Wizard Class Revamp Suggestions

Discussion in 'Casters' started by Bleve, Jul 9, 2021.

  1. Astteroth New Member

    Please, for the love of god give wizards some attention.

    Give us one AA that makes all cast spells twincast permanently.
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  2. Szilent Augur

    That would be not-good. That would flatten out one of wizard's two most powerful burn abilities. Twincast & Frenzied are wizards' biggest burn effects; twincasting permanently would just mean -1 burn ability, forever.
  3. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I'm hoping we see a lot of love in beta.
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  4. Waitwhat Elder

    MORE BASE DMG ON ALL SPELLS! For starters!
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  5. Tucoh Augur

    In 2021 wizard DPS is the most egregious balance issue by far and it's gone on for years. Terror of Luclin is the perfect time to balance this and it wouldn't even be that hard. The ideas in this thread are great at fixing specific issues but all that's truly needed is an increase in base damage in the ToL spell lines that outstrips the level increase inflation other classes receive.



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  6. Zunar Augur

    They'd need to do away with silent casting or there just is no risk involved :) Only hybrid dps and monks currently suffer risks /yawn
  7. kizant Augur

    I'd agree if Wizards were currently a DPS class.
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  8. Elemental Augur

    Toss a ranger with your wizard group and watch the dps skyrocket, no joke. Great videos btw Kizant
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  9. Szilent Augur

    5 guaranteed twins, and +40% crit size are ... functional, but not laser eye beams.

    AA Destructive Fury is +340%
    AA Improved Familiar is +35%

    Spire of Arcanum is +160%
    Frenzied Devastation is +90%
    Glyph of Destruction +60%

    Group Spirit of the Great Wolf +110%
    Illusions of Grandeur +170%
    Fierce Eye +30%
    Defiler's Synergy +30%

    adding Apex of the Pathfinders to that stack isn't going from 200 (just plain critting is +100) to 240. It's going from 1125 to 1165, a ~3.5% gain.

    5 twins, presuming the wizard knows they're coming and so holds their own couple minutes' worth of guaranteed-twins abilities, extend the burn duration by 2-3 ticks which will pretty surely be beyond the duration of half the above multipliers. Again, a functional gain, but that "skyrocket" description is suuuper sus, as the kids say.
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  10. Fintank Augur

    Don't forget about Outrider's Synergy and additional Auspice depending on event length. Not a giant push up vs other classes obviously but can be enough to edge out people diddling around. Play to win win folks!
  11. Elemental Augur

    I play 2 magicians, an enchanter, 2 clerics, a bard and a paladin as well as being the raid leader for my guild creating every group make up. Adding a ranger adds a massive massive dps boost and I have the parses to prove it. I don't really know about you wizards, but for my mage the parses show that my nukes are hitting twice as hard as a mage with an enc without a ranger. Group make up, mage mage enc druid cleric ranger. Proof is in the pudding, you all can theorycraft all day long but I just accidently threw a ranger in my caster group( we got about 5 or 6 active raiding rangers) and it was insane how much it increased their dps.
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  12. Sancus Augur

    No ability that Rangers have can double Magician nuke damage (either max hit or over the course of an event). Cheetah (as Szilent mentioned) can extend the duration of Twincast with five extra charges, but there's nothing special about those Twincasted nukes relative to those from spell Twincast/ITC. Auspice is a good sustained DPS boost, but does not require being grouped in a raid context.

    EQ is the product of functions/rules; everything has an explanation. I'd definitely be interested in parses (not the DPS, but the details) to identify what did happen, if you're interested in sharing them.
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  13. Szilent Augur

    when you say increased, what numbers are we talking? You mention & reference Teh Parses quite a lot for someone not throwing out numbers. Or providing details. The other mage, in another group without a ranger -- if that's not one of your bot mages, did you check that they're using their own burns, and that their enchanter is using IoG appropriately, as well as their respective druids with Great Wolf? if your bot enchanter is much better than the one they're grouped with, or if your bot magicians are much better than that magician, the ranger's presence is just a red herring.

    like, it's Monday so I raided yesterday - the top damage in our Amalgum Arbiter event this week were in fact two magicians. Here's the full event, they were not grouped with a ranger:

    Combined (42): Starseed Golem in 1432s, 31.47B Damage @21.97M, 1. Magician +Pets = 1.55B@1.09M in 1414s {G7} | 2. Magician +Pets = 1.31B@925.91K in 1415s

    Their 145 & 147 respective casts of Shockwave averaged 1877745 & 1742822 damage. 'dat glyph, yo.
    128 & 125 Spears averaged 1178241 & 1152595
    153 & 238 Chaotics 799317 & 744668

    The Apex boost divided by uptime might have raised each of those average damages by a couple percent. The one participating ranger used his Scarlet twice, so that would have given them 10 free twins (if the effect didn't overlap with when they were already twincasting, which is sus cause burns from the drop are SOP. but whatever.), but that wouldn't have altered the average damage per hit.

    So when you added that ranger to your bot group, what increase did your parser show? Like, the particulars.
  14. Elemental Augur

    You guys farm the same content week after week, just put a ranger in your group and find out its not that complicated.
  15. Elemental Augur

    You want to sit here and troll me but the reality is who benefits from this information? Not myself, I already have it. The only people who benefit are the ones who are reading. Maybe you should take a moment to think about it.
  16. Szilent Augur

    it's not trolling to ask you to back up your assertions that don't mesh with the reality experienced by the rest of us
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  17. Ezbro Elder

    No bard in group? :(
  18. kizant Augur

    Going by his math if you add a bard to the group it should increase caster DPS by at least 22 times.
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  19. Ozon Augur

    I believe Elemental would be the same person, who claimed to beat everyone but Necros and Zerkers on Zland raid, as a Pally, while also Main Tanking, and at 40% kiting the Dracoliches. This was in the Tanks forum, under "let's be real pallys".
    So no asking for numbers and setups is completely reasonable.
  20. Ezbro Elder

    Please, more base dmg on all spells in the wizard damage tab in the developer's excel sheet that they use for new expansion calculations !
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