Wishes for the next expansion?

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  1. Allayna Augur

    They don't do anything because they have been capped at 900 for years. Most resist checks for dmg in anything in the past several years has been 1000.

    ....just looking to get that lucky resist check o_O
  2. Axxius Augur

    I seem to remember one or two raid AE's (in the last 5 years or so) that actually used -900 or -950 resist checks and didn't have the min-max resist chance parameter. :p
  3. Allayna Augur

    Persistent Shrink AA - Stay shrunk through zone lines. Some/same restrictions as persistent illusions.
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  4. Coagagin Guild house cat

    Add or include shrunk pets, i.e. Drolvarg Guardian model is far too large to bother.
  5. Vumad Cape Wearer

    My least favorite part of TBL was the constant AEs that broke my chanter runes combined with high resists. I had to choose between keeping my runes up by constantly wasting mana or maintaining my sDPS. I guess it makes sense to make it harder for the healers and etc. I don't know if I would prefer our runes to not absorb DDs or not. DoTs do not break out runes and we have DoT and DD spell guards so I'm not exactly sure why DDs eat our runes. The runes blocking DDs was okay in previous expansions but TBL really changed the dynamic.

    Also while we are at it lets make ward last longer. Or at least remove the wasted mana of our shilding from the AA. Not wure why we have an AA that casts a 4 hour shielding with a 20 minute ward.

    Also not sure why Glyph absorbs 100% of a DD but not a DoT. The mob AEDDs eat Glyph so fast I basically just saved it for when someone needed a rez.
  6. Alythea New Member

    What I would like to see is some simple things addressed.

    SKs outside of raids have too much ability. It's insane. I've seen them tank multiple group mobs at a time without a healer. Server population of SKs has risen so much that you see much less of paladins or warriors. No one can easily compete with the SK.

    Groups outside of raids seldom need crowd control, since many classes can split pulls . Since I have returned, I have noticed that crowd control outside of raids is often completely ignored. Player Clerics have almost completely vanished where everyone has a merc as a "pocket healer".

    I would like to see NPC damage changed so CC and player healers have a chance to shine in a regular group. Please make CC important again; or give Clerics/Enchanters/Bards another role to play within a group where the game mechanics allows CC and healers to be obsolescent.

    Turning buffs into auras would be one way; similar to EQ2, where the buffs disappear when a player leaves the group. Raise the XP penalties for mercs - please, and don't let them buff.
  7. Ninelder Augur

    This isn't just SKs it's all the tank classes, its completely nutz. Its a real pickle for me as a chanter, the tanks will take a massive dump on every mez I cast, they think its funny. I would to if it allowed me to stop CCing when grouped with a real tank.

    The problem is they don't need CC, mezzing lowers their DPS while every non tank class still really really really needs me to CC. If i don't mez and the tank doesn't do their thing right, dps and healers or I will die. If I do mez, they will immediately break it and I might as well not have cast it in the first place and I just wasted a lot of mana to do nothing.

    Its the night and day difference between tank classes and everyone else when it comes to multiple mobs. Everyone else has to have CC or splits. The monk or ranger can tank named mobs, but they and every other class will die fast to multiple mobs. The tank does nothing to make others immune to multiple mobs, while he is immune. The tank is doing the same or more DPS than most of us are capable of while not even understanding this make or break principle that drastically effects everyone else.

    The summary conclusion of these two mechanics is that everyone should just play a tank class. And its constant, and in your face, every group. Aside from the one mission that requires an enchanter every expansion and the two or three that require a real healer every expansion, everyone would be so much better off if they just played those three classes.

    Even crazier is when you hear one of these three whine about the other two. I know SKs have never come close to seeing the dark side of the balance wheel and this might seem unfair to paladins or warriors, but when i am in group on my druid and I have had to listen to some paladin whine about SK DPS or whatever its preposterous irony of epic levels.

    Its like some billionaire whining to her dollar-a-day maid about how unfair it is that the Johnsons next door have a 16-car garage while they only have a 12 car garage and expecting her to be sympathetic when no one in her ancestry has every driven a car, much less owned one.
  8. Koveras Elder

    Another thing I also want to bring up for wishes in the next expansion is the fact it should have three tiers of progression instead of two like the recent expansion and the last two where, here's what I have in mind.

    • Tire 1: Basic progression, should be the kind of progression that everyone should be able to pass, ranging from 110th level to 115th.
    • Tire 2: Intermediate progression, ah yes the somewhat more challenging stuff, should be ranging from 113rd level to 115th level.
    • Tire 3: Advanced progression, yep, the challenging progression that could player effort to the test, something best ideal for those who already reached to 115th level.
    • Tireless Standalone zones: In the event we ever see another standalone zone in the upcoming expansion as well as that afterwords, some will be as easy as Gnome Memorial Mountain while others may be as really hardcore as Plane of War (which should be much more challenging then advanced progression I mentioned above). We may even see standalone Lost Dungeons of Norrath-like adventures that can really give players competition.
    Perhaps too little too late in the case of these ideas? Or better now then later for me to bring them up? The only thing I do know is that if the upcoming expansion is to thrive then its ideal to learn from the mishaps that happened when it comes to The Burning Lands expansion.
  9. Allayna Augur

    You play with tanks.

    You play an enchanter? One of the best classes for this expansion? Everything is CC'able....everything. Blur it off, charm it, stun it, root it...mez....if your tank is such a either don't group with them...or use friendly stasis a few times until they get the hint.

    Enchanters can solo everything. There are mechanics in this expansion that absolutely wreck a real tank that would do nothing to your charmed pet tank =p
  10. Cicelee Augur

    I want a super augment based off of achievement score. If only to see FQ explode...
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  11. Axxius Augur

    While I wouldn't go as far as claiming that ENC can solo (or molo) everything in TBL, playing the class in this expansion has been very satisfying, after the issue with crazy resists was fixed.

    As for the tanks breaking mez - totally agreed here. If the tank doesn't need your mez, then don't mez. ENC can do a lot of other things and have fun.
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  12. Alythea New Member

    One thing that I and all Enchanters/Enchantresses would love is a simple fix.

    Please change the color of the mobs' name overhead or add an aura when a NPC is mezzed, rooted, or charmed to give the group a visual cue. It would save a lot of time and effort. It would prevent miscommunications and make groups and raids function so much easier.
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  13. Alythea New Member

    With respect, Allayna. I'd say that was a generalization of the worst sort. No class can solo "everything" As an enchantress of 17 years (on and off), I can tell you that a lot of mobs are immune or very resistant to our powers. That is as it should be.

    What we have seen with each expansion is a reduction of our usefulness in every day group play. It is to the point now where CC isn't need most of the time. That is perfectly OK. It is also uncomfortable for a class whose major focus is CC.

    EverQuest is not (nor should it be) a solo game. It shouldn't be just about raiding either. It's main focus should be everyday groups of friends and players. That was always the key to its long life.

    What I and a few others are saying is that the game could use a few "quality of life" adjustments so that Enchanters and other support classes have more to offer groups in areas where it is very clear that the game mechanics and style of group play have superseded us in most group situations.

    It's not about soloing at all.
  14. Brohg Augur

    oo, yes. put em in a block of arcane ice.
  15. Nennius Curmudgeon

    And give it a /toggle on or /toggle off.
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  16. Allayna Augur

    I think TBL reintroduced CC usefulness, not destroyed it. Ever tried pulling 6-8 snails, or any of the AE mobs from TBL? The group doesn’t last long as they all AE in the same second.

    I’ll gladly take an enchanter in any group or raid. CC + DPS and ADPS and debuffs = win.
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  17. Requiesce Journeyman

    • Group content tuned for group geared players
    • The option to receive refunds for expansions without having to issue CC chargebacks
    I don't really care what features they put in the new expansion, as long as I can give it back if it sucks without pissing off their accounting department.
  18. Axxius Augur

    Pretty obvious that you already decided that it will suck. You don't even care what new features it will have. You want to check out the new expansion and get a refund regardless of what it contains. And you want Daybreak to help you with that? How nice.
  19. Requiesce Journeyman

    Correct. I don't care about new features. Daybreak doesn't have the engineering resources to keep churning out new features without accruing technical debt they can't out-climb. An emphasis on "new features" just means stuff that's been broken is more likely to stay broken.

    Of course people like you want new features. You're in a high-end raid guild, completely decked out in raid gear, bored and waiting for the next carrot on the stick.

    But people like me don't want new features. We want to stop wasting time and effort banging our heads against content that was designed for you, wrapped in this idea that it's "theoretically for everyone". My only ask is a warning sticker on the next expansion for who exactly it was made for.
  20. Ninelder Augur

    Another "Git Gud" ad hominem from Allayna, I will be sure to file that with the rest of them... If you and I were in Hollywood right now, my response would be, "Great, thanks."