Wishes for the next expansion?

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  1. LDEffectsMe Augur

    Not exactly "end game" content related, but as someone who played faithfully for years and sort of dwindles in and out here and there, I can tell you one thing that seems to me (from my limited point of view) it would be relatively easy to do (comparatively speaking) and would be a feature that gets me to purchase a future expansion.

    Basically, it's been beaten to death that EverQuest won't ever see any new Races or Classes, due to budget, system limitations, etc. But I think it would be a nice expansion feature to open up Race/Class combos that make sense within the current system.

    For example, Half Elves are obviously Half Human and Half Elf. They can be Paladins who worship the Marrs, and they can be Warriors who worship Innoruuk. But they can't be Clerics or Shadow Knights. Which are two Race/Class combos that would make sense for them, since Luclin models do support plate and there's no lore reason for them not to be.

    Iksar Berserkers have been requested since the Class was added to the game. Iksar chain models look great, but they don't have a single class that wears it. Iksar Rogues, Magicians, and Wizards would also be nice additions. Even swaying from just new Class options, it would make Iksar feel different if they could choose to be Agnostic or worship Rallos Zek as warriors. (But that might make them KOS in Cabilis. lol)

    Humans come from all different walks of life, and they are a cousin Race to the Barbarians. Perhaps Humans could learn to be Shaman? (And by proxy, the Drakkin too.) And even though I know it would require adding another model (the warder) into the global files, I think a Human Beastlord would be neat too, since they already use a lot of hand to hand combat as monks. I could understand that one being a system limitation though.

    Trolls used to live in Neriak, and I feel like they could have learned to be evil Clerics from the Dark Elves there.

    Wood Elves and High Elves are both cousins living in Greater Faydark. The Wood Elves could learn to be Clerics and Paladins from the High Elves (and start in Felwithe) and the High Elves could learn to be Rangers/Druids from the Wood Elves and start in Greater Faydark. This would give the High Elves an opportunity to make real use of their Chain and Leather Luclin models, which they can't currently do.

    Halflings are possibly the most merry Race in Norrath. I believe they could easily take to the path of being Bards.

    Anyway, these are just a few suggestions I have that I think would make sense in terms of EverQuest's lore and system limitations. I think there would be a lot of value in these changes to veteran players who would come back (and those who have been playing all along and make alts) to play something different. Some people would even buy Race changes.

    Personally speaking, as a player who has been left in the dust by the current player base, I keep tabs on what happens with EverQuest. It's a game rooted in my personal history and I always check out what's going on with it. Back in the day, every expansion usually added a new class or a new race. I understand the game has lived beyond the point where that's realistically possible now. But when I look at these expansions and they're always "X new zones, X new spells, X new AA's..." I know those features are important for the people that have been playing the whole time I've been gone, but those things don't matter to me at this point. I'm looking for something that feels new and different that I don't have to wait until the end of the game to have, and something like that would motivate me personally to buy the current expansion and play through the game until I can experience all that other stuff.

    I believe Rashere said back in the day that when they added new options, like Drakkin monks, you guys had a tool to auto search and update most of the items to accommodate the proper Races. If that's still true, I would like to think that opening up additional Race/Class combinations could be doable and an expansion "back of the box" bullet point. You could even make all of the new combinations start in Crescent Reach if adding new Guildmaster NPC's would be too much work.

    Not sure if that's the kind of feedback you were looking for, but I hope it helps anyway. It's a sure fire way to get me to spend my money and invest many hours back into Norrath, and I can't imagine that I'd be alone.
  2. arsenil Lorekeeper

    I like the siege idea and having rouge's or maybe an elite team go in with someone with pick lock and maybe a mezz memblur class where the outside team distracts like 4 giant gate guards so the team can get by and while inside the team has to rather sneak or kill or memblur their way through to get to the thing to open the gate ... and the giants at the gate cant be killed either till the gate is open or when the gate opens the go inactive
  3. Evye Augur

    Raid idea:
    A timed word search raid.
    Basically a large grid of maybe 15 ish shrines with letters on them.
    Find 10? words while dealing with adds that try to destroy shrines randomly in 20 mins.

    Maybe Each shrine has a random number of hit points.
    The raid kills the shrines to spell out Eq words.
    Random hit points so that sometimes they die fast some times slow.
    The logic is sometimes you don't have time to study the board.

    Church it up a little bit and fun to be had by all.

    Fail would be running out of time or the adds destroying more than 3? random shrines

    The best part is this could "easily" be randomly generated

    R P B B J A Z N W R K S S C K
    X R T R N I S A O Q I L U A U
    K F A A I B C D O L U Y O Z U
    T E R M W S C O I Y G I L I R
    K A Z Y L E T R B U R J U C O
    K E F S T E E L H D K H X T N
    Y Q R N O S I I E Q L R X H N
    E M I W L L W N T B R W O U I
    K F M L R N L T A E A Z T L B
    E D E A N A O A D H C N R E U
    P R E X U S Y X R H T E E L X
    B S U O I L L E U Q C I B N D
    E R O L L I S I M A R R M Z W
    R W P Y U L I K O A X C U T X
    T W O N W X M V Z W X S D C G

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  4. Travestii Elder

    My 3 wishes for the next expansion:

    I'd wish for the ability to stack glyphs. Once your xp/AA is maxed out, this would at least give you an outlet for your otherwise wasted AA's.

    I'd wish for trophy/tribute benefits to work similarly to the way that the power source now works - resource drain would only be done while in combat- or at least given a toggle command (New AA?) so they could be turned on/off more easily.

    I'd wish for wizard dps to be brought up to par with other pure dps classes.
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  5. Ditka Journeyman

    Public Quests were always one of my favorite parts of Warhammer Online. Basically a scripted event that would take place in the open world where anyone could walk up and participate in and at its conclusion a chest would appear. Those who participated the most would get the best rewards out of the chest.
  6. Lheo Augur

    we need more funitems, like cowmounts :D
  7. Ryino Elder

    I also loved the expansions that had some non progression raids in there like the Ntov remake and Plane of Hate / Plane of Fear. Doesn't have to be anything major (recycled zone for nostalgia) and most of the events can be tank and spank for less gear / lower tier. It helps the smaller guilds have viable current targets and gives higher end guild stuff to do that is fun and breaks up the year.

    You could remake Plane of Growth or Sky or everybody's favorite Mischief. I'm sure there are dozens of older raids that could get a reboot and have 6-10 targets and a clear that would keep people busy.
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  8. Mintalie Augur

    Favorite thing in TBL--the transport lamp. Boy did you ever get that right. Least favorite thing about many expansions is how freaking long it takes to run to certain zones.

    No level cap increase would be great, although they'd have to substantiate it with more spells, would they not? So likely not a consideration.

    TBL has some gorgeous zones and gorgeous models, well done on that.

    I'm content with refurbishing old zones, but I'm not an old-timer and don't have nostalgia associated with most of the early content.

    Increase in fellowship size. The change from 9 to 12 was great but it's been years. Everyone and their brother has multiple accounts and it's tough to get all of the bots in a fellowship for more than two or three people. I really don't want to be in a fellowship by myself, or without my alts.

    Upgrades to some of the past difficult-to-achieve items, such as Tears of Alaris, the Parrot aug, the Prayer Shawl, Crestra earring, etc. (but dear god please not anything that requires a tremendous amount of tradeskilling :p ).

    Upgrades to the specialization augs. Maybe not increase skill cap mod, but make some with regular stats, HME, spell damage, heroics, etc.

    The tradeskill gear in TBL was fantastic. Please continue with that.

    More as I think of things...
  9. ezoz New Member

    This is more towards grouping. Becaouse of a busy life family work i only get too open raid once a week and mainly box the other times i get to play. That being said i fully beat eok, ros and tbl. Besides the challenger and collections, and obviously raids. I enjoyed the toughness of tbl. I was very proud to beat the trials. However ithink they wete way to early in expansion. And the end zones to easy. The evolving chase looy with chase augs has definitely keep me logging in more to grind a hour here or there.

    In the next xpac, ha´s with group currency, good loot at the end ( gmm ) seem to alwaya give people something to team up, or box up to do. However i would like to see a ldon style switch to make the ha harder for more reward ( more currency better chance at rare loot.)

    Zone content, i personaly like old zones done again. Brings the feels back. Would love to see velious again, coldain gaint war. Another shawl upgrade line.

    I would also like to see wizzards get some love for dps. Maybe in the form of a similar to Channeling the divine. I think thats the cleric aa. Increased spell casting. Would allow better burst dps without just increasing spell damage. Or a burn out aa, for x time increase spell speed crit chance, crit damage, twin cast chance, then completely drain the wizzards mana and get them a debuff that slows mana regen and blocks mana "fillers" lile gambit, druzil, paragon, the cleric one icr the name.

    The ts gear and quest i feel like are spot on. They are fun, help out returning players gear up and not easily finished.

    For mission ideas. To help stop dps face rolling instead of balancing mobs changing forms to heavy block certain damage helps stop stacking and stops dps runs without hurting a class per se. For example x changs form becoming immune to blunt damage, ice damage, ect. With no sepcefic order. So must watch emotes.

    I have limited raid xp but would lile to see smaller raids to give more filthy causals a chance to do them. Better than group drops but not as good as tier one raid. Higher lockout time to stop farming.
  10. Xurn Apprentice

    1. Manaburn. Eliminate the ADPS aspect and make it a mana-consumption proportionate extreme high irresistible damage nuke with a cool-down period consistent with other class' specialties (ie Harmtouch)

    2. Epic weapon 3.0? How about making epics for all classes relevant and actually epic again? Perhaps add quest chains requiring a combination of the seemingly popular "evolution" characteristics with high ended Trade Skill aspects. Success and weapon improvement based upon earning achievements in old expansion content as well as maximizing trade skills to make items that combine with the epic to further increase its stats.
  11. CrazyLarth Augur

    Scooby Doo -10 doors - 6 will pop adds 3 will pop raid mob 1 will pop raid mob two raid chests. Door stop working after a single raid mob is pooped.
  12. Ryino Elder

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  13. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Having some minor mechanics added like a FEW add spawns or occasional dots to watch for. The thing is group game should not be a copy of the raid game with all the mechanics involved. Raids should be mechanics heavy group game should be tank and spank with a sprinkling of more complicated mechanics.

    Some group encounters should be almost plain tank and spank. These type of missions allow the widest group of players to play through them and the tend to be the most popular. For the central part of an expansion take GMM up the difficulty level sprinkle in a few more encounter mechancis. Then missions at the high end can get a bit more complicated then that. Maybe a couple periphery missions that give achievements or a big bag that are extra hard.

    Thing the central part of your expansion should be accessible by a large part of the player base and unfortunately no real challenge to any hard core raider at all. And the straight forward progression path should be doable by most group players in the group game. None of the websites detailed how to get around doing all the smoke trials. Yes eventually the info got around but the dumb thing is it pissed off and turned off people from the expansion for a short period of time for no benefit at all. What did DBG gain from people getting frustrated and giving up on TBL progression until all the ways AROUND it spread to the group players?

    And lets face if go the other route and copy raid mechanics that the raiders learn in raids and you still don't challenge them you just piss off group players who avoid the raid game BECAUSE they don't want to deal with those mechanics.

    Make the beginning central part of the game more tank and spank then not and you get far more group players buying the expansion.

    Throw in SOME crowd control needed situations, an occasional DPS required but group doable DPS. The trick is sprinkle in the other stuff don't over use it. A donut with sprinkles is tastey a donut that is mostly sprinklies is just a nasty sugar high.

    And remember this. The raiders will do the group game regardless how it is made for their achievements. Group players will simply avoid stuff that is too much of a pain in the posterior to do.

    GMM was too easy (but it was an anniversary event) BUT it earned you a bunch of good will from the casual group gamers. Keep that in mind when making the next expansion and you might get better expansion sales and acceptance of the expansion. Find the sweet spot between GMM and the TBL expansion itself and you have a winner. And no matter how you make the group missions raiders will do them anyway.

    P.S. don't eat donuts folks they are not good for you. :)
  14. menown Augur

    At least donuts are healthier to eat than today's bagels.
  15. Proximoe Elder

    New housing options please. So that when the expansion is in farm mode we have something else to do. Make bixie hive buyable, add in VT (with more storage), or anther option but make em buyable with SC as well.

    And Glyph stacking would be cool
  16. enclee Augur

    LDoN was a great expansion/content addition, it was one of my favorite time periods. It basically had hubs to get a group, quickly travel between camps, missions required movement and action, you accomplish something in a hour or less, adjust easy/hard, and there was a leader board. It was a real contrast to PoP, where things were locked and had extensive key requirements. It made it difficult to play with friends, but LDoN you could group and go.
  17. Nennius Curmudgeon

    Could you repeat that? I was eating a donut. Jelly filled. Yummmm
  18. Angahran Augur

    Learn to pronounce

    adjective & adverb

    1. 1.
      for or done by one person alone; unaccompanied.
      "a solo album"
  19. Angahran Augur

    Care to explain why you are against this idea ?
    You'd still have to be raiding current content in order to use the currency so why are you so against it ?
  20. Ryino Elder

    Not OP but for me...

    It would shorten the expansion for sure. Top tier guilds could just bank all their currency for the second half of the year until the new raids and then just buy a bunch of the gear. Getting a portion of the new raid gear at the start would make the new content easier to plow through.

    It would also push gear out faster when you have 12 targets to hit for coins instead of 6 or whatever the total number of raids will be.
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