With the implementation of Personas...

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  1. Volas Lorekeeper

    the current LFG system, 25 years old, and its "update" 20 years old.. to which neither was very useful to begin with.. are now woefully inadequate.

    I have a 41 warrior and a 24 Cleric on Teek.. If Im on the warrior persona, nobody knows Im a cleric as well, and vice versa. Its already an absolute chore getting a group as it is.. now moreso, as we're basically now forced to spam chat channels listing class/level combos and hoping (out of 5000+ people in 400 max limited channels) in the vain hopes of finding a group.

    Add this to the pile of neglected core game mechanics DBG has absolutely no intention of addressing or fixing.

    Like the Bazaar caps

    Like the chat channel caps

    Like the 100+ UI buttons required for "Raiding".

    And before some tryhard says it. No, I dont want to "Make my own groups." Its not how I want to play. Nevermind half the time you cant find what you need anyways, and have no way to actually search personas of characters that are LFG either.. which circles me right back to the beginning of this post.

    I have a fantastic idea for the 26th anniversary TLPs... dont do them, and instead, do the 26th Anniversay "We fixed 26 year old systems to be functional and relevant" Update instead.. ya know, instead of taking 5 years for a "UI update."

    Dont let this interfere with your yearly bag sale updates and reskinning old expansions with higher level mobs tho... lets not get crazy!
  2. Zansobar Augur

    How would having a 24 cleric persona increase the odds you get a group on your 41 warrior persona?
  3. Twistingtime Augur

    Just be on the persona you want to get a group on. If I am looking for people I assume the class they are is the class they want to level.

    This isn't any different than alts. No one knows your 41 warrior has a 24 cleric alt that they would also be okay with playing. You can't LFG on an alt you aren't logged in to why would it be different for a persona?
  4. Gheed Augur

    You know, I was with you at the start of the post. It could be cool to have your personas listed in the LFG tool. However, it turned into a full cry session and I now am going to have to disagree and say its a terrible change. Good luck!
  5. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I know when I'm LFG with my shaman, I don't want my level 60 chanter persona listed as LFG.
  6. Zansobar Augur

    You said it brother!
  7. Minen New Member

    I don't think adding the option to list your persona's to LFG somehow is a bad idea.

    I am not sure it is something that is useful enough to push for, unless it would be very simple to change.
  8. Geoux Elder

    I was going to make a very similar post myself, it got me thinking about the same thing. I have a 49 mage named Oppenheimer on Teek, and I'd like to be able to put up an LFG flag while I'm playing on a lower lvl persona of that chr so I'm accomplishing other things while still waving that flag of "Hey, I really want to go irradiate things! Pick me for war crimes!!"

    The easy way for it to operate would be to change it so that the command /lfg puts up a small popup window where you select what persona you want a search result to identify, while providing a tab in that same window where you can browse who's available. Add a couple search filters on it like level range and desired class. You could even take this and apply it farther, by being able to identify any chr on that account/server as who you really want to be in /LFG mode.
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  9. GameKiller Journeyman

    I skipped the rest of your nonsense.


    you're welcome
  10. Gheed Augur

    In this make believe world, it would be an optional thing.
  11. Volas Lorekeeper

    How does it feel to get absolutely dunked on 2 posts prior to your dismissive gatekeeping troll post?

    Cause I didnt even have to write it.. the jokes write themselves here.

    He absolutely NAILS what Im trying to say.

    Yeah, I can sit in EC tunnel /lfg like a complete clown and waste hours sitting there doing absolutely nothing...


    I can pop to my persona, have fun soloing something or camping a mob.. BUT STILL WANT TO FIND A GROUP ON MY WARRIOR!

    How is this THAT difficult for some of you people to get?

    Oh right.. I forgot. Some old people get set in their ways and refuse to accept new ideas.
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  12. Twistingtime Augur

    How is that different from an alt? What does this have to do with personas at all. You want to lfg on a class you aren't logged into. I don't know any game that lets you do that.
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  13. uberkingkong Augur

    You don't see the point.

    They want a group period.
    Some people sometimes you are LFG and crickets. Who knows maybe people looking for tank right now is why.
    You just want to be in a group, you do not care if its your class a or class b they want to be grouped period.

    No one likes sitting LFG.

    They do not care who gets the group they just want the group.

    Difference between alt, samething sameproblem. Their alt is not listed in LFG.

    You just added another task for the developers on top of personas.
    LFG should take into consideration alts too on alongwith of personas.
  14. Croel New Member

    Bottom Line: The OP has identified a massive QoL issue. I don't know of ANYONE who loves sitting around LFG, do you?

    Then we have
    who identifies a simple solution to the age old vexation!

    Get 'er done!!
  15. Croel New Member

    Oh please. Read the OP:

    This entire thread is predicated on NOT being the group leader and making the group, for whatever reason. In my case, I don’t know the many dungeons and/or camps well enough to not totally suck at it. Especially in later expansions. I also despise being the group leader. :p

    I played WoW. I'm not playing it now. This is a simple QoL improvement that is needed.
  16. Twistingtime Augur

    You aren't willing to do what is needed to get a group, on a server with lots of people on it, and therefor lots of choices. You are going to have a rough time leveling on this server. This change, even if they made it, isn't going to help you get a group, it is just going to make you less attractive to the group than folks who are already on the right character and in the right place. Groups are competitive on Teek. If you aren't willing to do a little more to get one you are going to find yourself sitting around for hours LFG, on any toon.
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  17. Captain Video Augur

    Entirely your problem. LFG will be useless anyway after PoP, nobody will be using it. You either join a guild, make your own group, box or solo. That's the game. Trying to flaunt having a persona would actually make your chances of finding a pick-up group >worse<, because other group leaders will interpret that as meaning you don't know what class you want to play, and haven't yet learned how to play any of them properly. Personas are intended for players who either already have their main at level cap, or else know how to get their main to level cap without assistance. That's not you.

    In any case, there are multiple unfilled positions at the company, and << 0 dev team resources availale to work on changes to the /LFG system. If made a project, it would be #9637 on the priority list.
  18. Twistingtime Augur

    Personas are for everyone. There is no need to have a class at max for their use to be acceptable. No one is going to think twice or care that someone has alts. That is a you thing. Their chances will be worse because players want a rep right away. They are picking the person who is already in the zone or just a few zones away over someone who has to go home and swap classes then run to the zone.
  19. Captain Video Augur

    Yes that's all true, but it wasn't my point. The existence of personas does not create any QoL issue for LFG, and the OP is nonsense. The player with a persona has to choose which class he is trying to level during that play session and stick with that. As a group leader, I'll pick someone I know who is a couple of zones away over someone who keeps trying to swap back and forth between two classes while the rest of us are trying to kill stuff.
  20. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

    The problem is not the window - it is the expectation to turn on LFG and get a group. Sadly that expectation works for a class or two - maybe ENC or tanks at times.

    A little initiative goes a very, very long way in general. No different in EQ.

    I play a necro on Teek, and LFG is filled with Necros on Teek (heh). I know if I turn on LFG and wait till someone invites me, I am going to be waiting forever. Instead, I form groups from others who are LFG.

    This is the way in all TLPs where LFG window is in play, really, unless you are ENC or tank (at times).

    Also, if I am looking for a 40 or above tank for my group, I don't care about lvl 20 personas (why would I)? If you want to be LFG on all your personas, add a comment I suppose (Though, again no one is going to snap you up..)