Wishes for the next expansion?

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  1. Lilura Augur

    Ok we know development is under way. What would you like to see or not see? For me:

    * Don't lock everything behind progression
    * No raising level caps
    * A shortcut to EOTD.
    * TDS unlocked
    * No more multiple bosses you have to balance DPS down. It's gone on for several expacs and it's getting very old, not to mention a clear sign of a lack of ideas.
    * Ditto moving mobs. Repeating a mechanic, in this case moving mobs back and forth, for several expacs means you don't have any other ideas.
    * Do something to get shamans playing again. The DoT nerf seems to have driven them all away.
    * Up the rk3 gem drops. I know of guilds that farm ROS and gear goes to alts but fights break out among mains for a 110 rk 3 tablet. The drop rate is atrocious.
    * Work on wizard aDPS. Right now it's awful.

    Over to you.
  2. Lisard Silly

    what I liked with TBL:
    -being able to campfire people into the locked zones once I've done the progression, this made grouping easier, without having to back track people thru a bunch quests just to get a solid grind going or trying to help people at a certain stage in progression and adding friends/guild/group/people along to help at any time.

    what I did not like with TBL:
    -the weird inside out progression path was awkward, especially the whole stratos - > smoke -> empyr dealio, even tho the Smoke Trials were pretty fun the first few times thru them.

    -Achievements based on computer/internet/wifi/pigeoncarrier performance "dont trip" this was annoying trying to help people get it....having to tell people to just stand at the entrance while you go do everything because their potato of a computer is c0kblucking the group is NOT fun for anyone. dont get me wrong, the jump pads were heckin Fun!!

    what I would love to see in the future:
    -Solo quests worth redoing/repeating, many people do the solo quests once or twice and thats it...its off to spamming hero missions for xp/currency, would love to see some attention given to the incentive (bigger xp reward?) to repeat solo tasks, maybe even add achievements or group currnecy for doing x quest x times. just make it rewarding, "hey wanna go grind in Sathirs tomb (RoS) or spam GMM group mission for xp" /fartsound

    -a Raid/mission where 6-12 people can ride Giant Azz Mounts (freely, not scripted, nice try on the 'doorstep of war' raid in lceanium EoK expansion) and these mounts have like 1-3 special buffs/attacks and they have to protect the rest of the raid from many welps while the rest of your raid is doing some insane hoop jumping of a boss.

    -Giant az$ Dinosaur battle raid/mission and you gotta command giant a$z Clockwork Robots to combat them! im still salty about Thuliasaur Island letdown.
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  3. Foliax Journeyman

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  4. Riou EQResource

    It's probably an uncommon opinion, but I liked how TBL was on the harder side and let me use more of my classes abilities instead of being basically an afk DPS bot
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  5. Dewey Augur

    Beta test the end of the expansion first and leave the beginning easy. Allow players to progress through content and farm gear to move on. Instead of having a stupid hard road block, but after that road block its all candy land.
  6. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Abbreviations suck...

    So.. give us ideas.
    Do consider our many limitations with those ideas. AND be sure it's not so easy that you send a tank in, heal him/her, and then stand still blasting/stabbing the boss with no risks...

    Like these are ideas.
    I'm not sure we can actually DO them, but they are ideas! (OR Doing them is exceptionally complex)
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  7. Angahran Augur

    Put rank 3 spell items on raid merchants.
    Allow downgrading of spell items, both group and raid, within expansion
    Allow downgrading rank 3 spell items to rank 3 of previous expansion.

    When an expansion 'unlocks', also unlock all locked items on raid merchants.

    Allow conversion of group/raid currency between expansions.
    e.g. 1 of current expansion = 10 of previous expansion, 10 of previous expansion = 1 of current expansion.
    Maybe even add in a 'charge', so 12 of previous = 1 current and 1 current = 8 previous.

    Just some way to get those rare items from expansions 10 years ago that noone will ever do again but we never got enough coin to buy and never got lucky on the drop.
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  8. Scornfire The Nimbus Prince

    Need another TS raid like Trial of Creation /whistle

    I already suggested this for GMM2, but we should 100% be able to feed some kind of lazer some perpetual mana batteries to trigger a random effect - 5% chance to DT the user, 10% chance to explode and do 300k AE damage in a 50' radius, 10% chance to Target a random active mob and do 25mil damage to it, 30% chance to spray a directional AE (random direction) that does 200k Damage to PCs and 5mil damage to the Bosses, 45% chance to "require more power", etc :D

    Also, 1% chance to spawn Mayong
  9. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Meh. (And certainly not at that conversion rate... and no this is in no way a promise to do this.)

    Hell no. Way no. No way in heck. Absolutely not. Negative. Won't do it.
    [IMG]m hai, non, Ne, Nee, Nej, Na, Ei, `A`ole, Nem, tidak, Nie, Não, Nu, Không, neyn (https://www.wolfestone.co.uk/free-tools/no-in-different-languages/)

  10. Monkman Augur

    What about a 1:1 conversion rate for current to past expansions?
  11. svann Augur

    Flying mounts!
    Pie fights!
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  12. YellowBelly Augur

    How about an expansion with 99% of the zones NOT locked behind progression and difficulty not geared toward the 5% of the game that raids hardcore.
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  13. Fintank Augur

    100% chance to spawn Scornfire if Scornlife is feeding
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  14. Tanols Augur

    Maybe not the most popular of ideas but I have always been a huge fan of end of progression zone with multiple events. PoTime, Tacvi, Anguish, Solteris, etc. mind you many of the later ones were end zones where there was raid tiers which I despised.
    Veeshan's Peak Talendor event would have been hella fun if he ran through zone seeking "aide" from ally's in the zone and each one had to be dealt with on it's own. As much as the UEE raid in Maeratas is driving people crazy ... the difficulty of it definitely feels like an end of expansion event versus Talendor which put most people to sleep.
    A "progressive" plain old tank and spank. No frills, no bs mechanics, AE, reisists, adds etc. Do X amount of damage in 5 minutes get a prize. Do Y amount of damage in 10 minutes get 2 prizes. Do Y amount of damage in 5 minutes get 3 prizes. Do Z amount of damage in 15 minutes get 3 prizes. Do Z amount of damage in 10 mins get 4 prizes.
    Event is "scored" based on burst and sustained dps and would provide baseline data in buckets to address individual class dps and class balance.
    For an added twist toss in mandatory tank swaps once each damage threshold/time period is reached. 1 step further mechanic where specific tank "types" need to swap in.
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  15. IblisTheMage Augur

  16. Angahran Augur

    Hell i'd be happy with a 1 to 1.
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  17. Elyssanda Bardbrain

    Please make MOVs (COTF currency) be usable for neighborhood property..

    I liked the Thuli Island idea, and the shoulder aug from there, I have the parrot aug, and Jonas Dagmire's hand in my bank... can we do a quest to put them together as a displayable item for our house? (fletching kit, hinges, wood, skeletal hand, parrot = parrot on a skeleton hand perch). not asking for stats, just display ability. (ok and a tradeskill item, cuz I like them :) )
  18. enclee Augur

    • Zones with quick respawn timers about 10-12 minutes, which allow for more groups to fill the zones.
    • Easy T1 zones (example Dragonscale Hills/Loping Plains) without the summoning mechanic/snare resist/root resist with a decent experience reward. These zones always seem to see continual usage.
    • Continue using Heroic Adventures that level scale with a currency vendor and gear options, like TBM but without the augment system.
    • Raid zone like Citadel of Anguish, it facilitated a lot of pick-up groups farming the mini-bosses for augments.
    • No level increase, I'd like to see a continual build up of content that you guys decided for level 105 (TDS, TBM, EoK).
    • No more solo tasks that require a spawn on location, where the task updates for the whole group and 18+ mobs spawn at once. Save that style for shared tasks.
    • Add the collectible-only bags to named or on a currency vendor.
    • Continue with expansion completion progression items ideally augmentations.
    • Not really that important, but one of the coolest things about PoP zones was the unique zone-ins. It really added to the lore and immersion for me.
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  19. lagkills Slain by Fippy while guards stood and watched.

    10* of experience hell levels so you're not max in less than a week if you actually play this game.

    *assumes level increase expansion.
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  20. Lisard Silly

    just make the mounts a pick up/drop item from the event and when you right click it, it puts a no trade/temporary/no zone/no storage mount and 3 clickies (can be diff clickies for each mount, buffs, beneficial and or Detrimental AE's, DD's, HP unlockers, Etc.) in your inventory. but make the mounts big, like gozirra big, but when you use it your just standing on it normal size lol!!! and you just ride them around like a normal mount for the duration of the group mission, then just intensify it for the raid version =P

    as for the Dinosaur VS Giant Robot, could even just make them both NPC's and your raid has to go round up Hammers and Screw drivers and stuff and beat on the Giant Robot to heal/dmg the robot, depending on which you chose to be the "good guy" hell they could both be bad, and they are just having a massive brawl across a zone (make them move around while fighting each other) and you gotta find a way to kill them both without being destroying by their emotes/ae's/falling debris.
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