Wishes for the next expansion?

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  1. Kuvian Lorekeeper

    Fix the focus AA names. Right now they are at 105. So on my wizard it says Cloudburst Stormstrike even though he has a newer spell, Cloudburst Thunderbolt. I know the name, it just reeks of sloppiness or laziness to have the wrong names there.
  2. Allayna Augur

    Collections to be green if not collected, (the icon) or red if collected....without having to inspect each one. Graphically, how an evolving item looks. Inspecting it would then tell you whether it was a ground spawn or from an HA/dropped.
  3. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Group content does need to be tuned for groupers, and the mercs. Raid geared players in group content are always going to be... odd.
  4. Scornfire The Nimbus Prince

    Everything is Undeadable, tell Tonyy to get with the program
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  5. Cadira Augur

    He's not raiding until dots are fixed ; (
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  6. Spellfire Augur

    About to do the same.
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  7. Raptour_MT Elder

    I would like to see Ranger mana consumption addressed. This could be fixed by removing or reducing the 100% increased mana cost on Twincast spells with Scarlet Cheetah Fang, and removing or reducing the mana cost per proc on Poison/Fire/Frost Arrows. Poison arrows costs more mana currently per minute than it did when it was a standard mana drain per tick.
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  8. Kinadorm Augur

    With a level increase I think most/all of the Alaran mobs in the game will now be grey cons at max level. It would be nice to have some higher level Alarans to level the Tears of Alaris with or change it to level off of any mob.
  9. Axxius Augur

    You don't level it by killing Alarans. Farming the Fragments becomes increasingly easy with levels.
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  10. Whulfgar Augur

    Bingo.. the tear grind now and since they became gray an green cons has been all about farming the 5% clicks..
  11. Remien Master

    Was bored at lunch today and came up with a couple rough raid ideas centered around a chain of islands. All of which could use repurposed zones/npcs.

    Captain Nalot or other TBD npc:
    Needs assistance clearing his trade route.

    Raid boards a gnomish steampowered boat. A translocator npc is at each island dock

    1st Event, Island 1, DreadFeather kin to StormFeather and GrimFeather
    · A dire griffon, has several directional attacks
    · Directional dire screech which silences PCs but also has a mana drain.
    · Directional wing buffet which is a large dd+knockback.
    · Directional talon strike which is a dd+dot.
    · Directional beak attack which is a blind+dd.
    · Dire griffon eggs spawn at random griffon nests on the island. These eggs are attackable by pcs if not killed within a certain time limit, they hatch into killable hatchlings. If these hatchlings are killed within line of sight of DreadFeather, they enrage DreadFeather for two ticks per hatchling death. Hatchlings that spawn are a variety which have different crowd control methods, kite+snare,root,mez,stun,fear…etc. Eggs are colored as to which hatchlings will spawn. If hatchlings are left alone they will mature into adult griffons which are not crowd controllable.

    2nd Event, Island 2. Will`o`Wisps
    · Ancient Wisp casts a non cureable blind+mana drain but can be avoided if pcs face away before it finishes casting.
    · Wisp casts a stun on those not looking in its direction every x amount of time offset by the blind+mana drain it casts.
    · At 25% the Main willowisp transforms into its true form, an undead pixie. Which now gains a lifedrain curse, which is cast on 4 random people which (tank not included) can be cured by stacking on one another. At this time it also casts a wither curse on 2 people, which can also be cured by stacking. If at any time the pcs effected by lifedrain and wither come into contact with one another they explode both parties(lifetap + mana drain).

    3rd Event, Island 3. Go Turtle Go! Modizal
    · Conal DoT, shatter armor dot which reduces AC and causes dmg
    · Several directional attacks.
    · Self buff:Turtling, one of 4 runes, is placed on the turtle which is only removed after x amount of spells of a certain type that correspond to the active rune have been cast. Wrong spell types are reflected back on the caster.
    · Starting at 25% Modizal’s Hitpoints lock and casts 4 targeted “breathless” and 4 “enduring breath” to pcs on hatelist. Breathless overrides any enduring breath items and your air counter starts ticking away while under its effects ultimately leading to drowning if not cured. While “enduring breath” gives an increased mana/endurance regen buff which lasts for 1minute or until cured.
    · Breathless may only be cured by saying a phrase to the few gnoll shaman that are there with the snowfang gnoll hunting party. These gnoll shaman have a curing cooldown. Each successful breathless cure unlocks 1% of Modizal hitpoints. However curing enduring breath consumes a curing cooldown and removes the mana/endurance regen buff.

    4th Event, Island 3 inland. Hidden Cove
    · 5 unattackable Luggald Priests Gathered summoning a Kraken type Raid Boss such as a Large Water Elemental, Water Dragon(Kelorek’Dar model?)
    · Several Waves of Luggald assassins, casters, and knights attack biding time for the priests to summon the Boss.
    · The Luggald knights have a cone fear spell these are meant to be tanked by Shadowknights and Paladins.
    · The caster luggalds come in two flavors enchanter types with single target charm but can be stunned and necro types which cast an ae lifedrain.
    · The luggald assassins backstab and have poison dd/dots.
    · After all waves of luggalds are down the priests become attackable. Each priest takes extra dmg from certain weapon and spell types.
    · 25minute timed event, failure causes the summoned being into existence which results in a zone wide instant death.

    5th Event, Island 4. Elder Cyclops (Maybe drop an elder ring of the cyclops) Hasten Bootstrutter has been captured by the Elder Cyclops.
    · 4 Seafury cyclops adds spawn that either must be offtanked or killed. These casts a small radius ae stun
    · Each seafury cyclops death empowers the Elder Cyclops. However, these cyclops drop bane dmg weapons that may be used on the shadowmen that will spawn later in the event.
    · Elder cyclops every x amount of time or % choses a target on its hatelist and charges them. If caught it empowers the elder if not it depowers it 1 level. It can never depower more than its base level.
    · At 50% 4 shadowmen spawn and continue to spawn every 5% of the Elder Cyclops. These may be crowd controlled via mez or killed via bane dmg. Bane dmg may be done via spells or weapon types but the dropped weapons do significantly more dmg.

    6th Event, Rival Gunthak Pirates! Ship to ship combat. Reskin some of the abysmal sea zone?
    · After clearing the trade route rival pirates attempt to wipe out their competition.
    · Waves of Gunthak pirates board the PCs ship. PCs must defend
    · Rival pirate ship has attackable canons. These canons cast “canon ball” ae fire dmg and have knockback.
    · In the waters around the boats are blood thirsty sharks. PCs may be thrown into the water by knockbacks caused by the ship’s canons.
    · PCs must destroy the canons before they can board. Canons may be ranged dmg down while the rest of the pcs handle the oncoming waves of npcs.
    · PCs are to then press the attack and board the rival ship.
    · Fighting off the Captain, First Mate, and the remaining waves of the crew (4 npcs). Captain and the First Mate must be balanced within 5% of one another. First mate will every x seconds shield the captain, absorbing dmg that the captain would have taken. Starting at 75% the captain will target random pcs on its hatelist(not the tank). These target pcs will have to:
    o Duck, failure pc(s) get struck with a tankard (dd+feign death),
    o Run away, on failure pc(s) get vomited on (dot+drunken effect)
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  12. Warpeace Augur

    Better yet increase the Tablet drop rate.
  13. Lilura Augur

    Better yet don't raise the levels.
  14. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

  15. Natal Augur

    Subscriptions pay for the servers and associated operating costs, not dev time on new expansions. That is funded by the proceeds from the expansion itself.
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  16. Natal Augur

    Irrelevant. A raid script based on the concept still exists.
  17. Nataheln New Member

    I just want to reiterate that TBL without a group just sucks. Just dropped invis in palace of aalishai to try and get mercenary task and a pyre armor kills my fully raid geared and buffed character in two hits. Merc rezzes me and I make it through the text with NPC only to have her say "you haven't earned your place here yet" for a merc task... that I just died at for some reason somebody put a monster that can kill you in less than a second at the quest NPC. just terrible design guys.
  18. AcemoneyFV Augur

    As others have mentioned, you want to try and get the Legend Fragments to level it. I'm currently doing VoA on my third toon, quests and hunter. I've killed thousands of Alarns, I'm only on level 8 right now, with lots of clicks. Shard's Landing is the best spot I believe to get these? I'll get the rest of my tear done once I start RoF progression.

    The drop rate increase would be great. It does take a while to grind.
  19. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    The funny thing about the alaran tear, its better if you don't turn it into a type 3 now, if you're not a ranger. Due to losing type 3 slots from the evolving items.
  20. stringfellow New Member

    more missions that require less specific classes to finish. no more level changes and maybe a revamped upgrade expansion to velious?