With the implementation of Personas...

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    You can pick anyone to group you want, of course. No one is talking about making it otherwise.

    Casters can bind just about anywhere. So, on the little note off to the side on the LFG screen, type "bound in Sebilis". When a group offer comes in as you're playing a newb in LOIO, simply Origin, Personna, and Gate. Voila! Maybe 3 minutes max, if you stop to sell. Certainly faster than running from the next zone or two over, dodging mobs.

    It is a QoL issue, because sitting at the entrance to Karnor's Castle hoping for a group: sux.

    If you haven't played around with Personna's you don't really know how easy it is to swap around and travel.
  2. Twistingtime Augur

    Dude doesn't have a caster, he has a 41 warrior. He wants to go play his cleric then have to origin back to it's home town (or run to the nearest town), from there he will need to arrange transportation to where ever your are. Yeah, it's pointless. The SK, Pally, Warrior, Ranger who is already at the dungeon is going to get picked first. You'll never even get a tell unless you were the only tank in the LFG list and how likely is that? Why should they put in the effort to build what is basically a completely new LFG system that can tell what personas you have and want to play, when it isn't actually going to help people find groups?

    We have somehow managed to deal with this issue with Alts for the last 25 years, I don't understand why personas suddenly make this an issue.

    Gating only works for casters, half the classes in game still have to hoof it.
  3. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casual™

    And really, who hasn't been saved at the last second by a clinch ranger heal?
    To the OP, I know you said you didn't want to hear it, but too bad. make your own groups, find a guild with people you will get to know and enjoy spending time with. Sometimes, even fun requires a bit of effort.
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  4. Geoux Elder

    This is turning into a very interesting conversation. Both the OP and myself merely pointed out that the LFG tool has room for improvement, and personas just highlight the potential for that all the more. So why are some of you seemingly dead set against the very concept of an improved LFG tool?
  5. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casual™

    As with the new UI engine, there are far better things to do with developer time. If their studio had a culture similar to the one that Cryptic had before the recent sale (and may still retain once the personnel changes complete) then a knowledgeable dev or two might take an unapproved project, and work at it on their own time. In STO, one of the lead ship artist, Thomas Marrone, took it upon himself to utilize some new tools they were using for ship design, and started cleaning up and eventually completely revamping old ship skins from the early days of the game. Those same tools and techniques have been utilized on new ship designs for a number of years now, and resulted in several ship designs being made canon in Star Trek Picard, to include the Enterprise-F.

    There may be such a work culture at DayPaw, and I've just missed it when it's been mentioned over the years. The entire team has done some really great stuff over the last few years, as well as bungling some things in a big way. They may have several team members that do this sort of thing often, but just don't speak about it publicly, if at all.
  6. Twistingtime Augur

    Because it's not an improvement and dev time is limited. The more they throw their time at things like this the less they have for actual bug fixes and game improvements. We are just letting the devs know we don't think this is worth their time. I am not against improvements to the LFG tool. This isn't that.
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    The level of lazy in this thread is wild...

    If you want to be LFG on a 24 cleric and 41 warrior, all you have to do is type /general 24 cleric or 41 warrior LFG.. I do it all the time. Works better than the /lfg system tbh
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    I agree with the OP. Moving the goalpost all around from "people are toxic and this doesn't fix that," to "DBG doesn't have enough money," to "there are other things to do," to "there are other ways to do it" aside...

    I would love to be able to /lfg on two characters at once. This, instead of jumping from one to the other every few minutes or somehow spamming SIX general chat channels to reach the same audience.

    /lfg has to be one of my most-typed commands. So yeah, it'd be great if it were more functional.
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    I feel like a freaking noob... had no idea there actually *was* a window in game already that covered most of what I was talking about. I always use either /lfg on or /lfg off. Somehow never came across what happens when you punch in /lfg by itself, so 95% of what I had in mind already exists. Just being able to modify it a little so that you can change what chr you're actually /lfg with would be all it would take.