Wishes for the next expansion?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Lilura, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Angahran Augur

    No 'solo' tasks that require a fully raid geared group to complete!
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  2. Wulerdar Gnome Slayer

    what about lowering the vender costs or increasing the coin drop rate in older expansions ?
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  3. Angahran Augur

    There will always be that 0.1% of players who will fly through an levelling in a short amount of time.
    Because they have their own box group of maxxed out characters and live in their parents basement so don't have to worry about things like family and jobs =, etc.

    Anything designed to slow these people down simply makes it so that it takes us 'normal' players the entire expansion plus half the next one to work our way through everything while those people and moan about being bored.
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  4. Ryino Elder

    Another evolving item or continuation of a old item. Like an upgrade to the shawl aug or the BIC aug from Gates.

    Also a higher banked AA cap.
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  5. Lisard Silly

    I picture you doing the daft bodies.....but instead of faster, better, stronger etc written all over your body....its just NO written everywhere.

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  6. Axxius Augur

    The thing about the balance raids is, they have reached an absurd level in this expansion. Conflagrant Generals! The required balance is not even possible to track visually, as the hp bars can't display fractions of 1%.

    What's worse, raids like these become an absolute nightmare when they are no longer the current content. Solteris #3 anybody? Arx Mentis #2 achievement 'Balance of Power'? Whoever designed the Conflagrant Generals - have you given any thought to what will happen a couple of expansions later? It will still be required for the evolving items.

    Super tight balance is bad, mmmkay?
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  7. Lilura Augur

    Ok. Essence of the Dragon. :p You did it with the Alaran language, you can do it here.

    Isn't that your job? :p Fine.

    The Siege
    A raid gathers to take siege of a keep. If they get to close they agro the whole place and arrows and spells rain down on them. Rogues have to sneak in via tunnels and open the front gate, careful of random mobs that see SoS. Once the gates open the whole place is agroed and the raid has to charge. There is no staying put, it's moving room to room to take out everyone. the raid has to push deeper into the keep where they fight tougher mobs, before confronting the boss mob.

    This should be a long fight, at least 20 minutes, of run and gun. The reward, since it's a keep, should be considerable. Lots of PP for everyone, 4-5 items and 6-7 spell gems. But it comes with a lockout of 7 days.

    The Hot Gates
    Ode to Thermopalye and a few StarCraft 2 missions. Your job is simply to survive before reinforcements show up. Your raid is in a narrow pass which you must defend from waves. But you also have to watch your six. If a spy comes up behind you and gets away, expect an attack from the secret path the spy took to find you. After 15 minutes (or 20 for a challenge of toughness) reinforcements arrive and you win.No boss mobs but raid loot and spell gems can drop from any mob and the corpses will poof post fight so you gotta do loot during the fight.

    Four boss mob types, giants, whatever, are frozen in stasis around a zone. Your task is to free them. When you do, they join you in the fight but if they die you fail. each of the four named has a different type of guard around it. Do something similar to GoD where one type of mob was particularly vulnerable to one form of weapon but had high resistance to another. Weak to slashing, resistant to blunt, strong to melee but weak to magic, etc. So tactics have to change from fight to fight. After all four are released the boss spawns. If any of the four die, fail, wipe, CR.

    That's enough off the top of my head.
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  8. Axxius Augur

    Good ideas. Except:
    Requiring 1 specific class is bad.
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  9. Lisard Silly

    monks can be...sneaky!
  10. Allayna Augur

    I enjoyed the multiple pathway completion of TBL quests. Not every quest had to be completed the same way. I enjoy “convenience clickies” as quest rewards, the Jann mask, the lamp port clicky were excellent additions.

    Someone mentioned it, but it should have been in the RoS expansion...a catch up quest to complete essence of the dragon (EoTD), this was done for the alaran language from VoA to RoF. These type of debuff blockers are unecesary barriers to someone already behind and trying to join those playing at level 110.

    I enjoy the difficulty of TBL mobs and before everyone gets all “but you’re an end game raid geared tank”... I made a paladin alt during Anniversary, 100% group gear, missing augs and only 1K AA over auto grant.....tanks just fine in TBL. The exception to this enjoyment comes to mechanics like Fire Trap.

    I also enjoy raid-like mechanics in missions, the fire aura in Rusted Cliffs smoke trial for instance.

    I absolutely loathe setting up for balancing 3-4 bosses in a raid while splitting your raid force, it’s a nightmare for exactly 1 person in the raid.

    Smoke, Esianti, and Empyr 1 by design fit that model. Empyr 2 you can at least clump together, but the minuscule balance is annoying if your GUI cannot support it.

    I’ve mentioned in other threads, I dislike 1 off raid wiping mechanics. There are random LDs in game, GMM 3 is a great example of an event where there are a handful that just instant LD when the boss becomes active. Now if they get an emote and cause a chain reaction like in mearatas then you’ve wiped the raid. The idea of a way to mitigate emote failures intrigues me. Like X player failed to run. Y player “does something” and mitigates that failure. Obviously the “does something” would have to be more difficult than the initial emote. Raids with X mob moves to your location and stands there like an with a huge aura are lame. We aren’t cowards who enjoy running from a fight. Let X mob move to that person and open a can of whoop-.

    I enjoy the idea from RoS of individual raid achievements.

    Continue with the addition of trade skills as a viable group and raid armor option, I love that inclusion. The aug slots alone are a quicker path to catch someone up who is returning to the game after a break, something that is good for the health of the game.

    Quests that award a BiS piece for group players that are raid quality, think Artisan’s Prize, Crestra’s Earring, the 4 evolving chase items from TBL.
    They take effort (time) and that time is rewarded with an amazing item. I think it’s important they be accessible to those who don’t raid.

    TL:DR = I enjoyed many aspects of the reward for effort from EoK through TBL but absolutely hate some of the raid setup required in TBL.
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  11. Kempel Journeyman

    give us the ability to use the Rain of Fear collectors edition collectibles to get rid of that /ach :)
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  12. Thrillho Augur

    Personal performance level achievements instead of group-wide or raid-wide achievements. There's always one shmuck who ruins these achievements, no matter how mind-numbingly easy they are. RoS had personal achievements in raids and it was refreshing. More of those, please!

    Maybe raid-wide achievements spawn an additional chest at the end of the event for a trophy? If a guild were to complete a task as a whole, the whole guild should benefit from it.

    Do away with long-duration achievements too. It's not difficult to get to a full enrage timer. It's boring. Especially as a melee. A better option would be to be able to start the raid at an enraged level, similar to the quick death in CotF.

    On the subject of difficulty, if possible, add in multiple tiers for the raids. We're getting to a point in the game where a difficult raid means the end of some guilds. Fortunately in TBL, this raid was situated at the end of the expansion, but for other raids (Vault, Vault 2.0, Lab) being mid-expansion heavily restrict the progression of guilds through the expansion. They're guild-killers. Having an 'easy' mode (20% reduction of mob hp and damage output) gives raids an opportunity to see the event. Rewards would be reduced - no achievements, fewer drops, fewer flags, etc. Regular mode would stand as is, hard mode (start at enrage) could have additional achievements.

    Timer reductions on raid spawns. Lceanium and Stratos both come to mind. Have a script recognize a wave is complete and have it start the next one, instead of having to wait around for the timer to end.

    Crestra's earring was an enjoyable quest line. I'd like to see additional expansion-wide quests for *something*, even if the reward is trivial. An illusion, a mount, whatever. Something to work on during downtime that doesn't necessarily need a group.

    Item combining in TBL for luck is interesting, and I'd like to see something like that carry on. VoA had a similar one with combining 4 purity augs for a chest augment. TDS had one with the parrot aug. These all seem to be successes, and seeing something similar in a future expansion would probably be received well. (Luck is probably the least well-received, but I still see people chasing it).

    For content, I'd love to see an attack on a zone staple. PoK would be a great setting for an invasion, the guild lobby a large place for a battle, and a guild hall a great finale. The lore is somewhat here already - we're in the planes again, we're fighting hostile entities. Maybe one of them breaches the PoK barrier and successfully invades. Realistically it would be the library that has the finale, as that should be where the source of knowledge is.
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  13. Axxius Augur

    But they should never be better than raid gear without requiring raiding. TBL evolving items requiring raid achievements to reach the final tier is an excellent idea - and it's also a meaningful reward for those achievements (as opposed to some lame ornamentations in RoS). But I dislike that the second-best tier of those items is still better than raid gear.

    Thou shalt not obtain raid gear without raiding. If you don't raid - you don't need these items.

    And it also covers the idea of making the current expansion's currency farmable in old expansions, at any exchange rate: if you don't raid in this expansion, you don't need this expansion's raid gear.
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  14. tyrantula Elder

    More bankable AA's.

    Bring Velious Sleepers Tomb back and allow a new version of the sleeper to be awoken, avatar-like weapons, bring back 'custom' versions of items (cowl of mortality, class helms, etc).

    I like multiple raids within one zone.

    Give us more stunnable mobs. TBL was excellent in this regard. EoK/RoS was extremely limited with stunnable mobs.

    More bankable AA's.

    Allow us to bank more than one specific glyph at increased costs. 40aa for one. 80aa for second. 120aa for third.

    Allow more uses for max exp/AA people using their AA's. Maybe add glyph's of experience?

    Food/Drink keyrings where you eat your junk food, but utilize your stat food.

    Purchasable raid mounts via raid currency

    Old school spawn timers of epics are painful (epic ornament quest). 2-3-5-7 day timers for mobs that someone randomly comes through and kills. Or add harbingers for said content? Context: I just waited 5-6 days for Lich of Miragul, and now on day 3 of Keeper of the Tombs.

    More bankable AA's.

    Although it's not my first listed here, my largest gripe for day-to-day activities is how frustrated I am killing mobs and not gaining any experience. Grinding for hours without exp gain or being able to use it (well, only via glyphs) is extremely frustrating.
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  15. Dahaman Augur

    These are just examples of different mechanisms strung together in a pseudo raid challenge.

    Tradeskill Locks - Have an area of respawning mobs in a hunting area that drop tradeskill components. Have the raid combine enough of these components to create a giant golem to bust down a huge door into the next area, and then must be killed. Challenge: have an ever increasing stream of hunter-killer mobs that attack the raid that need to be tanked and killed, but don't go to the next area.

    Class Locks - The next general area has X doors that only certain classes can enter (ex: cloth, leather, chain, plate OR Large/Medium/Small races OR Shaman healer group, Druid healer group, Cleric healer group, etc.) Assume cloth/leather/chain/plate in this example, or four doors. Behind each door, there is a key that can be obtained by defeating a challenge. Each key obtained is used to add control to activate a portal. Challenge: There is a respawning beast in the general area that evolves every (cumulative) minute alive. It respawns at a random location after dead 30 seconds. At each evolution, the beast gets tougher until tough enough to kill the raid, effectively putting the raid on a timer.

    Random Location Locks - Activating the above portal while missing keys has a chance to teleport groups to random locations in the next part of the raid, causing them to have to fight thru a section of the raid without help from other groups to get to a centralized location. This will create a need for balanced groups. Challenge: The centralized location has an initial and growing threat that must be countered and stops the raid from simply helping to dig out missing groups to rejoin the raid. Defeating this centralized challenge sets up a portal to the last area.

    Solitary Character Contributors - Activating the portal (e.g. each character touches a stone), causes individual characters face their own challenge to survive for a minute. The longer they live, more they kill, the more damage they heal/sustain, farther they can progress thru a portal wormhole, etc. the more essence they collect. After a minute, they finally arrive. The raid has to fight to (or defeat) 4 smaller golems. These smaller golems can be powered by the collected essence by individual characters for X duration (the more essence, the more time). The 4 golems help to tank, heal, buff, or damage (each golem does only 1 of the 4). against a few waves of adds and a final boss. Each time a character uses up their essence, they lose control of a golem and another character with essence can activate it.
  16. menown Augur

    More undead bosses so Paladins can stop complaining.
  17. tyrantula Elder

    I forgot this. This is actually my #1.
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  18. Cadira Augur

    You misunderstand the definition of "solo task"
  19. Allayna Augur

    Clearly they mean Han Solo.
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  20. Mazame Augur

    Why does a raid have to be a fight? Why not make the raid a puzzle.

    Example would be a Maze where when you kill X mob the walls move a group must stay behind to kill the mob each time the raid needs the walls moved. You then get to room where you have to keep the room empty to prevent the rest of the zone from taking an AE so another group or 2 get left behind. You then get to a road block where everyone but Class X is blind those that are not blind must loot a group spawn and then click it at X spawn to (cure the blindness) so now you must leave those people be hind to keep the blindness gone. in the end the boss is only fought by like 4 groups.