Wishes for the next expansion?

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  1. Tenken Augur

    Be nice to see (Ancient) spells again with going back to Velious (granted it was more in Luclin) but for the spells that haven't been updated in awhile example: shared/Ferocity and not a clickie but the actual spell dropping.
  2. Faelthos New Member

    I don't like WoW. This thread is about wishes, and these are mine. Perhaps yours are different. That's OK.
  3. Requiesce Journeyman

    Really? Yeah.. I have no problems keeping my Shaman in conflag alive either - because he's parked in the back like every other caster. He's the least priority in my group for upgrades. That's not hard, nor what I'm talking about. This is what I'm talking about:

    [Sat Aug 31 04:48:24 2019] Warrior`s Flowing Mind begins casting Burning Blades.
    [Sat Aug 31 04:48:24 2019] Warrior`s Flowing Mind hit you for 85476 points of fire damage by Burning Blades.
    [Sat Aug 31 04:48:25 2019] Warrior`s Flowing Mind slashes YOU for 18744 points of damage.
    [Sat Aug 31 04:48:25 2019] Warrior`s Flowing Mind slashes YOU for 53761 points of damage. (Strikethrough)
    [Sat Aug 31 04:48:25 2019] Warrior`s Flowing Mind hits YOU for 53761 points of damage. (Strikethrough)
    [Sat Aug 31 04:48:25 2019] Warrior`s Flowing Mind hits YOU for 53761 points of damage.
    [Sat Aug 31 04:48:25 2019] You have been slain by Warrior`s Flowing Mind!

    That's 265,503 damage in little over 1 second on my Bard (full Tier 1, 2x Tier 2 and the rest GMM with max defensive AA) from a mob to flag for Tier 2. Stop trying to drive the pedantic of what I said when my point is obvious. I'm assuming you're clever enough to get the point without a spreadsheet of the proportions of damage that one-shot people.

    As others have mentioned in other threads, the difficulty of TBL is backwards. Tier 1 should pretty much be a loot pinata and get progressively more challenging, not the other way around.
  4. Smokezz The Bane Crew

    Why are you tanking stuff on your Bard? You'll do better if you tank on a real tank. Or maybe I'm missing something? If I try that on my Rogue, I'll die pretty damn fast too. Or one of my Zerkers.

    And if that was a pull.. pick up the mob faster on your tank?
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  5. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    as smokezz said, WTF are you doing tanking on your bard... if a pull, you screwed up and should have faded, if not a pull, you screwed up and should have faded before getting agro AND your tank screwed up by not hitting buttons that make him hold agro gooder….

    this is not complicated. as soon as you said the word "bard" your position became worthless. a complaint that your NON TANK can't tank is a non-starter. my silver wizard in conflagrant can't tank in TBL either...
  6. Ninelder Augur

    Holy Sister of Perpetual Ignorance...

    You only group with tanks or non-tanks?

    Never both?
  7. Brohg Augur

    Rk.IIIs *are* Ancient spells. They weren't special/unique, just better versions of class' most core spell
  8. smash Augur

    I wish the raids to be dynamic dependent on classes in raids, if low on tanks, more mobs to balance down, many clerics result in more ae and so on.

    However that would be costly having 5-10 different versions of same raid.

    Maybe 2 - 3 versions of same raid so 1 - 5 time you and win it, it is "easy" then it become harder and harder more times you win.

    Example first you balance down 2 mobs and 5% difference is allowed then 4% and then it is 3 mobs and 3% and so on.
    First time you got 25 min, then 24 , and at end you have 15 min.

    Or a raid starting with 25min and you win in 20 min, next time it is reduced to 23 min.
    And loot become better as you become better also.

    Mobs become smarter on the emotes, each person has a neutral score at beginning and if you fail emote you get negative score. And mobs will start to concentrate on people with negative scores, wanna exploit the weakest link.
  9. Cadira Augur

    For someone who speaks so eloquently (legitimate compliment) you aren't very bright.

    Enjoy whatever problems you seem to be having as a chanter that very few other chanter seem to be having.

    I support removing ranks of rune spells, though!
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  10. Tucoh Augur

    Not an expansion request, just a dumb idea i had when thinking about how to increase sub rates throughout the year (as in, what it would take to make me sub all year) with minimal cost and wanted to bounce it off the community:

    1. Release a new HH zone every month from like, march to November, maybe skipping the anniversary months with minimal effort with itemization from current expansion. Close the zone after a month.
    2. Split the zone into an easy area and hard area. In 2019 easy would be GMM difficulty, hard would be something a bit harder than PoF raid trash. Something that requires a group with attentive dps, cc, tanking and healing.
    3. Create new hunter achievements in those zones that you can't cheese through raids. Make one for the easy named and one for the hard ones.
    4. Create a new aug that starts out strong OK and evolves for every hunter achievement you complete.

    If you want to max that aug, you've got to do that zone when she comes out.
  11. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    There are annoying issues that open up due to HH zones. People can't do epic quests and people can't farm for tradeskill drops because HH zones tend not to have those types of zone specific drops.

    Also, new sets of augs from like 5 HH zones a year would make people quit. GMM was an abomination in that regard...
  12. Tucoh Augur

    Just to clarify, im talking about one aug that levels when you do the HH hunter in each zone.
  13. Stephen51 Augur

    1. Expansion start zone/t1 zone. The expansion design used to be the entry zone or all of the T1 zones, eased the player into the new expansion. See House of Thule expansion/Secrets of Faydwer for good examples. These zones not only helped the player "bed in" to the expansion but also provided zones for players who cant get groups or who just want a less challenging experience, as well as returning players to try to jump back into the game. Even today I see people in HOT/SOF starting zones. Entry/T1 zones also allow the group player to gear up so that they can face T2 zones etc. Do you think down the line that the Overthere in the Ring of Scale Expansion will be used in the same way? Or Stratos? Both are (in my opinion) not good entry zones for the expansions. OT is poor xp most of the trash has tricks and there are traps to strip invis and root or snare the player.

    2. Risk versus reward. If you are going to throw in possibly the hardest mission in the game (more on this later) then make the reward fit the win? Not items that are pulled from a table zone drops. In the main (and I know there are exceptions to the rule) if you beat these missions, you don't need the items dropping in them. Why not put these types of missions in your end zones, with some really cool and/or high end gear? If you had a zone, with mobs with special abilities, that negated player abilities and that spawned quicker than other zones, with some instanced or static events that could net you items akin to the evolving items of The Burning Lands, then you could be on to something.

    Raid mechanics versus Group Mission mechanics.
    In recent expansions group missions have mirrored raid events more and more. Not all groupers are raiders, and the mindset of the two can be very different. In the main groupers are looking to have fun. Raiders are masochists that are looking to have fun once the raid has ended. Raids are all business now a days, with a bit of bad language/crude jokes thrown in as a pretence of enjoyment. I'm kidding (but only a bit). A lot of groupers, play for fun, and part of that fun is doing a mission, not just for progression. I understand that you need a bit of challenge, but I think you are alienating a lot of your target audience. Groupers are the ones who will go back over group missions after the raiders and trailblazers have got the progression part out of the way. Missions like the Cactus in OT and Skyfire are so unfriendly to players, that the replay value of them is low. Give us something fun. As the expansion progresses so should the complexity and difficulty of the missions and then an appropriate reward to the risk of that mission. Make group missions more tiered, with stages that can be won and not have to be repeated. Make group missions not be irrevocably failable, spending an age to assemble the right group only to fail after an hour of jumping through the mission whoops and having nothing to show for it, is not fun.

    Speed bumps and Roadblocks. A cynical person may theorise the direction of eq of late may be to slow down players from completing content and then publicly complaining about it. This has worked to a certain extent, but where by your more skilled/more dedicated/better geared players have persevered its just a bump in the road. Less skilled/dedicated players, are not so lucky and its an actually block in the road. In ROS it was difficult to get a hold, if you couldn't get through the missions, couldn't get gear ups from the over tuned named in T1, couldn't gain a lot of xp, because of the losses to missions and the woeful xp returns of T1, it might just make you want to quit. If you want to put bumps in the road, try not to put them at T1 stage like you have in the last 2 expansions. I'm not saying easy mode, but you don't want to discourage people from the get-go, give them some sort of way to improve so they have something to do when not able to get into a group to do the harder stuff.
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  14. Tenken Augur

    Indeed but they could be made as special/unique and be the rare drop from raids similar to the element of kunark from eok. Something a little different even if it's 1 spell per class, but meh whatever.
  15. Stumphobbler Elder

    I would like to see

    1) Advertisment about the game. Like we used to.

    2) an expac like the serpents spine (TSS) where you can create a toon and level to the max within the expansion (TSS was al lot of fun)
    3) new players...see 1+4 on how to do this.
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  16. LDEffectsMe Augur

    I'd like to second this. In general, I'd love to see an expansion that wasn't entirely focused on the end game. New features are great, but... Give people that aren't max level something new to do, or at least somewhere new to hunt.
  17. Act of Valor The Newest Member

    Daybreak can only manage like 6 or 7 zones per expansion. There are over 20 expansions worth of sub max level content characters can play in.
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  18. Brohg Augur

    Characters that aren't max level pretty definitionally haven't hunted everywhere there already is to hunt
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  19. Ravanta Suffer Augur

    They have some similarities in some cases, but I would have to disagree. It depends on the point of view of the player though. I'd definitely agree that there is an improvement to most players output once they obtain their rank3's, but it's nowhere near as comparable as many ancients were at the time.

    As ancients were originally introduced, I wouldn't say that is true at all. I'll use my own class as an example. Originally, Ancient Master of Death was the Luclin upgrade to the velious spell Arch Lich. In Luclin, there was no better lich spell for a necromancer that wasn't raiding than arch lich. The fact that ancient master of death is the obvious upgrade to arch lich doesn't mean it's the same as a rank 1, 2, or 3 upgrade as it's currently used now.

    I don't know if you played in Luclin, I didn't know you then. I'm assuming you did. If you did, did you have access to ancients? I can remember how excited I was when I picked up funeral pyre...and that's not even an ancient spell. It's just a plain ole regular spell that at one point was only available through raids.

    That exclusivity meant something. Before I had it, I envied people that did. When I scribed it...my friends that didn't envied me.

    Fast forward to today, we have rank 1, rank 2, and rank 3 spells.

    It's nowhere near as cool.
  20. Ravanta Suffer Augur

    I would love this...would be great to cast wounds spells without having to click on a hotkey to unequip my detrimental duration earring.