Wishes for the next expansion?

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  1. Elyssanda Bardbrain

    Do the Pillars of Alra tasks every 6 hours.. takes maybe an hour+ to do them all, and you end up with 4-7 tablets per run. then hit Shards Landing Alarans between.
    It fits on the charm, which isn't evolving..
  2. yepmetoo Abazzagorath


    Point was you lose 2 type 3 slots to evolving. Tears is another type 3. No caster/priest/hybrid has enough room for useful type 3s as is. So if you haven't finished it yet, keep it an ammo slot item. The mod3s aren't worth the slot usage.
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  3. Elyssanda Bardbrain

    Bards love it. We don't have good effective slot 3's for the most part. Less than a handful are worthwhile for groups or raids, so we fill up with the Tear and ATK augs from LDoNs.
  4. smash Augur

    Have never changed mine to type 3 aug because of lack of slots and losing and maybe 2 more in next expansion is going to hurt
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  5. Ditka Journeyman

    Why don't the chase items have type 3's? It seems like an oversight that they never fixed.
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  6. smash Augur

    Except it is not, said it was intentional
  7. I-WANT-IT-NOW Augur

    Because of a silly hard stance on the matter. Probably gets worse next expansion if more evolves appear in non visable slots.
  8. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Type 3's need to be condenced down so we need less of them.
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  9. Dracolindus Journeyman

    An increase in Paladin Dmg.
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  10. Spellfire Augur

    More debuff slots.
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  11. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    This or necro/sk dot revamp.
  12. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    Velious. It must be in Velious. It NEEDS to be in Velious. The Sleeper is now actually Vulak'Aerr!! :eek:

    EDIT: And it will need three guilds to kill him, and we get one kill per server. Please make this happen.
  13. Findictive Augur

    For added procs to work on Ranged attacks. Some would have to be changed a lot but others look to be as simple as adding 1 string to the spell data. Or to finally get an answer as to why they don't instead of floating in a sea of theories and sadness.
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  14. Belkar_OotS Augur

    So a raid idea. Recommend it be a T1 level event since it is novel and something most guilds would want to experience.

    Throw back to the Naggy Monster Mission.

    Developer named characters ala Glooming Deep are protecting some npc (Vox, Naggy, FV, current expansion hero). The hero NPC and developers are being attacked by a raid of "NPC players" lead by one Leroy Jenkins. Raid goal is to protect the hero NPC (protecting devs is optional since.... We are vindictive).

    After hailing, we get 48 NPC named after players in the raid (playername's_inner_demon00), 3 of each class (if a class is under represented it instead spawns a generic named npc of said class Seething_Shaman01, Whining_Warrior00 or a_fallen_comrade etc). During the event we get 5 Boss NPC named after the first 5 guild leaders to complete the TBL expansion, or famous historic players such as Fansy the Bard, Sinzan the CCH cleric etc with an appropriate set of abilities.

    Each NPC type will cast a few different spells/abilities and will either do AE versions after 25% or rampage etc depending on the class. Taunt like abilities from tanks would either act like an AE lure or make other NPC's temporarily not targetable.

    I'm envisioning waves of 2 groups (1 tank 1 dps) and 2 bosses, then 3 groups (1 tank 2 dps) and 2 bosses, then 3 (1 tank 2 dps)groups and the biggest boss. Alternatively can just do 1 of each class per wave and they just use their abilities more in further waves.

    Each developer has a buff/nerf that they can give that affects both players and NPC that they cycle through that is relevant to their role in the game. So NPC can drop a TS item that can optionally be used that provides a 2 minute aura that increases crits or mana regen etc.

    It is extremely important that emotes say funny and stereotypical things, and that the npc death messages are funny and fun and that NPC interaction occur.

    "Egotistical_Enchanter shouts "Stop using WTD necros!!"
    "Whining_Warrior shouts, "I needed to bribe the clerics more." when he dies.
    "Complaining_Cleric retorts "You were out of range, that's on you"
    "Nagging_Necromancer shout, "Ping! Another rank of Innate Charisma!" when a player dies.

    Once we've bested the 48 NPC raiders, and 5 bosses (53 total). Leroy turns tail and says something about coming back after lockouts or next week. Needing to find better raiders.

    The nerfs and buffs should reflect things players can associate with. Pets doing bonus damage, headshot doing extra damage, everyone losses AC or capped Mana for a bit etc.

    Bonus points if we can help (hinder) the developers in their quests as a side task.
  15. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur

    Ok, you totally missed what I meant, buy "tanked by someone else". So, I meant : in a group setting or raid setting mobs are some times in very close quarters , which does not give rangers the ability to maximize dps. By shortening the minimum bow range, while a mob does not have the ranger listed as main target , allows the ranger to DPS in most raid events and most group content.
  16. Mintalie Augur

    Pet aura AA for magicians
    New cauldron for magicians
    Additional spell gem
    A zone clickie like the brilliantly implemented TBL lamp
    A new rare item like Bifold (maybe a haze on demand clicky every five minutes)
  17. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur

    Split the DPS Disc refresh timers for Rangers, so that they couldn't be used at the same time but could be used one after another, like other classes.

    To clarify my previous post; allow rangers to bow at a closer distance to the mob, thus allow for smaller fighting area's or bowing while in the raid pile.

    Fix the chat window UI so that I can Minimize my DPS window , without creating incredible lag for myself.

    Make lighting and rain graphic and sound effects optional.
  18. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur

    "I would like to see Ranger mana consumption addressed. This could be fixed by removing or reducing the 100% increased mana cost on Twincast spells with Scarlet Cheetah Fang, and removing or reducing the mana cost per proc on Poison/Fire/Frost Arrows. Poison arrows costs more mana currently per minute than it did when it was a standard mana drain per tick."
    - Raptour

    These are easy fixes and would be great if they were done. :)
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  19. Allayna Augur

    Fewer DZ swaps.
    Less "base pop" clears.

    Give us a dz with 4-5 targets in it.
    Let it not be filled with mobs that have to be cleared whether they're gonna drop loot or not.
    If that's not in the cards....remove a 5 minute timer from "base pop" mobs.
  20. Koldanar Elder

    Would love to have an extended target window that showed targets target for all slots.