leads to completely losing out on gift of mana procs as well due to the proc being used on th e root attempt. This can be problematic on both xp grind solo mobs or farming solo mobs. This also makes gambit problematic because almost guaranteed a root break will cause you to need to abandon your nuking to try to move and re-root which wastes gambit and can lead to death and dismemberment by angry four-armed women and neanderthal stereotypes. Many of our procs we have 12-18 seconds to take advantage of and doing so will take between 8-16 seconds to comply with leaving a 2-4 second margin of error but alas these are solo-specific issues and do nothing to highlight the other problem that grouping brings up in that last example. Fights will generally be about 30 seconds long and you can take the first 5 seconds off of that because your first spell is going to be Helix to proc synergy and boost damage on the mob and your next spell is multi-aether fishing for that RNG proc of more than one aether (which will still cost you extra mana per Aether proc) and here is where the variation will come in. If you are going for maximum DPS you will hit anothe rAether spell here killing another 3 seconds or you can go for claw here which will give you a chance at better DPS. Let's assume for your opening you're going witht he sure shot for damage and that makes 8 seconds out of 30 gone. That means you have 1-2 nukes to get yourself rolling in current EQ in a grp to not have your damage go low ball and you need to get crits on the right nukes. This makes one of the simplest classes which only has damage to bring tot he table one of the most complicated and as I write this I realize I have a 4 page essay I could write on this subject.
    TLDR: Wizard can bring the pain but due to overcomplexity and random factors built into said pain wizard is inconsistent
  19. Everdork99 Lorekeeper

    If this was true Wizards would be smoking other classes on a small minority of the fights and raids. When random chance was on their side Wizards would be pulling in BIG NUMBERS and nailing first place. I just have not seen anything to support that.

    If it's all just because random chance needs to hit for them to be awesome, well then sometimes they would be awesome! Instead, I see nothing but disappointment.

    Now I could be just flat out wrong and there are a few lucky wizards out there topping the lists and swaggering around with the big staff out. I just have not seen any evidence of that.

    It's been a long time since I have heard a single word officially about the ongoing Wizard spell revamp issue though, right? Somehow, I just don't expect it's high on their list of things to get done.
  20. Dre. Augur

    I'd be happy with the scenario of Wizards being generally-competitive DPS and occassionally blowing everyone out of the water.