Wishes for the next expansion?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Lilura, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Teylana Elder

    Just out of curiosity, why not?
  2. Allayna Augur

    Why does this curling iron say "For external use only"?
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  3. Goburs Augur

    Mistaken for a buttplug in the dark, could happen to anyone, right...?
  4. Thrillho Augur

    Not the joke I was making... But probably more suitable towards the website :D.
  5. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Ah, So I can have pets marked on the map. :p
  6. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I got stuck in Tower of Rot yesterday looking for collectables!

    Having climbed on all the ledges looking for shinies I jumped down the wrong side and there was no way out!
  7. Raccoo Augur

    I got stuck while doing travelers achievement, in one of the Underfoot zones. I think I got summoned by a mob behind the wall, ran around, got agro on another mob eventually that summoned me back outside. lol
  8. AcemoneyFV Augur

    You can run up the wall and little ledges to get out. I just completed ToR and thought the same, but it's possible to get out.
  9. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    (The "you" i am using here is the general you, I'm not talking specifically you, Teylana)

    It's a psychology thing.
    If you are immediately given rewards, you have less impulse to keep playing if you won't continue to get a reward every time.
    We can't reasonably make enough items to give you a reward you need multiple times.

    It's also the "Slot Machine" psychology. That draw to keep playing until you get the reward you want from it. If you get what you need first time on every mission, you'll fill your full set very quickly and then become less interested in playing the game, and we want you to keep playing the game.

    It also causes some social problems in a game where there is a larger community. If we always give you your personalized reward the first time, you will be less likely to help someone else because there's nothing in it for you.

    NOTE: this is a generalization, averaging thing. We know some people are motivated to help others because they are nice people. Or they do it for a cash reward, or to support their guilds, or real life friends. But the generalizations till fits the overall reason.
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  10. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    It would also mean groups would form up around certain classes in order to help improve the drop rate of items that they want which could make it harder for some to get a group.
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  11. Teylana Elder

    Thank you. I appreciate the insight.
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  12. Kleitus_Xegony Augur

    The problem with this line of thinking is the amount of pure busy work you keep introducing into the game. Let me be very clear - busy work is not enjoyable. We all understand that you can't avoid it entirely in a game like this but at a certain point it is no longer tolerable and actually takes away from the enjoyment of playing the game.

    You've hit the point where the fun and challenge of the game has been almost entirely replaced by nonstop repetitive tasks. It's not how well you can play or even how fun it is to play but simply how long you have to play. You guys haven't perfected fun game play, you've perfected a nightmarish treadmill from hell simply to maintain subscription rates and numbers. It's the interactions with other players that are still fun - not the current game play.

    Go back to giving us fun reasons to play. Give us actual content to consume instead of roadblocks. Stop forcing us to grind away forever at the most meaningless of tasks just because you have nothing else to give us.
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  13. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    The fact is we are not going to get the amount of content we did 10 years ago unless you can increase the number of paying Live server players by a massive amount.

    There is only going to be so much interesting engaging content they can create for us with the budget and staffing they are given. And they also have to balance that engaging content so that it isn't too hard for some and too easy for others. This is a hard task and the game devs try their best to balance it out.

    And lets face it. It is in their interest to make each expansion as fun and as engaging as they can make it (again using the budget and staffing they have) because that helps expansion sales and player retention.

    And you are right that it is the interactions with other players that is the glue that holds the game together. And we are lucky in some ways we have a unique population of older players in Everquest that I am sure gives the game a different feel then other games.

    All the time sink stuff is there as filler to help extend the content. But it's not there instead of engaging content it is there in addition to the maximum amount of engaging content they are able to create each expansion.
  14. tyrantula Elder

    I can't speak for everyone but adding current era epic quests, whether the rewards be items, trophy, permanent AAs, etc would go a very long way I think. If they did it in the way that you needed a raid force again to get an item, that would secure content for the future as we already see class epics still being used today.
  15. Filthy casual Journeyman

    Epic increases would be nice, they could make it similar to how the PoS raid was with the brell's shadow drops for the upgraded shawl aug. A second chest that spawned on 1 raid in the expansion cycle that had X number of epic upgrade kits. It would also be nice if the current "new" epic for each class remained useful. Several classes currently never click their epics because they simply do nothing over X level.

    Hell, you could make it a combination of the brell's aug upgrade that is about due and a new epic.
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  16. Ibadan Kun'Tirel Augur

    The level of grind/busy work is precisely why I can't dedicate any time to alts. I can really only maintain one character amidst work/life balance, that is, full achievements, gear, etc.
  17. divirgmar Lorekeeper

    Ok, they want ideas? so, lets use stuff that's out there, and twist it.
    TBL was fire. Game of thrones was song of fire and ice and is timely. And Ice is.......VELIOUS
    no more gnomes, or clockworks, please
    Mechanics available:
    demiplane sisters, Needing to heal one up to health before she turns into a werewolf to then DPS her down. Maybe use that in new expansion? make necros , Dragon necropolis, the way to conquer the Efreeti is to Renimate the undead dragon (Veeshan?) heal it up so it can beat the efreeti down while raid OT's Pheonix adds unless they crack the eggs first.

    Alaris rides and phrases and the mechamatic guardian in dragonscale. Thinking Voltron? Like time trials , raid splits into Arms, Legs, Chest, head, feet, and hands , Phrases are spoken and the respective groups are moved (very much like the song bit in demiplane) but also have to cast spells or melee- like the Final Una event in Arx mentis where you have to destroy the center spire, but everyone is moving separately in their own ships and Raid leader can launch arms, legs- etc as needed to....veeshan? (maybe this is phase one of above- defeat veeshan, then raise her up to defeat efreeti, but stronger because she's undead in the necropolis, after doing something with the Chetati)

    Lcenium and mounts to ride and take down the sokokar in the gonoaire event. Have something similar but in Dragon necropolis where you ride all the dinosaurs from theilasaur island. Its like a monster mission because you only have the abilities of the dinosaur you are on, but also some of your own and the raid has to kill all the chetari. kind of like a old school zerg, but a nasty zerg- like in call of the forsaken the generals raid?- and phase spiders that really phase. Instead of a red target ring like in new skyfire, a white target ring when they are about to phase in- in a random spot. There are not enough dino's for the whole raid and it can be done with or without dinos, but with dino's its easier. Like Uqua, the pressure on this raid will be time, not DPS

    Add some raids in VP, keep VP nasty af. You're choice, choose any dragon raid from Time flagging or even Vishmitar, or DoN. and mix up the mechanics, add some spice.

    Put PoMischief back behind VP, make raids in mischief class dependent like the one raid in GoD where you needed a rogue to get people out of jail. can even mix and match some mechanics from OoW and old group stuff in mischief. like the puppet event.

    The gnolls in jaggedpine, jaggedpine with its non-stick fry pan, linking to gnolls in Blackburrow, to gnolls in oceangreen to gnoll bracer from Plane of War, gnolls and Ogres and Fippy from the scourge of newbies in qeynos, to Brells tourtured in underfoot, to frothing- saryrn or even brothers Zek like battles in plane of war.


    Learning from the cold, and Eron, and the artisans prize, and Cresta's, and Coldain shawls (1 and 2)- we have the Frostone dwarves. We also have the friendly, brell worshiping gnolls in jaggedpine. I think the frostone dwarves would be very interested in a shawl, maybe their own shawl. Does it have to be a shawl? Maybe something the sirens or giants could give up items for, even the alarans that might have some higher level alarans to fight for those of us that stumbled upon the tear late.
    Don't unlock TDS, for there might be alliances between the sirens in TDs and the sirens in the new grotto.- and the sirens in timmorous deep- and kedge!.

    my 2 cents
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  18. Tucoh Augur

    Telling the guy who makes the items that you want more fun content and less focus on the reward system is like telling your mailman you don't like how long it's taking for the road construction crews to fix the potholes on your morning commute.
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  19. Whulfgar Augur

    It would not matter what raid item they have. 1 raid item from a raid instance would mean that toons raid geared.

    Thus auto scale it. And it could only involve last 3 expansions raid gear wise.

    And only items on person an bank. That's not as hard as you might be trying to imply it be..
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  20. Whulfgar Augur

    Question.. becomes can you name a single game that this type of situation.. does not involve ??