Will you be 50 before Kunark?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Tulgin, Dec 12, 2015.

  1. Vazuvius Augur

    Define casual? I've played 4 hours a day at a total of 17 hours as this post is being made - I'm level 23 and usually make my own groups, my class is shaman.
  2. Ootax Augur

    This is the second time in this thread that you where leaving, WoW probably is more your style because if you where expecting WoW when you came to this server it wouldn't matter what the xp rate is, it wouldn't be for you.
  3. Jidokwon New Member

    Four hours per day is more time spent playing EQ than most part time jobs allow. A casual player might play five to ten hours per week, if that. Also, the people wanting to rush everything are an entirely different group than those that want a slower pace.
  4. Sagnid Augur

    You can't. But you can kill the same Npc, of the same name and level. For the last 13 levels and 24 hours. I can tell you, with certainty from my number of kills per level, that you are wrong.

    This is a pointless debate. We will never have accurate information. Exp is slower here, deal with it.
  5. Turinbar Augur

    I think the xp rate could be increased a small amount. I"m doing pretty good so far. On days I can dedicate to Everquest, with a solid group pulling white cons and higher I can make a few levels per day. Next week I'm going to try for 4 to 5 levels per day.
  6. Vazuvius Augur

    I have 16 credit hours and a 15-25 hour work week, finding 4 hours a day is not very hard. And no I don't live at my mothers. Even if it was 1 hour a day, I'd still be 50 in 6 weeks.
  7. Elkay Augur

    Most well structured, informative, honest post I've seen so far.

    DBG, take note of this post.
  8. Elkay Augur

    You would not be 50 in 42 hours.

    The math people are coming up with boggles my mind.
  9. PathToEternity Augur

    I have about 24 hours played and am a little more than halfway through level 16. I'd say I'm probably playing at about 70% efficiency, in that I'm running XP pots but sometimes just taking whatever group I can get, and have occasionally had questionable downtime due to wipes, but for the most part have been getting steady XP and am not wasting time doing tradeskills or anything like that - if I'm online, I'm XP'ing or LFG.

    Really just throwing it out there as a point of reference. I didn't really feel the XP reduction the first night or two but by mid teens it started started to become much more noticeable.

    To answer the question though, yes, I plan to be 50 by Kunark (much sooner actually).
  10. Lateryn Augur

    Elkay spends more time on forums then playing the game. So I can answer for him,no he will not hit 50 before Kunark.

    @ Path. 24hours played and only 16 with pots, is pretty bad efficiency.
  11. Hilo Journeyman

    What happens if people aren't 50? Will the universe implode?
  12. Lateryn Augur

    Apparently classic content becomes closed and forever lost, if you do not do it before the expansion.

    At least that's why people here act like.
  13. Sagnid Augur

    Yep. And as the final ray of light is drawn into the black hole crushing everything that ever was. Tom Cruise, Stephen Hawking and Patrick Stewart will emerge riding in the Magic school bus sipping coconut daiquiris.

    The world looks like a better place post Kunark. Feel free to quit now op.
  14. Ladysoth Augur


    Well, there are a lot of people who wouldn't be having as much fun, but I think we can find a middle ground between "the universe collapses and every living thing in it is killed" and "we're all 50 by tomorrow and we're all mailed a complimentary CoF from DBG" Framing it that way seems just a tad hyperbolic and counterproductive. Personally I can't stand the low levels, and the higher level I am the more fun I have. I have a blast at 50 doing guk, planes, efreeti, what have you.

    Although it is rather disheartening to see people heavily insinuating that those who do want to get to 50 fast and raid are "wrong" for enjoying that and not being thrilled at the prospect of a grind that takes 3x as long.
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  15. Tulgin Augur

    Am I wrong or didn't the server open almost exactly 3 days ago? So you've played almost 6 hours a day.
  16. Bryant Journeyman

    thought you were leaving?
  17. Mwapo Augur

    I am going to commit sudoku before I get to 50
  18. Elkay Augur

    The formula I thought was reasonable was that the average player (15-20 hours a week) should be able to hit level cap and start farming gear and doing raids at around the 6-8 week mark. That gives a third to half an expansion doing in-era end game raiding and content. Will some people cap in 1 to 2 weeks? Probably. But if that's how they want to play, and do absolutely nothing else in life for 1 to 2 weeks, and they enjoy it, more power to them. It also lets the average player get there in a reasonable amount of time with only 84 days per expansion, and enjoy at least a portion of the raiding in era.

    If they had just kept the RF/LJ XP rate, which is what most people were assuming (yes, I know never assume), then that probably would have been pretty close with the 6 week mark.
  19. Elkay Augur

  20. Senen Journeyman

    It's a shame that Ladysoth writes the most honest intelligible post and their are still people to salty to get it. This is the point where you separate the adults from the children that are to young to comprehend that there are many different view points not just one that is correct. Thanks for making a sensible post the problem is DBG has shown that they are incapable of being rational. Especially considering the vast majority of us are in our 30-40's, while I'd imagine because of there occupation that many of them are far younger than the average person that returned to try out the new TLP server. What this creates is a grp of people running a game that are out of touch with there customer base. At this point I've all but stopped playing even though I check the forums once a day to see the train wreck as it unfolds.
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