Wizard Class Revamp Suggestions

Discussion in 'Casters' started by Bleve, Jul 9, 2021.

  1. Jhinx Whimsical Chinchilla

    I had never played Wizard before, but thought it might be a fun alt to goof around with on FV. Fully admitting I came in with my unfounded preconceptions of what the experience would be like, I was shocked at how the play was different from what I expected.

    My thought was that a Wizard would cast little, med much, but when they do cast, it should look a bit like this...


    My worry, I imagined, would be mainly on when exactly to drop this mighty spell (that probably slurped my mana bar down by a noticeable amount), for this spell was bound to draw all the agro to me like harm touching while also telling the mob mean stories about its genitalia. BOOM would be the only word as 47% of its health (likely it's left arm and a bit of it's ear) would atomize.

    Glory would be ours my friends with a firing battery as I, the Wizard, have graced you with my presence.

    What I got instead was a class that was out DPS'd by the SK in the group on some fights, was casting constantly and had bugger all for versatility compared to the classes around me.


    Please give Wizzies some love. They've been more than patient.

    ...if there's any of them left after all this time
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  2. Mongol311 Worst Wiz in EQ

    See the problem is, there really aren't any left :-(
  3. tanj New Member

    And I wonder if that wasn't the plan all along. Ignore wizards, they'll quit or switch to a real dps class, and then nothing needs to be done to "help" them. (I know, I know. Conspiracy theory.)

    But truthfully, I expect nothing to be done to increase wizard dps standings with this new expac (if ever). And all classes will remain in the same dps order.
  4. Ezbro Elder

    Pessimistic bro, hope you are wrong then :)
  5. Randomized Augur

    Wasn't it a council of wizards that pooled their magic together and transported everything to the moon? If that's the case, it would be a perfect time for them to revamp the wizards with the reintroduction of Luclin :)
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  6. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    *looks at Al`Kabor*
  7. Mongol311 Worst Wiz in EQ

    Wishful thinking, it’s been almost what, 10 months since DBG threw wizards into the dumpster ?
  8. Szilent Augur

    no? what specific thing are you thinking of 10 months ago? wizards been in a shaky position for 6 years running, the nerfs began 2 years before that
  9. Mongol311 Worst Wiz in EQ

    Oh I was referring to the proc nerf to 'fix lag', yes i agree it's been a struggle for looong before that. We're on the same page. The proc nerf really represented 'throwing the whole class into the dumpster and lighting it on fire', classic straw meets camel back...
  10. Keella Journeyman

    I think we should remove "useless" pets from melee like Berserkers, Monks & Rogues and finally give Wizards a beefier short-term pet system.

    By giving Wizards a spell to "animate objects" - this could be considered an extension of the Sword of Xuzl type spells but rather than creating an animated sword these spells would instead animate inanimate objects found within the zone and let the Wizard control them as if they were pets.

    Of course that necessitates objects that wizards may animate being placed in zones but that also allows a greater range of zone-specific objects avoiding any need for pets that are moving across zonelines.

    Think Fantasia with Mickey Mouse & the Brooms, Bedknobs & Broomsticks' animated suits of Armor, animated books like those in Arx Mentis.

    Enchanters can continue to dominate the wills of sentient beings, Mages to Conjure servants from the elements & Necromancers to Enslave the undead, but leave the "animated object" dept to the Wizards, long overdue they had a decent pet system imho.
  11. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    No, it was the Erudite civil war that flung the kitties up to the moon.
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