Wizard burn and sustain ballpark figures?

Discussion in 'Casters' started by Skvoid, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. Skvoid Elder

    I was wondering what kind of burst and sustain you should be able to achieve in a raid setting with enchanter and druid in group and what kind of rotations you guys are using.

    The best burn I have done is 440k DPs over 90 seconds and my best sustain over 15 minutes was 170k DPS, burn can vary from 330k to 440k depending on luck and other issues like IoG getting overwritten by accident etc, sustain is normally in the 120-150k range for fights over 10 minutes. Mid tier raid guild so ADPS isn't perfect ie Auspice isn't timed well if it all and often don't have a bard in group but generally have a enchanter and a druid.

    In the guild I am in these numbers will put me in top 3 4 and my top numbers put me in first place, but I see hints that wizards should be able to burn a lot more than that and sustain more than that, ie burning 600k for 90seconds and sustaining over 200k for 15 minutes.
    Any uber wizards able to comment on what kind of numbers are possible and if I am in the ballpark or should I be the waterboy on the sidelines :)
  2. kizant Augur

    Doubt you'll get many responses to this type of question since there's sooo many variables and these discussions tend to devolve pretty quickly. But I'll give you one example while I'm reviewing my own logs. Plus, to be fair, there's been a lot of posts about nerfing classes recently and lots of bad data and flat out lies by some folks. Some have been underplaying wizards DPS a bit in my opinion. We're definitely no zerkers or even shamans now but we're doing OK. So, this is what I really actually do myself as a wizard.

    I did 240k dps on Prince the other day in 15.5 minutes. Looks like I received 5 auspice, 3 black wolf, 2 iogs, 2 ch and 10 twincasts for some idea of the ADPS/luck factor. Looking at the cast times I count one 20 second interval and one 40 second where I wasn't casting anything. That happens once in a while on that raid while waiting for adds to show up. Discount that time and I'd be around 263k. Could I have done much more? Well I only cast dicho 8 times so that could have been better.... but nothing else really sticks out to me. Also, FYI I don't do any AEing on that raid and I didn't use intensity but I did use 2 glyphs.

    There isn't anything special that I do that I'm aware of. I tend to cast whatever spell makes sense at any given time and not have one fancy multibind that does everything. I have a few different ones. I've got one for big nukes, one for a normal rotation with claw, one for fast casting nukes to get in an extra hit before something dies. I don't currently have dicho in a multibind and just click it whenever I have gom and if FD/AD aren't up. I have AA nukes on another bind. I may use vortex more than most people but I'm not sure. My one mainish bind is currently Fuse, Vortex, Cloudburst, Claw, Skyblaze. I realize I may be doing claw a little less than I should but it's been working out ok so far but it's one of the things I tweak regularly so who knows. Next week I may think of another bright idea and change everything for the 1000th time. I also don't use Alliance much on Prince since it's not really needed. I save that for T3 raids OR in the rare case where I have gom and both Fuse and Dicho are down and it's a boss of some kind. I do keep it mem'd!

    As far as the 600k dps thing. I'm not sure how practical it is to see 600k+ for 90 seconds or more. I can see 50 to 60 seconds but 90 is kinda pushing it. Not that it's unpossible. Give me 3 encs and we'll see about doing that. But if people are doing that regularly I'd like to know how a well.

    Oh and I guess I could also mention that our group is Druid, Enc, and 4 Wizards and no synergy with Mages going on. I can't really think of anything else to add to give some context. I'd say in a long raid without AEing doing 260k+ dps is fairly high for me. I have plenty of 190k or 210k parses on the same raid. We have to be doing something like High Bokon with the short fight and plenty of AEs if I want to finish 380k+. Aren't too many raids like that. Now have fun reading all that.
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  3. Skvoid Elder

    Thanks for that Kizant, My rotation isn't far off yours, claw, Vortex, Fuse, and then the two ethereals, maybe I'll drop cold ethereal for cloudburst and Dicho on GoM procs, I wasn't aware that casting Dicho on cooldown would be any significant increase in DPS, but I can try casting that as soon as it pops. That rotation seems to put me at about 120-140k without any burn stuff up and a chanter and druid in group, I guess you need some form of crit increase up for the majority of the event to push into 200K sustained, in our guild Auspice comes randomly and we often only have one ranger so I guess that's maybe where I am losing out on sustained?
  4. Brohg Augur

    Sustained dps can also vary quite a lot by the … basically by the attitude of the enchanter you're grouped with. If they think their major contribution is done after IoG every 10 min, and refresh aura halfway, then your sustained will suffer a ton without the max provision of Gracious Gifts of Mana, proc Hazes, and Synergies. "A chanter in group" is possibly very different than "I'm getting Beguiler's Synergy seven times a minute, always"
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  5. kizant Augur

    Very good point. Our Enc is usually doing good dps and it looks like I also received 13 goht and potentially had over 30 synergy procs.
  6. Skvoid Elder

    Yes it makes a pretty big difference, had a chanter in group tonight didn't cast IoG at all one event. So my DPs suffered, good enchanter does make a big diff to our DPS.

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