Wishes for the next expansion?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Lilura, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Venau Augur

    Create a mission and raid that has mobs that are locked to, and must be defeated by, the first character that hits/casts a spell on it. Each type of mob would obviously be susceptible to certain class specific attributes. Maybe (one of) the boss mob(s) could switch between each of the first line of mobs characteristics to assure everyone gets a shot to hack/slash his/her way to infamy!

    This could potentially rejuvenate certain player classes as well as provide an opportunity for game devs to exponentially further their understanding of each class. This might help clarify or provide insight with respect to future class alteration. It may also help Fin-Types bathe in the glory they require and are righteously due.

    I know there are plenty of events that have class specific bane damage in them. But go big or go home! If I come back to the game I wanna hear clerics boasting about pwning mobs. I wanna whitnessss monks finally claiming to be OP. Maybe even make the Pally mobs a lil easier than the SK mobbies so the last laugh is with the "good guyz" character:)
  2. Venau Augur

    Also, and finally...stop focusing on ornaments. We will be happy to play with stick figures. "The Look" means very little to us. Spend any/all of your limited resources on zone/quest/monster/NECRO DOT REVAMP(oops! dint mean to...well maybe?) type things.
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  3. birdsong_pawn New Member

  4. Bigstomp Augur

    I'd be very happy with a broken up progression.
    Using EoK as an example, if I was playing in Chardok, I'd like a friend to be able to do their Chardok progression without me having to go back to Lcenium and Scorched woods before I could even help them on Chardok.

    I understand getting it all done, I'd just like the idea to get it done a little more out of order. Doesn't matter a ton at expansion launch. But later in the expansion catching people up it would be nice.
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  5. Monkman Augur

    I wish that Heavenly Glorious armor is required to make next expansions raid armor. :D
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  6. Ditka Journeyman

    You can just go ahead and die in a fiery pit right this instant.
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  7. Yinla Augur

    As long as those 4 - 5 targets can be killed in any order.

    I'd also still like to see a raid in every zone. :)
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  8. Natal Augur

    I am a warrior and have plenty of type 3 slots open, even with evolving gear.
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  9. Natal Augur

    Better yet would be to require RoS raid armor to make the next expansions raid armor, that way your new people would have to farm both EoK and RoS raids to get the bits to make the new armor!! ;)
  10. Natal Augur

    A lot of people like the option of changing armor appearance, so you speak for yourself.
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  11. Natal Augur

    Progression should be required to access missions/raids/special items etc., not zones. All zones should be open from the get go.
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  12. menown Augur

    I play a necro and could use 20 more type 3 slots for all the useful augs. I also agree with Venau that content > added ornaments. Must be nice being a Warrior where your biggest concerens is your appearancce. Also, I believe some targetted dungeons should be locked behind key progression. Outdoor zones can be open to the public.
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  13. Spellfire Augur

    All zones should be open.

    I'm not a fan of doing progression 37456times for all alts.
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  14. Axxius Augur

    Some progression locking is good IMO. But it should be just the end zone (e.g. RoS) as opposed to everything past the entry zone (TBL).
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  15. Spellfire Augur

    Locked end zone would be fine.

    HoT progression was also fine (could just TA to group missions) but how they set up progression now is unappealing.
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  16. Berkwin New Member

    I would like to see some Lovin for Rogues... especially to the progression servers, where Mercs are pretty much not happening for a long time. like throw them a bone already.. give them a non DD Life tap poison or something to keep them standing on there own and possibly a snare poison?? at like lvl 1...

    would be nice.... I miss playing a rogue, would love to solo one on Agnarr without a fungus scale tunic to level 50. Btw Kudos to the Rogues I do happen to see on Agnarr its impressive you guys leveled them so far!!

    As for getting them to 115 they should be like the necro class imo. anything to play them. that is basically it for now till I have more wonderful ideas.... LOL
  17. Greymantle Augur

    How about the ability to merge two raids like we can with groups? Raid leader that invites get's initial control. A lot of guilds do co-op raids. Would make things SO much easier to set up.
  18. Tutankamen Elder

    I agree with posts in other threads... DO NOT, DO NOT lock zones behind progression like you did with TBL. Paying for an expansion then NOT HAVING ACCESS without super high geared raid friends to help you complete the *ridiculously difficult progression tasks... is not ok.

    Also, please give us those illusions you promised a long time ago in another thread far far away... especially Morell Thule...

    Please provide more than 2 weapons per each class to use for this expansion- include some options, not just Tradeskill raid/ Raid drop, identical in every way except a +5 stat adjustement.

    Please make sure raid weapons have particle effects this round... TBL weapons were lame.
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  19. Bobokin Elder

    Yeah, we wouldn't want Rogues to actually use their skills like other classes do.
  20. Axxius Augur

    We would want everybody to use their reading skills before replying, to avoid posting nonsense.
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