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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by valiantSeven, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. valiantSeven Elder

    I know that support has stopped for these operating system and you're pretty much S.O.L. if you have them, but now that some time has passed since this announcement, has anyone figured out a work-around yet?

    My problem is that my actual desktop had a hardware failure and it needs a new HDD. The only other computer I have available to me is a laptop that's running Windows Vista, but it doesn't have EverQuest installed on it at all. I realize I could probably just get the patch files that I've missed and add them into the directory manually if it was, but is there another way anyone can think of to get the game up and running until I get my other system fixed?

    Thanks in advance :(
  2. Moege Augur

    Take your disk from desktop and put it in external enclosure, plug it into laptop (usb) and you should be good to go. Run EQ from the external usb
  3. Moege Augur

    Would help to read HDD failure yeah my suggestion is a nogo.
  4. Scorrpio Augur

    Assuming you can get a full patched EQ install from another PC on an external hard drive, you could try that. But if EQ launcher does not do XP/Vista, I doubt that latest client executable will work either.
  5. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    After every patch you see the XP folk asking for the current patch files.
    So, copying them over somehow apparently works.
    However you get the files from your old desktop to the laptop, there's ofc any number of possiblities...
  6. Narogg Augur

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  7. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Buy a new computer because a component on the old one is defunct.
    Same logic as in US headlights - change when the bulb burnt out because they're glued sealed.
    And so needed, since there's no USB drives or adaptercards for 30EUR and less...

    p.s.: i'm fairly sure we've survived 2015 and are now already nearing the 2020's...
    I'm not too sure, as i like to live in the past, but i think we've already got 2017 or even 2018?!
    Anyways: Welcome to the post-2015!
  8. xxGriff Augur

    I have installed Win 7 32 and 64 (legal copies with keys!) on old s754, s939 and s771/775. with AGP and PCIe (1st gen) and yes, IDE/ATA-100 and 133. you can still find/buy for as little as $20 US (usually buy a license/Key and download an ISO) and use MS automated activation via phone/cell, its actually pretty quick and simple. it then just really comes down to your GPU as even my old Athlon64 x2 4200 with ATI FirePro v5700 runs EQ fine under win 7. Don't expect DX10 or newer to be very playable, but EQ? just fine @ 1920x1080 on Presario SR1720NX 4gb DDR400 ATI v5700 w/512m and Win7 x64. full disclosure: I usually play on my Dell M6600 laptop with Radeon R9 290X... but i could play on my old s939 if i had to. I just dont see using XP or Vista. and copying over to run EQ. what a PITA and is worth 20-25 bux to eliminate (for me)... but im nutty that way.
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  9. Narogg Augur

    Yup i was a little off... Product Number
    Release Date
    Country/Region Sold In
    United States
    The point of welcome to 2015 is that the computer in the link i thought was from circa 2015. You got me.. .i was off by 5 months!. Thanks!
  10. Scorrpio Augur

    I doubt it. The PC where HDD failed was used to play EQ, so it probably had Win 7 or later OS, and most likely SATA HDD. It is the laptop that is old and running Vista.

    I would say it is a good time to upgrade to an SSD. Hopefully you did not have irreplaceable stuff on the HDD.

    Oh and another tip: I once had HDD failure BIOS would see it but Windows flat out refused to read it in any shape of form. Windows-based utilities like Acronis were no help either. I hooked that HDD up to a Linux laptop, and used ddrescue it recovered like 99% of stuff thom the drive.
  11. Kolani Augur

    Zhaunil - I got a new PC last month because getting a pre-built was cheaper than getting a video card by itself, and mine was dying.
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  12. Narogg Augur

    Sata came out in 2008. Title of post says windows XP - released 2001 The OP says his laptop is Vista. therefore making us assume the down PC is the Windows Xp in the title
  13. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Yup, with your reply too.
    I didn't even care much about when the computer you linked was released - my bad for not getting that "intention" of your reference.
    But the whole idea of recommending to buy a new computer just because of a broken HDD was what i found ridiculous.

    People make choices and i do not have to agree with them.
    But the "a new PC was cheaper than a video card by itself" - get a definite "no".
    No matter where you buy, provided it's some subvention-ridden pseudo-business, the cost of something "complete" is always higher than one of it's components.
    If "your old one was dying", then getting a replacement for that can cost as little as 30EUR.
    (and that is already an upgrade to THAT component in itself, most likely)
    Or the upgrade can involve buying a new mainboard to accommodate the new GPU you eyed and along with that a new CPU as well and RAM and fan and, and and... In THAT case, yes, you probably end up cheaper buying some off-the-shelf package. But that case then isn't the replacing of a component but the upgrading of a whole system - which are two entirely different things/tasks.

    Sure, when my headlights on my F150 are dead, i can go and buy an Amorok instead.
    Or i can buy a new headlight (in Germany i can even buy+replace just the lightbulb)...
  14. Kolani Augur

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  15. Narogg Augur

    I found your fix!

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  16. Narogg Augur

    In all seriousness, I linked a 179.99$ computer that would put the OP easily able to play EQ.

    Now since your being, Resistant to the borg...

    For the hard drive replacement. You got two options still 600003479

    One at 80 bucks and other at 99.

    So i ask you, do you spend 80 $ then spend hours of your life, fighting with reinstalling an OS that isnt supported. To me my time has a value = for giggles lets say 10$/hour.

    OS install - Re:How long does it take to install Windows ..
    by David Chan / December 4, 2003 12:08 AM PST
    In reply to: How long does it take to install Windows ..

    As Larry stated you should do a clean install instead of upgrade.

    The actual installation of XP OS takes approx. 40 minutes.

    If you also want to partition your HDD during the setup it'll take a few minutes more.

    After that you'll have to go to Windows Update site to D/L and apply all Security Updates.
    Since it's a new CD it'll likely have SP1 incorporated so basically you'll probably only have 20~30 MB of Critical/Security Updates to install.
    The time need for that'll depend on your Internet connection.
    On high speed it'll likely take a few minutes.

    Then you'll have to install all your software & data.

    Overall count on 5~6 Hrs of fun.
    Make sure you have lots of donuts & coffee.

    SO well go 5 hours = 50 $ so 80 + 50 = 130 < 179.. yup you won... you got a brand spanking new windows XP machine.
    Now lets update that web browser - Oh wait.... you cant!
    Hence that 179$ computer is the best most logical Fix.
  17. valiantSeven Elder

    The desktop computer that I was using was Windows 8.1. The hard drive on it failed, and the only other setup I had available was a very old laptop with Windows Vista on it. That's why I was asking if there was a work-around somewhere so that I could download EQ on the laptop with Vista since I couldn't get anything off of my desktop's HDD. The reason the thread is titled like it is, is because Windows XP and Vista are the operating systems I've heard no longer work.

    No clue where these responses are going, but I'm going to guess the answer to that is no :p. Thanks for everyone's time and responses, but I'll have a new HDD in early this week so I can get back to my usual setup.
  18. Narogg Augur

    ROFL - have fun man!
  19. xxGriff Augur

    if there are vista drivers... it will run win 7.
  20. Geroblue Augur

    Some things go obsolete so the manufacturers/software writers can sell new versions. Doesn't mean the old stuff is no longer usable. Planned Obsolesence.

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