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  1. Crowley New Member

    I am glad you can understand where I am getting at. The instancing (AoC) is the best part that came out of Phinny and the rest of the more recent TLP's, not the Truebox. It was a good trial to see if it stopped the box armies, but it didn't. They will always find a way.
  2. Crowley New Member

    Reading through the various comments, suggestions, and opinions, it is obvious some agree, and disagree with the Truebox code. Even a dev chiming in to say they believe there is downside to it.

    You can't kid yourself. Someone made a comment that they would be fine with a non-truebox if Krono were not allowed. This is the mindset that hurts DBG. This game needs every sub it can get, every DBG store sell it can get, and every Krono sell it can get. So for you to not want Krono allowed, you're only hurting the development, and the survive ability of this game we all love. Seriously, expand your mind for a moment and think about it. Every krono that exist, regardless of whether it came from DBG store, or off the web on a black market site, those Krono's still have to be purchased through DBG. They aren't just made up by someone. They play a huge part in keeping this game going. So if you have a 24 box army eating 24 krono's to keep their subs active, guess what? That's $430+ in DBG's pocket for those 24 krono that month. Now compare that to your $14.99 sub. That would take someone roughly 29 months to make up. So that 24 box army just paid for 2-1/2 years of your play time, in one month. Think about that for a moment. So for the person questioning why the dev made the comment they did, I can't speak for him, or them, but I bet this has something to do with it. I promise you right now, if Mangler wasn't a Truebox server, I would have more then 2 accounts active, I would have at least 3, if not 4. On live I always box 3, that gives me a full group, 3 toons plus merc per each toon.

    Blame DBG all you want for not stopping the box armies, it doesn't matter if you put in a nobox code, they will find a way. Technology is endless. Has the government ever completely stopped hackers from infiltrating things? No. They never will. They are always 1 step ahead. They find ways around things. Look at the money WoW has. All the resources they have. Has that stopped gold farming, item selling, power leveling? No. You will never stop it. Why punish the other players, or the game company. There is only 1 way to stop the Krono sells, to stop the boxers. To just stop development completely, to just close the game down altogether.

    I am thankful for the work DBG has put into this game that I love. Sure I have had my problems with boxers, and even dev's (especially the forum **** dev Plath, or whatever his name is). But they have kept this game alive. Boxers have helped keep this game alive. Wake up and realize it will never be stopped. Be glad EQ is still here. If you don't like the boxers, don't buy from them, and don't sell to them. It is that simple. Another comparison is the people who complain about corporate America, or Wal-Mart, but they shop there every day, or work there. Hypocritical.

    Thanks all for the feedback so far. Glad this has been a fairly constructive thread so far.
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  3. Machentoo Augur

    So why not slap it on all your servers?
  4. jeskola Augur

    Live servers are not critical or significant.
  5. Gabejenkins Journeyman

    are you me because i love this
  6. ForumBoss Augur

    I'd be on board with this, but I'd like to keep the aspect of truebox which checks for afk automation / warping tools.
  7. Yinla Augur

    If your not happy with things on your TLP server play on another, do not infect other servers with your demands!
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  8. Fraggly New Member

    No truebox, start in Luclin, + maybe other stuff?

    They have a template for starting in Luclin, would alleviate a bit of the pain of Classic/Kunark boxing.
  9. Crowley New Member

    I guess I didn't read this well enough the first time I seen it. So you're saying there are downsides to not having truebox? I guess I don't see the downside. I believe without truebox that would allow people a bit more freedom with single PC boxing, and that would also help with sub sales, and krono sales. Again, regardless the monthly payment has revenue effecting DBG whether it be from a used krono, or a payment via online.

    Regardless, I am playing on Mangler and I don't see any truebox changes happening there. I just hope the next time a TLP is released maybe we can get one without truebox, and keep everything else the same. I would personally be at least keeping 3-4 accounts active. I am sure there are others who typically 2-3 box that would as well who may not be boxing now due to the headache of multiple pc's.
  10. torr New Member

    If you do not see the downside, then you need to research what this playerbase went through when Ragefire and Lockjaw released, and why Truebox was forced to be created. No one want to go back to that scenario, sorry.
    As bad as it is now, it is nothing compared to those dark days, where 40-man raids played by 1 person dominated the zones and picks. Wasn't even a fun game to play anymore, and the TLPs were bleeding players. It was the epitome of Kronoquest though, that's when it exploded and careers were made (moreso than the FV OGs, but I'm sure they were there too).
    Which makes it bittersweet for EQ.. do they try to gain and hold a solid playerbase of actual single players, or succumb to the whims of those who live off their Krono sales and look the other way as they eat through a server's playerbase until it's no more.
    On Agnarr, it's very difficult to find solo players at this time, and it's a Truebox server. Hopefully things will change.
  11. Jaera Augur

    MOTM and AoCs were created as reaction, and worked very well. Truebox was created as an overreaction, and has solved nothing and causes more problems.
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  12. Machentoo Augur

    You missed the point.
  13. Ratbo Peep Augur

    I'd love to see another Quarm type event myself....
    The truebox with FV rule set worked great THERE.

  14. Quill Augur

    Solved via spawnable Exped's for the current zone. At which point I can laugh at any attempt to block me.

    But that would take something called work on the developer's part. Both in the design and implementation.

    And if you think AoC's changed the game, watch how fast I come back if I can actually spawn the AC and do the JBoots quest in-era, without getting run over.

    The remaining blocking of the early game behind a Krono-wall with guard keepers in the form of bot armies that could care less about following True Box Rules, is still the most idiotic mechanic ever introduced. But hey... you have to give people a reason to buy dem Krono, AMIRITE DAYBREAK?

    I think you'll also find out a hard truth which is if there isn't an item you can monopolize and cover the cost, there isn't a reason to run a 12-account bot team. The problem solves itself. Unless you're fashionably rich, and if so... GJ paying Daybreak's bills for nothing in return.
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  15. Hadesborne Augur

    Will we ever see... The Necro DoT Revamp
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  16. Gremin Augur

    The downside to RF and LJ was not the boxing, it was the fact that they made their servers for the first time able to handle so many more people, they had not done another TLP since 2011, nothing new was out worth a damn to play so people where bored, and instancing needed to happen to handle all the raid guilds who could handle raiding end game content in an expansion that was not built for so many end raid guilds.

    Everyone complains about boxers, when in fact without boxing this game would be dead long ago financially. Learn to adjust people, someone or something happens, adjust..not moan, piss, complain and run to the forums. Be the better person and move on, do something else. In all my years of playing this game, which is almost the full 20, I have had maybe 3 bad run ins with boxers. Most of the time, if you communicate with them you can work something out.

    Btw while a non truebox server would be nice, we need to chill on new servers for a few years. Let the player base get settled and stop killing the servers already in play.
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  17. Yummydain New Member

    We have a Community Manager response that opposes the idea of another non-truebox server, yet everyone wants to argue logistics.

    DBG has the statistics, the financial reports, and logs to prove and decide what works best for the company. They continue to release truebox servers for a reason. It works better than the alternative.
  18. BB_Agnarr New Member

    Tired of the truebox server and just want to box on 1 computer on the progression servers?
    Download VM station and set it up works like a charm. There is LOTS of youtube guides how to set it up.
  19. Trevalon Augur

    Glad to know Daybreak sees the benefits in Truebox!

    Keep Truebox forever, down with mass boxers!

    Mass boxers are the bain of EQ - I dont care what argument you make about "I pay more and support this game" - Don't care. I will fight against mass boxers till this game is shut down.

    Also good to know that many of the mass boxers are seeing their accounts banned! Ban em enough times and they will eventually quit, just like that boxer who made the 10 crazy posts the other day!

    Keep Truebox 2020!
  20. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    Oh yes, they definitely do! They recognize the marketing value of merit-less promises and all the money that the easily-fooled customers will spend. Sell people a dream, but deliver...the same old ****.
    The only thing DBG loves more than taking your money in exchange for promises of TrueBox is taking all the multi-boxers money...on the exact same servers. So while you think you are rampaging against...something?...they win no matter which side you take. Point your hate at your true enemy, not your fellow players.
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