Wishes for the next expansion?

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  1. Marquele Scholar

    I think it would even be fun to go back to Thuliasaur island and have a dinosaur battle with a mash up between GMM3 and Hate's Fury:Seventeen pieces of silver raid . There would be a main T-rex you have to kill by utilizing the other dinosaurs or the lizardmen on the island. The models and the zone already exists. Make us use the boats and have it be a hardcore heritage event/anniversary event or just some random eradication that needs to happen.

    We really want to fight a T-rex.
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  2. Zurril Elder

    I am sure I am echoing a lot of thoughts here. But here is my two cents.
    General Expansion Things
    1. Zones Locked Behind Progression - I may be in the minority here, but I like zones being locked behind progression. There is something nice to 'unlocking' something based upon winning. Perhaps something more linear? Instead of going from a T1 zone to a T2 zone to a T2 zone to a T1 zone to a T2 zone. Maybe more like HoT/ TDS where the further you got the harder it got?
    2. Puzzle Type Events - I loved the Trial of 3/ bouncy castle smoke trial. Using clues to figure out where to go/ what to do next is awesome. I also loved the 20th anniversary cake type event that required some thinking on the zones.
    3. Tradeskills - Love me some tradeskills. I really enjoyed tradeskill quests as well like Crestra's.

    Raids Things
    As much as Mearatas drives me nuts, I love Mearatas's mechanics. I am probably repeating some of the stuff folks said above, but balancing isn't my favorite. I really enjoy things that require thinking/ interacting on a different level.

    1. Puzzle like events - Murderer raid from RoF is still one of my favorites.
    2. Mobs that Spawn on Failures - I like the need to focus up and follow emotes. Perhaps instead of all deaths, maybe just deaths due to emote failures? Like Lady of Life lamp thing, just more difficult? Somewhere between death mephits and lamp skellys.
    3. Adds requiring non DPS abilities to kill - Similar to mephits with the banes, position & AE combos like Aalishai, or tanking positioning like damsel of decay bokon/ oozes, I like there being a twist to killing something.
    4. Positioning Risks - I like the idea of moving around somewhere dangerous that requires precise positioning, like the void event. If you fall off you die. If you dont pay attention you get launched off and die. Im envisioning a cliff type thing with precise movement that a misstep means death. Something like that.
    5. Multiple Phases That Are Different - My thought here is the raid Burn Out from Argin Hiz. Each phase was very different from the prior one. I loved this event from all of its aspects. From an SK perspective, we got to pull in lots of mobs at tank at the start, maybe ae aggro deflect them. We had to round up all of the imps and deflect while they got locked down. They needed CC'ed in a corner and needed to be dps'ed carefully to avoid the damage shield. You had a burn phase with the efreeti, a balance phase with the final bosses. You had to dodge fire auras. You had to grab bird adds quickly. It was a really well balanced event with completely different aspects in each phase.

    Other Things
    1. Account to account transfers... peer pressure... :D
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  3. NeverPayForLag Augur

    I don't need to assign something. It is something which has been handled since ages in that way and now some players redefine it in their way. Either the one nor the other side has been "defined" officially.
    There is a logic side to it from the players perspective and that seems to change like underwear - or better to say - like it fits to the respective players playstyle or anti-soloplayer-mindset and the current mood suitable to the current expansion.

    Again: who defined what a task is and why it should be a group like task despite a single player has to get it?

    As long is it is either defined by DGB (or former SoE) or any EQ internal staff then it is a task and because it is requested by one player it makes only sense to be a "solo task" - therefore people name it that way, regardless if Zam has named it in that way or players like it to define differently. I am playing a long time but never got that redefinition of a solo task - or single player task - or whatever description makes here feel people good.

    Perhaps I missed the last decade a redefinition of it...? :confused:
    But at moment I doubt that...
    Getting solo tasks for making it in a group would be ... plain stupidity..
  4. Daivid Lorekeeper

    A solo'able quest line to help one gear up for group content.
  5. LDEffectsMe Augur

    Good point. I suppose it's been so long I forgot about them. My shaman were always trolls. :)

    I would edit my original post and cross that part out now, but the forums won't let me. lol, Sorry Iksar shaman.
  6. Paradisic_parasite Elder

    An additional priest weapon that does not have a group heal proc.
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  7. Ofearl Slayer of all things Stupid

    Id like to see more of a sympathetic type, group heal chance when cast a heal or nuke...
  8. Allayna Augur

    Isn't your guild roster like 6000 and completely freezes up anyone who checks "show offline"? Of course the "majority" of your guild doesn't come to opens.

    Either way. I'm not an enemy to the group game. MS often is the voice of reason. Every year during our Dev raids, we bring up how difficult the group content is and how poorly it will be received. We aren't the only top tier guild and the others generally push for harder and harder content. A balance is good.
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  9. Mintalie Augur

    MS has very consistently and very regularly lobbied for the "little people." I appreciate this very much.
  10. enclee Augur

    Yeah, your posts are always reasonable. Keep them coming.
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  11. Metanis Bad Company

    At this point in my EQ career I would only ask for changes to autofollow and collision "softening". Getting stuck in tree branches in POK because you have levi on still p1ss3s me off to no end.

    PS. Why doesn't DBG make more extensive use of in-game polling to find out what even the filthy casuals want?
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  12. Cicelee Augur

    If you request this, then other items will be nerfed and you will become infamous and get blamed for those nerfs and people will believe you have access to the minds and actions of developers... and still get blamed for the nerfs months later.

    Or so I have seen...
  13. Bamboompow Augur

    No real thoughts on this as I am not in the target audience. Expacs are mainly Raiders get new content they need and really are the driving force as their orgs have to have new things to slay or the whole house of cards falls over.

    More advanced group players get the content they want and in some ways also need but its not an existential crisis to run out of things to do as it is for raid players in structured guilds.

    Casuals get to muddle along in older content from past years. For them its really their choice if the money spent is worth it for the increases in power from level/aa/spell increases. For me it doesn't pencil out anymore. Going to pass on the soon to be released expac this year. Too much to do in older content. Lots of unchecked boxes means real handicaps in content like TBL where you really DO NEED everything else completed from prior releases to not make it a miserable experience.
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  14. Dewey Augur

    Poison trade skill supplies that drop in current content. Put in a refining process so that one can use lower level poison components, combine it with higher level stuff and covert it to higher level poison contents. (IE. Place flawless privit with kunark conflag powerder to produce desicated privit)

    Removing the hit number on the poisons or re modifying them as 60 or 100 hits for a 3 hour poison is not enough for today's game. I don't even know why there is a time put on the poisons; because they go away so fast. 8(

    Move shrouding speed disc to a different timer. It is a never used disc.

    Increase escape value of classes to allow use of escape on raid mobs. If you run out of endurance on some raids you can't escape and use Hiatus because you still have agro. The raid mob level is higher than the escape value then your stuck without endurance for anything and the event is nothing but autoattack.

    Reduce fellowship reuse timer. Nothing sucks worse then clicking to the wrong place and waiting 15 minutes to click to the right place. When the campfire is in a wrong spot.

    Honestly I would still love to see fabled GOD during anniversary time.

    Lastly I would like to see group gear cap luck at 5. Raid gear have a minimum of 5 and cap of 10. I have slots where I perfer the group gear over last years raid gear, because the group gear has luck in it. If I get a raid gear item with 1 luck, then as a rogue who doesn't care about HPs, etc... I might just go with the group gear anyways if the luck will put me over the 10 mark.
  15. Tanols Augur

    Reward is based on time it takes to reach a total damage to boss taken. More damage in lesser amount of time equal more reward. Lesser amount in a longer time period equals a lesser reward.
    Have boss ramp up dps as each damage taken threshold is reached. There's your healing component.
    You could make reward on event augments that aren't available through any other means.
    Point of the event is multi faceted. 1. A no BS dps check for guilds and devs to parse various classes dps. Burst and sustained. 2. Same could be said for tanking and healing. 3. Reward is performance based. Everyone gets a prize there is no winning or losing the event it is based on a "score" earned a la PoWar anniversary mission.
    Want to complicate it a bit ... make it so should be tanked first by a paladin > sk > warrior. Pick an AA/Spell/Disc SPA slot unique to each class make it block a massively destructive or defensive ability the mob has.
  16. Vinjin Lorekeeper

    Speaking as a grouper who mostly boxes 3 accounts, I thought TBL was overall a decent expansion. I liked that it was entirely new zone design instead of simply a re-hash of older content (/wave RoS). I liked many of the missions, especially Contract of War and the Tyrant mission as those were good fun. I also liked the gear path with the emphasis on tradeskills for BIS. And even though I still only have one, the evolving chase items are genius.

    I liked having locked progression but I did not like the design of said progression. The trials were great fun but requiring a toon to have completed all of them before being able to enter into the static zone was terrible, IMO. Mearatas was a huge disappointment. And for the love of Zek, why create a camp that basically guarantees a named spawn every time? Terrible design.

    All I have at the moment.
  17. Brohg Augur

    PoP was a super popular expansion, right? Let's go back to tiers 2-4 of group content requiring raid progression :D
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  18. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    You must have missed the memo on the Ever Favored Class trolljob thread.

    It was hyperbolic to the point of stupidity, so I wouldn’t call it “reasonable”, but it was pretty damned funny, so A+ Forum Quest content, at least.
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  19. Bamboompow Augur

    Heh, that's like saying lets go back to High School or College. Was fun, challenging and made sense at the time....but never again!
  20. Coas Lorekeeper