With Miragul and discussions of a heroic boxing server. Mergers?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Corwyhn Lionheart, Oct 26, 2019.

  1. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    With Miragul starting at level 85 and quickly progressing through expansions and with the "discussion" of a similar boxing (non true box server) please consider mergers that include all live servers as I see Miragul and a possible boxer version sucking a lot of the returning players away from the Live servers.
  2. Act of Valor Augur

    thanks for yet another server merger thread
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  3. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    You are most welcome :). But with a new level 85 True Box server coming and talks of a Boxing level 85 start server we better start hoping for server mergers.

    Soon we will be getting next to no new players other then free to play people. That may be great for boxers who don't socialize and want empty servers but for the rest of us and I include the raiding guilds we are going to need to find people somewhere.

    But maybe Daybreak is hoping to transition to a point there there are only TLP servers left and we just redo content over and over.
  4. Yinla Augur

    There is no talk of a level 85 non truebox server, there is talk of a non truebox server but nothing with regard to where it will start.

    Earlier this year they said they hoped to have a tool for server merges bar 2. Bit early to keep on at them for server merges when we haven't even got to next year yet.
  5. Tappin Augur

    My guess it will suck the life from live servers. With the level cappped, there will be groups...
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  6. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Well I hit like but I dont like what it will do I just agree with you.
  7. Benito Augur

    Holly has already disqualified Xegony and Luclin servers for merge. Even when other servers are in the process of merging, Corwyhn will post more merge threads because Xegony is no-go. Lol.
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  8. Benito Augur

    Who wants to re-roll at level 85? Look at the downsides:
    • All Access required
    • Away from your Live or older TLP server power base (community, wealth)
    • XP rate same as Live
    • No boxes (which will prove problematic at tougher expacs like RoS and TBL).
    • As far as I know, there's also no reward similar to Quarm Server (e.g. Barnacle-Encrusted Brazier, Quarm Hat).

    It may flop like Brekt...
  9. Laronk Augur

    Brekt is just the graveyard for quarm isn't it?
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  10. Benito Augur

    Yes and they may have allowed free transfers to Brekt. If people did not commit to Brekt (continue their chars), I doubt people will commit to Miragul.
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  11. Laronk Augur

    Miragul is an actual TLP where brekt/quarm was an event server with really a set end.
  12. smash Augur

    You from X, and X will not get any merger, they said so a lot of times.

    They also said they will let know if/when there might come mergers.
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  13. Benito Augur

    I believe Daybreak honestly thought Brekt had the possibility of thriving (new FV ruleset server) and not just be considered a "graveyard" as you state. I believe EQ2 opened Isle of Refuge server at the same time (also flopped).

    I think the principle of commitment remains regardless.
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  14. Laronk Augur

    Yeah but if people wanted to play on FV they would of played on FV. If they were going to make a new "live" server it would have to be something special or different I think like truebox (but actually enforced) or something else different. Brekt is just a prison server (like FV) and there was nothing special about it.
  15. Benito Augur

    One could argue that Daybreak was expecting players to stick around for Brekt. Say players formed new friendships or invested time for their epics on Quarm so that they wouldn't abandon their characters on Brekt so easily? It's easy to call it a "graveyard" or otherwise fundamentally flawed server in hindsight.

    I believe the true box ruleset appeal hurting the pop of other servers is a bit hyped up. I'm sure some people will dabble in it. However, there are too many time-sinks and investments on Live servers to really see any new level of commitment.
  16. johnnie Journeyman

    I refuse to play on a true box server, i love boxing, i am against botting,due to the fact that these server would have a lot of instances i dont see why people cant box on it.
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  17. Bobbybick Augur

    Brekt had potential when the plan was to keep doing new events on Quarm and continually dumping more characters onto Brekt when they ran their course. As it was, we had ONE event that dumped a bunch of Omens of War era characters onto a server that was something like 12 expansions ahead.

    I just can't see a new live era server ever being really successful at this point in the game, people are too invested in their characters/guilds. Prior to Brekt what were the last Live servers released? Vox and Trakanon? How are those servers doing? I'd wager money that half of all Vox characters are level 1s perpetually logged out in Crescent Reach.

    As to mergers, they tried it on the Fippy/Vulak servers a ?year? or so ago and it went poorly, luckily nobody plays there so the damage was pretty minimal. This probably soured them to the process, I can't imagine the headache if they did it on live and it did something like wipe an entire servers housing.
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  18. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Yes they did say that and we know on one on the forums ever tries to persuade or change their minds at all. We never see posts like that :)
  19. smash Augur

    X got the most healthy server, so why should it merge.
  20. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    Nailed it! Very well written and covered most of the issues with Quarm and Brekt and all the TLPs and the failure of the last attempt at a server merge although a lot of servers could use the merge.
    I agree and I am very anti-truebox which is what keeps me away from TLPs. I may try out the HoT server at 85 but I don't want to run multiple PCs for EQ in 2019 to box so I'm not sold on it yet.

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