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Discussion in 'Casters' started by Azlynx, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Azlynx Elder

    Is there anything you wizards are doing with success against our melee counterparts? Right now personally I'm getting slaughtered by zerkers on burns. Now this isn't a call for a nerf but I'm looking for any suggestions to upping my burns to be more competitive. I'd like to think I have a pretty good grasp as a caster but any suggestions would be appreciated and I'd give them a try.
  2. Critts Augur

    Nope. Our alliance spell does a ton of damage sadly not apart from other wizards and it doesnt make our parses look any better. In fact it makes them look much worse. You can run 3 or more enchanters in a group with you and almost match a Zerker in a good group.
  3. Azlynx Elder

    We really don't have many wizards 2 usually 3 if we are lucky so we don't roll out alliance much. I use it more with wiz merc boxing more than raids unfortunately lol
  4. Critts Augur

  5. Glooping Elder

    Since EOK doesn't have a "great" burn target, sometimes we go back to TBM for fun. As a wizard myself, I agree that it sucks to not see us anywhere close to zerker burns. But a good wizzy can still parse 500k DPS on a burn. Not sure how many classes can do so also minus zerkers. The biggest issue is we suck for sustained DPS..
  6. dwish Augur

    Wizards definitely don't suck when it comes to sustained, I routinely see our best wizard In the top 5 on our parses (after zerkers of course). I really think at the moment zerkers are an outlier. There is berserkers at the top with nobody even close and then there is everyone else where wizards are very competitive from what I have seen.
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  7. Azzurri Journeyman

    A moment of silence please for the death of wizard dps compared to our melee counterparts
  8. Glooping Elder

    I think I was miss took. When I said suck for sustained. Of course we still can hit top 5 . Its definitely not routinely easy to hit that anymore with the melee upgrades with eok now. Now I don't claim to be the absolute best wizard around, but I'm definitely not bad at what I do. Beasts rangers and even mages have beaten me on occasion for sustained DPS. That wasn't easily done before.
  9. svann Augur

    I think casters get a boost with this next patch fix of shocking vortex. It was vanishing almost instantly because the counter was counting down for procs and spells that werent even affected by it.
  10. Roxxanna Augur

    I just came back to my wizzys and I'm wondering if somethings changed in the last couple months? Seems I remember melting mobs with my Clr,Wiz,Wiz box team but just trash killing in TBM last night things seemed really slow. Did mob resistances increase?

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