Windows 10 freezes Everquest after a short time into the game! :(

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Mishakaal, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. Mishakaal New Member

    Hi Dev team!

    I have experienced constant crashing when i log in using Windows 10. Can you fix it please?

    Still bugging me that i have to revert back to Windows 7 every time just to play my favorite game. =p


  2. Mishakaal New Member

    Basically, i log into the game and it will freeze after 30s to 2 minutes after i do!! :(
  3. Tvarian Augur

    I have played using Win 10 since it first became available and have had no problems. Mine was a clean install of Windows 10, which also meant a clean install of EQ as well (replaced hard drive, so was clean everything).
  4. Icethorne New Member

    Are you using the steam version or the web download setup?

    Try using steam version if you are not using it now (it is more designed like an app)
    Try a resolution around or under 1900x1080 and try windowed fullscreen
    Try also installing Direct X 9.0c End-user Runtime @ (or just making sure graphics drivers and direct x is up to date)
    If getting this crash message or something like it then try finding eqgame.exe in your game folder and edit properties to run as admin on windows xp sp 2

    ^^ unorthodox but i have read that using a windows 7 driver for your specific graphics card may work as well

    BTW for future reference, if you are trying to debug a game you can generally search up a few community fixes using google. I found all of these by using google and searching "everquest windows 10" (aside from the top 2)
  5. Nolrog Augur

    I have played EQ on two different computers, one with a fresh OEM Windows 10 install, the other with a Windows 8 to 10 upgrade. I have never experienced the issues you are reporting.

    Here are a couple things to try that typically cause issues:

    Make sure you are running the game as administrator.

    Do not load the game into c:\program files. Windows has issues when applications are loaded there. Make a new directory such as c:\games or something like that to put EQ (and other games and stuff in).

    Also try deleting (or better yet, renaming your eqclient.ini file (eqclient.ini.old) and let the game create a new one. You will lose some general settings, but that can sometimes be a cause of problems.

    Try to get to a website when this happens. Is that freezing too? If so, it could be a router/modem issue or your ISP could be throttling your rate.
  6. Erissel New Member

    I've also played EQ on two different Windows 10 machines without issues. In fact, I would even say that the performance is better than it was on the same machine running Windows 7.

    The "symptoms" you indicate sound like graphic card driver issues. I'd suggest updating them to a Windows 10 compatible version. If they aren't available, it may be time to upgrade the graphics card itself.

    Good luck.
  7. Aphreya Ying New Member

    It's a problem with windows i would think.
  8. Sarkaukar Augur

    Uninstall GPU drivers and re-install them.
  9. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Use EQ with two windows 10 machines no problem of this nature. Also use it with Xp and Windows 8 no problems. That is all on the Live server though are you trying to play on Test?
  10. Claan Elder

    Always crashing after a short time? That could be a thermal issue. Run some benchmark tests maybe and see how things go then?
  11. complexication Augur

    Running EQ just fine on W10 after rolling back to the GPU driver back to an older version, as it seems the latest drivers for windows 10 are still causing all sorts of problems.

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