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Discussion in 'Casters' started by kizant, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. kizant Augur

    Beta Update
    1. Added focus and synergy changes
  2. Micaiah New Member

    From what I can tell, the shawl aug isn't on the app. Not that it's a big damage adder, but it got me thinking, does it fall under the same category as Sorcerer's Vengeance (SV)? I can't find SV in any of the spell databases and am not sure of which SPA it's under, but in the spreadsheet I am using I can match the DPS Web App if I place it under SPA 286. Can anyone confirm or deny if SV is calculated this way? Even if the shawl aug was in the DPS Web App would it be additive to the effect of SV (at least, after determining the proc rate of the shawl aug)?
  3. Sancus Augur

    Sorcerer's Vengeance uses SPA 286. Passive AAs won't show up in spell parsers, but you can find data on them here.

    As far as stacking with Shawl, yes it does stack. As a general guideline, gear, AAs, and spells stack with each other.
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  4. kizant Augur

    I can add it when I get some extra time but you're right that it adds very little. If artisan's prize didn't make me get my trade skills I probably still wouldn't have one.
  5. kizant Augur

    Oh yeah, I totally forgot about something. It's not obvious at all since I use it for testing and making sure I don't accidentally break things. But if you click the Display Spells and Abilities Rules under the Test section and search for Sorcerer's Vengeance you'll see I'm printing SPA numbers.

    It might be confusing but the column on the left are the rules that get generated by the application. The column on the right are rules I've previously saved off to a file. So, whenever I make changes I compare the generated to the previously saved set and it tells me if there's any differences. If anyone is wondering what it's for. But it's also a quick reference too kinda.
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  6. kizant Augur


    1. Changed Threads of Potential belt to match the current 3000 value. When doing a normal claw, braid, cloudburst, skyfire with something small like blackwolf it should at least be a tiny bit better than the proc belt. More than that and not really but at least it's something.

    2. Added Imperator's Precision to ADPS drop down since it's now usable on raid mobs and has a high enough value to be interesting even if it got a big nerf in group content.
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  7. kizant Augur


    Looks like some of the Wizard activated stuff is going in today. I haven't been able to test yet but I updated the beta version with all the easy stuff. FD, Familiar, Mana Burm, AA nukes, *mancy, and fury of the gods. Everything had at least a small increase.
  8. kizant Augur

    Some more Beta updates:

    1. Added Fierce Eye IV. It's got a new 13% damage focus that is worth trying out.

    2. Changed the labeling for some of these new SPAs. So, in the spell windows the order should be the old stuff first like before crit, before dot crit, after crit. Then one just called 'SPA 461' Focus to make that clearer. It was post calc before but now there's like a post post calc lol. Instead I'm grouping things like SPA 462 and 484 as 'After SPA 461 Add'. Most people won't care about this but I was just trying to keep some things grouped together instead of listing everything out in detail. The 483 weirdness should also be reflected in the values you'll see now. Or at least the one thing I actually know about.

    I might add Quick Time next assuming Mage AAs aren't out tomorrow. Or at least go through and double check some of my cast times. I may have just grabbed what the UI was showing in a few cases while being lazy. I'll switch to doing 1/2 of whats actually in the spell data and that combined with quicktime might make something noticeable. Prob not.
  9. Bigstomp Augur

    Are you able to estimate how useful this is? (ideally across all classes, but I'll deal with just casters)
    I'm asking as a warrior who does not have caster alts.
  10. kizant Augur

    Well it is a lot weaker than the old version. Plus it won't stack with enchanter lingering cry. On average you'll only get an extra 9.5% of the effect. Looking at a normal wizard burn I don't think you'll see more than like 0.5% dps increase for those 60 seconds. A little more if a few mana burns are thrown in.

    Outside a burn maybe it would add up to 1 or 1.5% but if we're looking at sustained damage and adding in reuse time you're back down to very little. I imagine you could rotate them and try to keep it up all the time.
  11. Brohg Augur

    a lot weaker because 483 instead of 296? The %modifier hasn't changed much, from 10-30 down to 10-25
  12. Sancus Augur

    Yes. Not critting makes things suck.
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  13. Brohg Augur

    It's uncommon in raids, but I'm selfishly interested in seeing the effect of Imperator's Charge available as ADPS. As spell haste it notably lacks the "min 3sec" restriction of normal haste buffs.

    51056 Imperator's Charge IV
    WAR/254 0 0s 0s 60s n/a Caster Group
    1: Increase Spell Haste by 40%
    2: Limit Min Mana Cost: 10
    3: Increase Current Mana v2 by 500 per tick
    5: Increase Melee Proc Rate by 5%
    6: Increase Melee Haste by 40%

    edit:Looks like it would only hasten Dichotomic & Wildmagics, I guess that's not interesting even contrasted with powered-down Precision.

    Bard's Quick Time has that new "-spell cast time" (terminology to be separate from "spell haste"?) feature, too, though?
  14. kizant Augur

    Yeah, I don't really get into non-DPS stuff much but it looks like Imperator's Charge is using SPA 127 which is also what Piety uses. So, that's probably not going to do anything.

    Quck Time is the interesting one. I'll try to do that in the next day or so.
  15. kizant Augur


    Today some easy Mage AAs went in but I added the ones from the spell dat not just what's available in game. Maybe it's a bug but you can't actually buy the latest Elemental Union. Which btw looks like it's now your best ability! So, Elemental Union, Heart of Flames, Heart of Vapor, and Force of Elements were updated.
  16. Micaiah New Member

    Thanks for your replies on Sorcerer's Vengeance above.

    I dug a bit more into the DPS app and a spreadsheet I'm working and found a post from earlier this year discussing the proc rate on Arcane Fusion. Did anyone ever come to a conclusion on the rate? Should the rate simply be multiplied by the damage for an average DPS addition? Strangely the note showing the 15% crit rate cap isn't on Lucy or Raidloot but I thought it was there previously.
  17. Riou EQResource

    Rank 1 and 2 of Arcane Fusion show:
    EQResource - Crit Chance Cap: 15%
    Raidloot - Max Crit Chance: 15%
    Zam/Lucy - does not list
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  18. kizant Augur

    The conclusion I came to is that arcane fusion works like any other proc except for the 15% crit cap. You just have to take into account the base percent. For example if the description says 3s=3.34% at a base of 10% and base1 is 100 then it's a 33.4% chance. That's from doing 100 / 10 * 3.34. For Arcane Fusion with base1 of 10 it's just 10 / 10 * 3.34 or 3.34% for 3 second case time spells.
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  19. kizant Augur


    1. Added Quick Time. It'll have to be cleaned up later but I think it's working right. From what I could tell they subtract the 250ms before applying the benefits from cast time reducing spells, etc. So, that's what this one is doing. Plus I cleaned up all the cast times so even without Quick Time there is a small difference. The spell info window shows exactly what's being used to 3 decimal places.

    2. Fixed some labels that were wrong and included Enchanter and Druid changes. IOG, Chomatic Haze, and Season's Wrath got really small increases.

    3. Added some Robes for testing. I just wanted an easier way to try 7% focus using different SPAs.
  20. kizant Augur

    Updates for Beta version:

    1. Added Fatesong of Dekloaz

    2. Updated Dragonmagic Focus. It does 10k damage now.

    3. Removed the Test robes and left in a couple using SPA 302 but kept the focus percent as 5 and 7 for now.

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